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Ascending in Grace, Part 2 – 10 Ways to Come Back to You!

August 12th, 2013 by

AscendingInGracePt21As a teacher of Ascension, I am often asked for advice on how to raise and expand our consciousness with grace and ease. Today, I will be sharing Part 2 of my guide for smooth sailing, including 10 tried and tested ways to get back to You in times of challenge and change.

In Part 1, we explored how living through limitation can condition our mind to question and resist our natural urge to follow our intuitive spirit; our Source / Divine Self within. And how the mind and body adapt when our spirit begins to ascend and we merge into our inner greatness. As a refresher, to ascend simply means to raise your consciousness to that of your inner being, and in this natural state of joy, live life the way you wish it to be. Everyone can achieve ascension. It is a natural stage of evolution that many of us are in tune with. Yet, as with all transitions, there can be a tendency to think that something is wrong during the process.

As your body clears all that no longer serves its highest good, you may be think that you are unwell, or perhaps if you have old ties to release, as they arise you may be feel weighted by them once more. And in believing that there is something wrong, the natural flow of your spirit becomes constricted until you are ready to let go. I can empathise that during these times, it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees.

From experiencing this myself, I know that enthusiasm to ‘see the bigger picture’ may fall by the way side, replaced more-often-than-not by self-doubt and its internal dialogue that questions everything. But when we are ready to let go of the doubts and the questions, we realise that nothing truly wrong. We are simply purging and alighting from perceptions and beliefs that are not in sync for new, or rightly put, inherent level of awareness that is emerging through us. Our new way of being no longer matches the unconscious conditioning that we have been carrying. In time, the frequency and duration of these periods of doubt does ease as we learn to let go and let love. Clarity reigns again proportional to the inner strength and wisdom that is fostered through change. Until we feel so good in whom we are, that no matter what faces us we remain steadfast and centred in trust that all is well. For all, is always, truly well.

To help bridge this understanding, here are some tried and tested ways that have helped me to come back to my Self when I have doubted or resisted my ascension. Try what feels good as you allow more personal freedom and happiness to come into your life.

10 Ways to Come Back to You!

1) Appreciation

AscendingInGracePt22Let your attitude be one of gratitude! In times of change, you may not feel like appreciating yourself, let alone anything, but look for even the smallest, most general thing to appreciate such as your breath that flows through your automatically, your cells how they renew without you telling them too, the sun for shining the way it does or just stopping for a moment to listen to your surroundings. Often valuing your outer environment creates the leverage to value your inner environment. And as you begin to appreciate, you’ll find in no time at all that you’ll begin to feel better. And when this happens Your vibration will raise vibration will naturally raise until you can recognise how special you are and all the blessings in your life. Why not start a gratitude journal or a jar of daily blessings – writing down what from your day, you enjoyed the most. And then look to your journal, or read the blessings in your jar on days when you feel you need a boost. Trust me, it will have you smiling in moments, and create that centred feeling of peace again.

2) Laughter

‘Laughter is the best medicine’ – a proverb we all know, yet sometimes forget during the times when we could benefit from it the most. Whatever makes you laugh, let yourself enjoy it. Whether it is watching your favourite programme, reading a book, spending time with friends or watching funny clips on YouTube – take time to enjoy yourself! By allowing yourself time to in-joy the things that make you laugh, you naturally bring yourself back to You.

3) Kindness

No matter how small, acts of kindness go a long way. They cost nothing, yet their value is priceless. Offering your friends a hug, telling your family how much you love them and giving strangers your time, all help you to be kinder to you too. Placing your hands over your heart and saying, “I love you” is one of the best acts of kindness that you can do in the moment. And when you have more time, indulge in what makes your heart sing. Whether it’s a massage, a hot bath, a slice of cake – indulge yourself! Loving yourself helps foster love from others too, and makes you feel good every time.

4) Food

Talking of cake, it is good to treat yourself. I am not advising eating cake every day, but indulging in what you fancy now and again is not a bad thing, far from it! That rush of happy hormones, like serotonin, can lift spirits and help you get back to you in no time. Opting also for foods rich in l-tryptophan (a precursor for serotonin production; a natural anti-depressant) like peanuts, chickpeas, pistachios, brown rice, whole grains, spinach, avocado, potatoes, beetroot, fennel, bananas, pineapple and soy products, also feeds you on all levels. As well as avoiding the ‘stimulant cycle’ from caffeine, alcohol and too much sugar – this supports hormone levels to keep balanced, which in turn keeps harmonises energy levels and mood.

5) Nature

AscendingInGracePt23I often guide my clients and students to take time each day to get outside, even if it is just for five minutes. Walking the earth and breathing in fresh air fuels our natural resources just like a car charging its battery. It allows us to receive the life-force of Mother Nature and is one of the best ways to align us back to Source. When you are outside, awaken your senses by looking at the vibrancy of the flowers, listen to the sounds all around and feel the textures around you. Notice the moments of silence too from which all sound arises and falls back into. By doing this, you will naturally sync to the rhythm and life-force of nature, and in this coalition, become in love with life again.

6) Meditation

It can be hard to muster the will to meditate in times of change. Yet, true meditation doesn’t have to involve sitting in a specific way or for a long period of time, it simply means to bring awareness to your consciousness. And the easiest and simplest way to do this is to close your eyes and just breathe.

For a moment, allow everything around you to just be. Breathe in, breathe out. Focus on your breathe like a wave lapping in and out of the shore. All falls away except your presence. And within your presence burns a peace so pure and vast. Breathe into the peace of who You are.

Witness how you are feeling after doing this meditation, only if you did it for a minute or two. Conscious breathing like this, allows the flow of innate Source energy (that ineffable peace you experienced) to fill you, and as a consequence dissolve away any stress or built-up resistance. Can you think back to the last time you consciously breathed? If it has been a while, why not incorporate a few minutes at the start of your day and see how better your day flows as a result.

7) Music

Shakespeare once said, “If music be the food of love; play on.” And I couldn’t agree more! What a fun way to feel the love of our inner being than enjoying our favourite music. Whatever your ‘jam’, play it when you are not feeling yourself and let yourself move, groove and sing yourself back to feeling good. It doesn’t matter who hears you, who cares…just enjoy your bliss! And if you are looking for inspiration, here is my number 1 ‘go-to-song’: :)

8) Moving your Body

AscendingInGracePt24Scientific studies show us that when we move our bodies, we clear our minds. We also integrate any energetic changes that are taking place within us and within our life. You may like to go for run and enjoy nature at the same time, or perhaps swim, lift weights or cycle. For me, I love to dance! When life becomes a struggle, I know it is time to get up and get moving. Not only, does it clear my mind and energise my body but it makes me feel alive too, lifting my mood and getting me out of the funk of old patterns of thoughts and behaviours where I would otherwise blame some situation or person for how I was feeling or my old favourite, self-sabotage through over-eating. So why not combine your favourite music with dance too! Who cares who sees you; you may even inspire others to join you!

9) Being Creative

Get your creative juices a’flowing, especially when you feel in the midst of practical problems. Whether it is through cooking, crafting, painting, writing or another means, take your mind off doubts and worries and indulge the other side of your brain! Reading and watching uplifting books and films also helps to lift your energy while developing new skills and unearthing inner wisdom.

10) Sharing

One of my favourite sayings is: ‘sharing is caring’. If you feel weighted a situation or how you are feeling, talk them through with another. If you feel you can’t relate to your friends or family, why not join on-line communities to meet like-minded souls. Merlin’s Circle, a new community on facebook that I founded has helped thousands of souls on their path and would love to welcome you too. It’s a safe, non-judgemental space to share whatever is on your mind.

The more we keep problems to ourselves, the more our ego can build on them and make them bigger than they are. Share them to decrease them and notice how better you feel. And sharing always works both ways for we are all a mirror for everyone in our life. When we talk about our problems, fears or worries, we are also supporting others to transcend them too. Until next time, Love all-ways, Calista.


This article was originally published for Silent Voices Magazine in 2013. © Under Full Copyright.

To meet and merge with your greater Divine Self visit the meditation store to download your copy of Align to your Divine Self MP3. In August 2015, Calista also explored this topic on the Soul Ascension radio show available to listen at


Ascending in Grace – Part 1

July 8th, 2013 by

I have received a lot of requests to discuss the different changes that the mind, body and spirit can experience through the process of ascension. This is a topic close to my heart for my work centres around helping souls to gracefully ascend without becoming too scathed on the way up! Today, I will share the first part of my ‘Ascending with Grace’ guide for a smooth and happy journey…

Many see ascension as not for the faint-hearted, yet, if lived through the heart; it can be the most wonderful state of our evolution! The transition from waking-up, and moving through a third dimensional reality of living and its relevant learning, to an awareness of oneness, harmony and love in fifth dimensional being, is the path that many of us are here to take. Yet many can feel stuck on the bridge of fourth density. For the fourth – and its own inner levels – brings up any buried emotions and egoic conditionings that we may be carrying, that are often too dense to permit our being from rising. If we don’t allow ourselves to let go of our baggage, we will simply carry it throughout our life and never know what it is like to truly fly.

Changes in the Divine plan

In the past, if a soul wished to attain ascension their physical body would have to ‘die’ and they would ascend through their energy body. Many of the beings we know as Ascended Masters are prime examples here. They achieved self-awareness and embodiment of their divine nature in their physical life, and passed in to spirit form after their earthly passing. Through Divine dispensation (brought about by many Ascended Masters in collaboration with Source) there is now a loop-hole in the Divine plan for those choosing the path less-travelled.

An opportunity to ascend not just through our spirit body, but also through our physical body is now ours for the having. We can choose to increase the vibratory rate of the molecular structure of our physical body, and thus take our body with us as we move through the ascension levels. This may seem impossible from the vantage of 3rd, or even 4th density being, but it is very much real. You only have to look at those who have raised their vibration so much that they appear to glow; their light has been anchored within their body to such a degree, that it shines through them.

Can you notice this in photographs of you before and after you embodied yourself as a spiritual being? Your body can actually start to look younger as your cells, right down to DNA level, awaken and emit more light. This is good news for those who spend a lot on products to look younger: opt to ascend and you can look younger without spending any money! :) If this is the lifetime that your Soul has chosen to physically ascend, then invariably you will have to transcend your lower emotional and mental bodies too. This is where it can get a little messy.

Learning through limitation

For aeons mankind has been living and learning through limitation. There are many reasons for this. Some wish to experience the lower densities of physical life due to the life path they have picked, or because they are living out personal or collective conditioning. Nevertheless, each Soul will decide what they wish to experience before they incarnate. Some may choose to experience adversity or privilege, poverty or wealth or dis-ease or health. I like to think of life as one big cinema, and each of us are experiencing a different type of movie. Some are experiencing a tragedy, others a romance or a comedy. And just as you would if you were watching a movie, if you didn’t like what you were experiencing you could decide to leave, and watch another. This simple analogy reminds us that anytime we awake to something that is not agreeing with our beliefs or way of being, we can choose change the picture. And this is exactly what is happening in ‘our life movie’ right now. Some are resisting change and continuing to experience what they don’t like, while others are moving freely with change and enjoying the new.

How ascension affects our body

AscendingInGracePt12When we decide to become self-aware, a period of change usually follows triggered by an inner desire to clear something in our life, outlook and personality that no longer serves our happiness. Just as a caterpillar sheds its chrysalis to become a butterfly, we can shed our outer limitations to align with our true nature. Depending on what serves our highest good, we may chose to clear our life of stressful situations, habits, fears and limiting beliefs, as well as adapt our relationships and friendships to match our level of awareness. The physical body may choose to clear itself of aches and pains, and in my experience, I have seen people become so empowered that they will their bodies to heal and clear themselves of cancer. For nothing is more powerful that our will, especially when coupled with focused intent.

Diet, tastes and appetite may also change, as well as sleeping patterns. As the body clears itself of physical, emotional and mental aspects that are not serving its highest good, it is not uncommon to experience detox-like feelings. These could range from changes in body temperature, feeling like you have the flu and/or lethargy. In some cases, our body will chose to release what it needs to through in more severe ways, such as states of dis-ease. It can easy in the midst of such discomfort to view illness as the state of being when our bodies become ‘sick’, rather than to see that illness is truly our bodies’ way of healing. Once we understand this it is then easy to step out the pendulum of duality that swings between illness and wellness to see that all purging of our being, no matter what level it chooses to exist on; is for us rather than against us. Emotionally and mentally we may feel at times all-over-the-place, and then have moments of sheer clarity.

Take heart this is just ‘part of the process’; all part of the great spiritual onion! Just like an onion, we are made of up of many layers, or levels of being. We are not just flesh and blood, but emotions, thoughts, energy and so much more besides. Thus, once when we clear and understand one layer of our being, deeper layers may be revealed to be given light to. And this will continue until we reach the core of our being: our heart; where we are One with All that is Divine within and without us. It is only when we come into – and live through – our heart/our Divine Source that clearing stops as we have surrendered all that is not love from our being. The revealing and shedding of out-dated beliefs, past emotional hurts, conditionings from religion or fears from our parents – as common examples to the excess baggage we can carry through life – can take a life-time, or more to transcend if we are not aware, or do not chose to become so.

When I worked as a therapist I attracted clients who in some way reflected layers of my being that I was ignoring or hadn’t given love to. If you are a therapist, you may appreciate that those you help become your greatest of teachers. Many of my clients had done a lot of personal healing, yet felt in fear to go deeper within. They had healed physically their body of ailments, but were sacred to go into their emotions to clear past hurts of younger life. The fears they carried, I shared for many years and with it that internal dialogue that whispers, “If I go in to my past, I will re-live it!” I understood how they felt as I had walked in their shoes. But, as you may appreciate too, the road-less travelled is always the most worth-while. It can be truly courageous to go within ourselves and give light to our collective fears, worries and doubts that we have accumulated over our life, or even life-times, and wow, are the rewards great! If you have chosen the path of ascension, you may find yourself becoming aware of your thoughts, and taking the stance to think more positively about yourself and others. Self-sabotaging thoughts stemming from the egoic mind may be replaced by more loving thoughts stemming from your heart.

And to help you make the switch, you may use daily affirmations, prayers or meditation to clear and beautify your thoughts. Spiritually, as you shift in to a higher state of being, you may be experience the touch of your angels, spirit guides or passed loved ones coming in to your dreams or waking state. For the veils between the spirit and the physical world diminish when we chose to let go of the illusion of separation. New heights of joy, love and bliss, with a real sense of oneness, may also be experienced as you ascend.

Flow with what feels right

Depending on your chosen life path and ability to move with change, rather than against it, such adaptations in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body may be short-lived or long-lasting. Yet, no matter what change is occurring in your life right now, try to see the blessings within. If change feels good in your heart, flow with it. If it doesn’t, chose another path, or ask yourself silently, “Am I resisting what serves me best, and if so, why?” Often we can forget to talk, and trust ourselves, instead going to an outside source to explain what is happening in our life. Learning to listen and trust the guidance of your heart – the real Source of all truth – is essential if you wish to ascend gracefully. Know also there is a whole host of spiritual guides, angels and masters walking with you to keep you on the right track. Ask for their help when you feel you need extra support.

And if when you release resistance and trust the guidance of your heart, you feel abandoned by your guides, which can happen when we move through inner change, know they have only left your side to carry you instead. For we never walk this path alone. How could we be, when we are one with each other, One with All Creation at our core. In Love all-ways, Calista.


This article was originally published for Silent Voices Magazine in 2013. © Under Full Copyright.

To meet and merge with your greater Divine Self visit the meditation store to download your copy of Align to your Divine Self MP3. In August 2015, Calista also explored this topic on the Soul Ascension radio show available to listen at

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Embracing the Divine Feminine – Be-ing versus Do-ing!

June 4th, 2013 by

EmbracingTheDivineFeminineAfter just one month in America, I feel transformed! I always had the knowing this trip would be life-changing but I had not anticipated to this extent. Four states covered so far and a life-time of wisdom gleamed from the incredible beings that have graced my path. Awareness heightened, joy awoken and a deep sense of belonging found. But what has made this trip especially profound for me is re-connections with my Soul sisters: women who I had never before prior to this trip, but now I see I have known them, always. And it is them that I dedicate my column to.

Being vs. Doing

A wise women once told me, “Focus your life on just ‘being’, and the ‘doing’ will take care of itself.” I truly understand what she meant. There was a knowing within me that my life would change coming to America, and prompted by this, I left my home of 6 years and sold/gave away most of my belongings. I was preparing for something, the exact of which I didn’t know! The only plans I set were to teach and attend courses, and finish my book, Journey of Ascension. Although some time has been spent on these projects, the majority of my days have been filled with moments of just ‘being’: listening, reading, talking and enjoying the play of life. Even now, I find myself pausing between typing to listen to the birds and watch the soft, white clouds gently sculpt the sky. Being truly has become my new doing, and I credit that to the women who I have re-connected with. Each and every one has reminded me of the Light that I carry within and the sacredness of embracing the Divine Feminine; the Age of Aquarius that we are now living within.

What is the Divine Feminine?

There are many interpretations of what the Divine Feminine is. To me, it is nothing to do with feminism or claiming that women / feminine energy is somehow ‘better’ than men / masculine energy, for it is far more pervasive. The Divine Feminine is about recognising – whether you are in a body of a man or a woman – your innate Divinity; that God/Source/Creation is not a concept external to you, but that real tangible Spirit living within you, as You. Irrespective of astrological forces, I believe that the feminine influence is rising only to offset and re-balance the overage of the masculine. And the catalyst for this has stemmed from our collective intentions and prayers for a more unified world.

EmbracingTheDivineFeminine2For eons, humankind has lived in a predominant masculine society, especially in the western world. Much focus has been placed on building the economy, government and religious sectors opposed to nurturing communities, our land, and Mother Earth as a whole. Yet, times are changing and an inherent call to get back to our roots and embrace being more than doing is becoming commonplace. Outwardly, the economy continues to crumble for those who are resisting moving forward, yet thriving for those who are honouring the exchange of giving and receiving. Companies who are consciously aware are switching to greener alternatives and new homes are advocating the use of permaculture. In my community, we have just secured some land that we are building cob and tree-houses on. These will be round houses with free-flowing lines to embrace the Divine Feminine; an inspired idea that I feel will permeate mainstream architecture leaving behind the masculine, square-like homes of the past. And inwardly, I am seeing those who are embracing their Divine Feminine energy (sometimes called, Goddess energy) are bringing in a sense of symmetry and balance in to their lives. They are aligned more to their abundance, knowing without a shadow of a doubt that there is an Infinite supply of every form of prosperity for all.

At a recent women’s evening here in Portland, Maine, over 50 women spoke on how they all feel an intrinsic calling to sit in nature, to plant more or to build new homes away from city life. And it is not just women who are feeling this calling; more men are embracing this sense of being. An encouraging sight after years of teaching ascension courses where the audience have been predominantly female. Why it is more challenging for men to embrace their Divine Feminine? Let me explain from my perspective.

Holding Space for Mankind

The majority of men who have attended my courses and talks, have upon first meeting them, displayed defensive body language. Their spirits drew them to attend but hesitancy was apparent on the surface. Just before the 21st of December last year, I led a talk in Dublin, Ireland. I never know what I am going to talk about until the moment I need to speak. My talks always turn out to reflect the collective desires of those attending, who in this instance were mostly men.

As I started to speak, my eyes caught the gaze of a few men, vacant stares on their face and arms crossed so tightly that some of them looked in pain. In that moment, I knew what I was going to share may trigger them. I explained what the Divine Feminine was and how from the date of 12-12-12 up until the 21st of December was one of the most important times our planet has ever seen thus far. And then, how the Earth and those who were ready would receive an intense download of Divine Feminine energy to build on what they have been receiving incrementally since their spiritual awakening. I shared how women (or men who easily embrace their feminine polarity) have/are becoming empowered by this. That their lives are flowing with more ease and how they feel in touch with the Earth and their intuition. I continued discussing how men (or women who are rooted more in their masculine polarity) are finding this process more challenging. That the rise in emotion feelings can be over-whelming and for some, contributes to a heavy, frantic mind and a tendency to just ‘run-away’ from it all: their relationships, their jobs and even their homes. As I continued, the barriers that I met at the start of my talk began to lessen. Arms became un-crossed and their body leaned forward in response to feeling heard.

At the end of my talk, some of the gentlemen came to talk to me. Some shared how hard it was / it had been to let go of the old beliefs, especially those conditioned hunter-gatherer beliefs of having to provide. Others shared how they battled with forgiving their past actions and couldn’t see a way to move on.

My empathy was them and all who are currently having a hard time adjusting to balancing their inner divine feminine. Letting go of beliefs, and the conditioning within our very cells that we have run for years, if not life-times, is a challenging process. Being able to feel so much more allows us to see that our world is filled with love, and that there is love available to us if we are ready to receive it. For those who are embedded in the masculine, it can be challenging to balance receiving but it is part of the journey of ascension to embrace. If this resonates with you, I guide you to take time out to recognise yourself in others, to follow step-by-step the guidance that is emerging within you, and to understand that vulnerability is much more a strength than a weakness.

As we all make our way into our hearts – into the Divine Feminine and then into complete unity – keep receptive to new possibilities and the awareness that synchronicity brings our deepest desires in to form. Be willing to embody the masculine qualities of self-confidence, assertiveness, and decisive action, with the feminine qualities of engagement to the physical earth, willingness to experience pleasure, and the ability to intuitively trust. And above all, to be patient in the knowing that ALL is truly well. In Love all-ways, Calista.


This article was originally published for Silent Voices Magazine, June 2013. © Under Full Copyright.

To attune deeper to the Divine Feminine, come visit the meditation store to download your copy Living in your Heart MP3. And for more information on what living from the heart means, visit to hear a special podcast from the Soul Ascension show, aired March 2015.

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Spiritual Protection – is it needed?

May 4th, 2013 by

SpiritualProtection1I’m back! Ooh, I missed writing my column last month while moving home, but I can tell you that country life is agreeing with me! :) Waking up each morning to the sweet serenade of the birds is a welcomed relief from the clanger of city life. Yet, I am not letting the grass grow too long for I am now in America for a 3 month teaching tour. And for my duration here, I will be bringing you news of my travels inspired by what is flowing through from Spirit. And this month, the theme appears to be around the topic of ‘spiritual protection’.

In February, Merlin’s Circle was launched. As the first, live spiritual development group, Merlin’s Circle provides on-line classes aired each week via YouTube. In the first class we had over 1500 souls’ worldwide tune in to watch myself and my development circle discuss spiritual awakening. I have wanted to offer free classes like this for some time now. So many people are waking up to the light of their being and I understand – through my own experiences – that this is often a confusing road to take. One of the most frequent questions that I have been asked through Merlin’s Circle is whether spiritual protection is needed, i.e., is there anything to protect ourselves from when we open up energetically? As I have mentioned in many of the classes you do not need to call in on any form of protection. Let me explain why I have come to this reasoning.

From Fear to Compassion

When awoke to knowing I was spirit in physical form, I believed that there was something to fear in the world of Spirit. It was part of my conditioning that had been ingrained from a young age. “Where there is light, there is darkness”, my first mentor said. And because I trusted this, my belief triggered the need to invoke protection in later life when I became a professional healer. I would start my healing sessions invoking spirit guides, wrapping colours around me and repeating affirmations, all of which I thought were guarding me against something ‘darker’. This ritual continued throughout, and after the session too. In my heart, this ritual never felt quite right.

What was I protecting myself from? The energies that I was channelling were not ‘dark’ or to be frightened; far from it. They were light and loving. I thought, surely if I am embodying this in my vibration, no protection is needed? At this stage in my life, I had started working alongside the angels. In meditation, I asked to speak to an angel that could help me understand protection. I thought Archangel Michael may manifest as he is widely known to bring protection to those who invoke his energy, yet I didn’t feel I needed protection; I wanted to know why collectively as a race we feel we need it. Archangel Cassiel, a lesser known angel, came forward. He said his role is to help humankind to understand fear and to transcend the need to hold on to it when they are divinely ready. I asked Cassiel to show me what there was to fear in doing spiritual healing (and in general) and he simply said, “Fear itself”.

Attuning to Cassiel more in meditation I saw my own fears that I was carrying: of water, the dark, of betrayal and of spiders. Cassiel told me, “If you conquer these Calista, you will never feel the need to protect yourself again.” I knew in my heart what he meant but my mind still questioned. I asked for more help. Over the months that followed, I decided to learn to swim again and asked Cassiel and the water elementals to help me let go of my fear of water.

It was a long road but with each mini accomplishment I achieved, my fear lessened its grip on me. Through the study of shamanism, I came to understand that the fear of the water, namely placing my head underneath its surface, as well as the fear of the dark that I was holding on to, was as an apprehension of my true divine Self – that it was my Light that was more daunting to embody than any darkness that I could perceive within or around me. I feel this is why many self-sabotage and block fulfilling their divine path for a fear of their innate power.

During each of my shamanic initiations, spiders would manifest either physically or etheric ally on and around my body. Although, terrifying to begin with, this experience helped me to understand spiders, to learn about them, to appreciate them for who they are and with understanding came compassion and a loss of fear. Cassiel told me after this experience that he often manifests as a spider to help people transcend fear. So now when I see a spider I know I am on a breaking-through another old belief or conditioning helping me even more. When we give light to fear we break it down through acceptance, understanding and compassion; it has no hold over us. As I brought in more compassion for myself, my perception of fear lifted and with it the belief that I needed to protect myself. I realised that there is nothing in the spirit world to be fearful of only what we can conjure up through the internal beliefs we carry. Clear and transcend your internal being ultimately clears away any external projections manifested from within. Once we understand this through the eyes of compassion, we set ourselves free from fear.

Become Empowered!

SpiritualProtection2Below are some ways that helped me to empower myself.

When we affirm we need protection we are stating we are in some way, un-safe. We are giving away our own power to place ourselves in the hands of something else. In everything you do, spiritual or otherwise, stand strong in yourself. Affirm you are a Divine being; a spark of God, Creation, Source, Love – whatever feels right for you. This is your protection: your Self!

  • Instead of asking for protection or telling yourself you are safe, affirm that All is well. If you feel you can’t trust this to begin with, remember anything that makes you feel fearful is an aspect of your internal being manifesting itself in something external, and it is doing so because you are ready to let it go. Appreciate this as a turning point that you can move through, rather than a challenge.
  • Make love to fear. Appreciate it for what it is; a leverage step to understanding yourself more. Be patient with yourself in loving and accepting all that you are, including your fears, joys, loves and pains. Know that all experiences are neutral no matter what pole of the spectrum your mind / society thinks they fall into.
  • Keep in the vibration of joy and love as you surrender all fears to the Universe. Let the universe take care of what you feel has been binding you. It will always listen and honour your requests for it is you in essence.
  • Let go of the need to protect yourself when you travel and release the beliefs that you need to shield yourself from anything eternal. See yourself in all life and embrace oneness to break down any illusions of fear.
  • If you have difficulty doing this, just relax and be compassionate with where you are at. There is no rush and no ending in self-discovery and ascension. Remember, all experience brings expansion and growth. In Love all-ways, Calista.

This article was originally published in Silent Voices Magazine, May 2013. © Under full copyright.

For more support to standing in your power visit the meditation store to download your copy of Become Self-Empowered MP3 – one of the most popular of journeys on the website! And for more information on bursting the fear bubble visit for a special podcast from the Soul Ascension Show, aired, April 2015.

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Making your Dreams Real-ity!

January 4th, 2013 by

MakingYourDreamsReality1Happy New Year, beautiful soul! Ooh, I do love January, it’s another great opportunity to start afresh; to wipe the slate clean and create the change that you have been seeking for your life.

Today, I am going to help you make this year, your year by giving you my tried and tested ways on how to make lasting change in your life. And what it takes to make your dreams go from just being external wishes to becoming a very real and fulfilling reality for you. Know whatever you set your focus on you, you can achieve. The key is to be clear about what you want, while believing and appreciating the journey as all enfolds.

And as you journey through the steps shared, I recommend you have a pen and pad to journal through them in sequence.

To allow, first appreciate

To allow anything new to enter your life, first find what you can appreciate. For a moment, acknowledge all the things that you are thankful for from last year. What did you learn about yourself? What connections did you make? What experiences did you share? What places did you enjoy visiting and why? What ways do you feel you have grown physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually? And, above all else what did you appreciate the most about your last year?

Write down all that you appreciated. By doing so, you will naturally raise your vibration to a more creative, allowing state. Offering gratitude for the things that you didn’t like so much from that year (to acknowledge any silver linings) can also be beneficial, especially for clearing away negative patterns, thoughts, actions and behaviours that are no longer serving your highest good.

Now what would you like to create this year?

Next decide what you would like to manifest for the coming year. You only need to do this once. Many people can stumble at this stage, repeatedly asking for what they want instead of trusting that they will be provided for. When we ask from a place of worry or fear that our desires are not going to be met, we are stating to the universe / our greater spirit Self that we don’t expect to receive. If any perceptions of lack, such as lack of money or time come to your mind when you set your goals, just let them go. Breathe them out and come back in to your heart. Surrender any ‘buts’, ‘hows’ and ‘what ifs’ to the universe, writing your goals with clear focused intent that you will create them with ease. To help the process, imagine you are a child again. See through the eyes of your younger self when the world was full of wonder, full of possibilities and you knew, really knew it was yours for the having! :)

Write down the change you would like to see appear in yourself and in the areas of your life that you would like to improve? And then go deeper, by defining the goals, even small intentions that you can do each day that will get you there. Be specific here. You may also want to write down the places you want to visit, people to meet, experiences to explore.

Know you are not setting flimsy resolutions here. You are setting clear and concrete intentions where it is inevitable that you will achieve them. Don’t let the negative thoughts, rituals or behaviours of the past to come in for a moment. You are limitless. Infinite and deserving of all you are setting into motion.

After you have written down all you are creating and allowing, affirm to yourself aloud:

“I know that all I ask for will be given to me. I am deserving. I am allowing and I trust in myself and the universe to provide for me. And so it is.”

MakingYourDreamsReality2Take some time now to go through your intentions. Feel into why you want to create change in the area – what is really driving this urge or goal? And then visualise yourself already achieved it with all your senses. Focusing on the results of achieving what you are creating rather than the process of creating it is key. For example, if your goal was to run a marathon, don’t focus on the marathon itself, or reaching a certain mile limit, or even the training to get yourself prepared. This can be overwhelming and often can set-up a sense of failure before you have even started! Instead, see yourself crossing that finish line. Feel the exhilaration! Feel the accomplishment! YOU DID IT! Feel the joy and pleasure of those around you. Everyone celebrating and supporting each other. Now bask in this feeling. Feel and live the moment of achieving your goal each and every day until that moment has physically manifested for you. This is the real juice that will inspire the belief and inspired action to get you there.

Law of Attraction disclaimer!

We have all heard of the Law of Attraction and how our thoughts create our reality. Now while this is true, we can define this more by saying that it is not what we think that creates our life as we see it, but what we believe. Therefore, you may affirm to yourself all you like that you want to complete a marathon but until you believe you can, you will never achieve it.

Looking at your intentions, do you feel you have any limiting beliefs about them? What behaviours or rituals have in the past stopped you from achieving your goals? And are you ready to let these go…for good, beautiful soul?

Those that have limiting beliefs to running a marathon may feel like they have a lack of time for working out, or are over-weight or feel there is no external support to keep them motivated. With every will in the world to achieve, if you still cycle these beliefs and behaviours you will never move yourself forward. Therefore, with honesty now, give light to any limiting beliefs or patterns of behaviours that you feel would otherwise stand in your way of achieving the goals you are setting. Write them down but don’t spend time dwelling on them or judging yourself or others. This is a process I do regularly, especially when I am feeling stuck in a particular area of my life. I will look at the beliefs that I have and sift through each, keeping what serves me and letting go of those that don’t. And it doesn’t matter how I came to form these beliefs or where I picked them up from, only that I feel good about letting them go as I know by doing so I am shedding the unwanted that no longer serves my life.

It can be helpful also to counteract what has felt like a negative belief or behaviour with a more positive one. For example, if I felt that I couldn’t run a marathon due to not having time, I would look honestly at what I was giving my time to on a daily basis. I know that time passes quickly when I am enjoying myself and likewise, feels slower when I am not enjoying myself. Therefore time is merely a relative concept that I judge through my feelings. I know that it would really make me feel good to complete a marathon and so I would prioritise doing something each day that contributes to me achieving this with ease, and above all else, with joy! Whether my contribution each day would be to visualise and feel myself running through the finish line with a big smile on my face, or going for a walk, or training a part of my body or making and enjoying nutritious meals to fuel my body, I would celebrate each little step knowing that they are all making this dream very real for me. And by celebrating each daily mini achievement, my self-belief raises: I feel good, I feel on track, I feel I have a purpose and that each day I am successful in achieving that purpose and before I know it, I am actually running that marathon and completing it with sheer bliss that I HAVE DONE IT, that all is possible when I conceive and believe!

Set your goals free

MakingYourDreamsReality3When you post a letter you don’t think about how it will reach its destination. You mail it and let it go in trust that it reaches its goal. If you were to hold on to the letter pondering how it would reach its end-point, the letter would never be received. The same goes for when we create change in our life. If you hold-on with doubt as to how you can get from A to B, you’ll never move yourself forward. As I have shared above, to get to B, first appreciate all you can about your current A reality and then leave A in your thoughts, conversations, behaviours and actions – focusing instead on being at B already. Put another way: don’t criticise where you are / judge where you aren’t, instead see yourself already at your destination, with all accomplished already.

It is only when we are ready to alight from blame, lack, judgement of where we aren’t in our life that we can actually free ourselves to move forward. And as we trust that we are moving forward, we automatically surrender our goals, trusting that all will manifest perfectly in divine order and timing. Asking your spirit team, angels and Soul to support you let go and trust that all you ask for will show up in your life can also bridge the gap and help you to feel that infinite presence of vibrational assistance that is always there for you.

Keep yourself positive

Know the universe / your Soul only gives you what you ask. It doesn’t judge the outcome of your intentions as ‘good or bad’; it just delivers what you ask. And because we live in a vibrational reality there is no getting away from this. Therefore, another key to creating change is to keep your arms wide open to receive, knowing with all your heart and soul that your intentions have been answered. Coming from a scientific background, I often doubted this simple truth and experienced many years of lack as I believed and bought into, a lack mentality.

Once I got it however, I found myself literally opening my arms wide every day, proclaiming to the universe:

“I am open to the flow of abundance, love and prosperity that flow through me, as me in each moment. I deserve and receive all the blessings I create.”


Try it for yourself. Open your arms wide every day as you repeat the affirmation above. After a week, witness the change that has took place of everything that you have allowed and created!

You may also like to keep a note of all that you appreciated last year in your diary, or another accessible place. On more challenging days, I’ll often read my appreciation list from the previous year to lift my mood and return me to an allowing, receptive state that opens change to flow in my life. I find this reminds whatever part of me that is in doubt, that I CAN create change in my life as here is the evidence. :)

Opposite your appreciation list, you may also want to note down all your goals that you are creating for this current year. My ‘inner Capricorn’ loves nothing more than ticking-off all that has been achieved as the year enfolds! :) Plus, it helps you to celebrate those little steps as great change is opened ever more in your life. And to this end, remember to leave some room in your diary or wherever you are writing goals, too add more things you would like to achieve throughout the year. Every time you have met your intentions, thank yourself. Know that you deserve all your blessings. If you are creative, you may also like to make yourself a manifestation or dream board. To do this collect images of what you would like to create in your life from magazines, the internet or even more beneficial, draw them yourself. Add positive words and affirmations around the images. Make your board colourful, positive and happy. I have a manifestation board in my bedroom, which means it is the last thing I see before sleep and the first thing I see in the morning. In this way, it keeps my goals alive, real and in focus, while promoting a positive, loving energy in my home. As we know, like-attracts-like so if your home feels happy and loving then you will invariably attract this is other areas of your life!

Recognise the signs

MakingYourDreamsReality5The last tip for making your dreams REALity this year, and EVERY YEAR is to recognise the signs that you are on the right track after you have set the wheels in motion. Intuitive guidance may come to you over the hours, days and weeks after deciding what change you are creating. By following the impressions and guidance that comes to you, you will easily align yourself to events and experiences that will help create your dreams into form. Guidance may come to you in many guises. Common signs to look out for are repetitive thoughts and feelings to make a decision or to take a course of inspired action. You may also experience re-occurring dreams, number patterns, visions and songs with meanings just for you. To put this in to context, when I set the goal of teaching aboard last year, I kept seeing references to Maine as a place that would be worthwhile for me to visit.

After a few weeks of seeing and hearing the word, ‘Maine’ from internet pages to conversations with strangers, I asked the universe for one more sign as confirmation. Sitting on a bus at the time, I asked for a sign and heard a voice telling me to, “Look up”. It was then I saw the word Maine written on the jacket of the gentlemen in front of me!! Likewise, if you feel stuck after you have set your goals, for example, you have surrendered your intentions but still feel you are not moving forward, ask yourself, “What guidance have I received that I am not following?”

Listen to your senses: what are they telling you? Ask your spirit team, angels and all-knowing Soul for clarification of your signs as I did for travelling to Maine. Above all else fellow Creators, in-joy manifesting! My Soul often reminds me to have fun; to dance and sing whatever change I want to see show up in my life. By raising my vibration in this way, I more easily come into my innate ability to attract and create whatever I want. It really is that simple. :)

So beautiful souls, what change would you like to see happen in your life and what are the steps / the goals you are setting to make this a reality for you? Set the wheels in motion today and know you will create all you set your focus on if you believe you can and keep open to receiving. In Love and support all-ways, Calista.


This article was originally published for Silent Voices Magazine in 2013. © Under Full Copyright.

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Awakening Your Senses

September 4th, 2012 by

AwakeningYourSenses1As we ascend and merge into our greater Self, it can be challenging to let go of the monkey-mind if we don’t learn to first trust ourselves. Do you find yourself questioning your thoughts, your daily decisions and the intuitive information that comes to you? I know I certainly have in the past! And although it can be part of the ascension process to question, try not to let your ego sway you from the truth of who you are for you may find yourself going round in circles.

As you awaken into your divinity, you may find yourself turning to others for answers. How quickly I have seen students coming to me to validate their spirituality, or going to books, retreats or paying for readings to help them recognise who they are, who they have always been. And although this may serve some, let me say, if you wish to find yourself, go within. Allow yourself to venture beyond the ego which always wants validation through external seeking and instead experience yourself through internal being. As Buddha once said:

“All the wonders you seek are within yourself.”

Give yourself the opportunity to meet your inner Self as you learn to trust your own senses. This is the key to any type of spiritual practice and ultimately, your own physical and emotional well-being. For when you trust your senses you can hear your body and understand it’s ailments or emotions as they may manifest. You become in sync with the real you and the universe around you, knowing that you are both eternal and connected.

Inspired by my cat Luna, who is at this moment enjoying the garden for the very first time and all the senses that come with it, I would like to share an exercise to help you to experience your senses too. Practised regularly, you will find that this subtle meditation can actually bridge profound clarity, intuition and above all trust to flow freely in your life so you can have a conscious understanding of the God who dwells within you in each moment. In Love all-ways, Calista.

Sensory Meditation

You will need:
Just the Great outdoors!

The aim of this exercise is to simply take a walk in nature, appreciating everything that you experience.

Take yourself outside to a place you love to visit or somewhere new you are guided to. If you can, walk bare feet to connect to the earth. And for a moment, stretch your arms tall to the sky. Look upwards and feel yourself connect to the universe. Breathe into yourself and exhale out any concerns or thoughts in your mind. Set only one intention here: to inJoy this moment. As you walk, what do you see around, below and above you? Feel yourself connect to any animals, insects, plants and trees you pass. Inhale the scents of the day and open your mouth to taste the wind; the breath of the life. Enjoy how the sun shines on you and the caress of the wind as it flows through your air. Listen to the sounds around you, and then tune into the sounds in the distance – what do you hear? Sit down in a comfy spot and close your eyes. What do you sense around you and within you? Without judging, just acknowledging how your body feels right now. Appreciate your senses, trust in them. Enjoy living this moment, knowing you are One with all life; that there truly is no separation. You are everything and everything is, You!

It can be purposeful to write down any insights that spring forth every time you do this exercise. Soon it can become apparent that when you live, truly live in each moment, you can see things clearly and trust them for what they are. You encounter genuine clarity and with it can receive all the answers you have been searching for.


This article was originally published for Silent Voices Magazine, September 2012. © Under Full Copyright.

For more information on developing your intuitive senses and gifts visit listen to a special podcast first aired on the Soul Ascension Radio Show in April 2015.

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Awakening Your Light

August 4th, 2012 by

AwakeningYourLight1We are now half-way through the prophesied 2012 and from every vantage the world is indeed changing! The new Golden Age is here; a time to emerge from our chrysalis and embrace the butterfly that we have always been! A time to recognise ourselves as the eternal beings we are and express our Divinity in the way that is most important to us.

This shift in consciousness can affect us physically as our tastes change and our body clears all that it no longer needs. Here it can be easy to step in to the illusion that illness is the state of being when our bodies become ‘sick’, rather than to see that illness is truly our bodies’ way of healing. Sleep patterns may also be changing, and for those on the fast-track of their ascension, you may find yourself waking completely alert between 3-4am each morning. This is a special time when we are most aligned with Source (our God / Divine Self within), giving us the ideal opportunity to meet and merge with our inner being.

As we awaken to all that we are, our emotional body can clear too. You may feel all-over-the-place, but take heart this is just part of the process; all supporting you to shed limiting patterns and behaviours. Belief systems can also change and with it memories, fears and ties emerge to be let go of. It’s easy then to cycle between clarity and confusion when we know we have to forgive past hurts and let go of future concerns. But it is this process that awakens our authentic Self as we become conscious of our consciousness.

On an energetic level, as we shift in to a higher state of awareness we can experience the touch of our angelic and spiritual guides, and even the presence of loved ones who have ‘graduated’ from the physical plane. This happens because we come to understand that there is no separation between physical and non-physical; all is Spirit and all is eternally connected. We recognise that there is no ‘death’, only transition in to another aspect of our Self. For those that wish to experience more contact with their spiritual guides and support to weather any emotional, physical and mental changes of become self-aware, I recommend doing the meditation below. This exercise holds the space to centre ground and balance one into their inner Light and the eternal presence of Divine Love that forever flows through us, as us in each moment. In Love all-ways, Calista.

Awaken Your Light Meditation

You will need:
One white or gold candle.
A quiet space to relax.

Light your candle, sitting opposite the flame. Breathe deeply inhaling the light of the candle. On the exhale let go of any tension. Feel yourself become centred with each breath.

Close your eyes, picturing the flame burning within your heart. See/ feel/ know its presence with all of your being. Breathe in to the flame as you become one with it. Feel its warmth. Visualise its colour. Know of its power and presence. 

As you breathe out, see the flame expand until it surrounds your body. See yourself in the Light as every part of you, right down to your cells and DNA illumine and shine with such glory! With each exhale, expand your light further and further. Down to meet the Earth, above to greet the Cosmos, and then into everything in between. Know in this space you are connected to all life. You are perfect. You are Pure. You shine with health and Divinity. See yourself connect to all the in-lightened souls of the planet; joining as one beautiful Light grid, which can’t help but assist others in knowing of their radiance too!

Here you are one with Source. If you have a specific goal, intention or something you would like to manifest into your life, say it now and really feel it already created. And if you wish to receive healing, ask the Divine to best support you now. Be led by your Light. Know you are the Light. Arise and Shine!


This article was originally published for Silent Voices Magazine, August 2012. © Under Full Copyright.

For more information on what Ascension is and what it means to become conscious of your consciousness visit to listen to a special podcast first aired on the Soul Ascension Radio Show in February 2015.

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Atlantis Remembered

July 29th, 2012 by

Atlantis Remembered 1

I have the pleasure of writing my monthly column sitting upon the white sands of Ao Nang beach, in the southern province of Thailand’s Andaman seaboard. I am taking my first non-teaching holiday since 2009 and it feels SO good!

Atlantis Remembered 2Looking out over the turquoise-green ocean me and the idyllic limestone islands that tower like silent giants in the water, I find myself taken back to the time of Atlantis – an era of heaven-upon-earth. The guidance comes to me in this moment that for the next few months I will be taking you on a journey back to Atlantis introducing, or rather, re-awakening you to the innate wisdom, beauty, health and unfathomable light of this sacred time.

I was first introduced to Atlantis when I was a young girl. My mother had so many books on the subject and I found myself captivated by them. Most talked of Atlantis being a myth, but as I if our imagination can imagine something then I feel there is a deeper truth to reveal. As I grew up the concept of Atlantis left my thoughts until I became interested in holistic living later in life. During a meditation in 2007, I was greeted by an energetic being who said he was my soul father and a wisdom-keeper of Atlantis. I was overwhelmed at meeting him and all the information he shared with me, especially as a few months previous I was still working a biochemist and very much asleep spiritually. Yet, I felt I knew this spiritual guide and began to meet him in meditation a regular basis, each time learning more about who I was in Atlantis, and how my path in this life is connected. I soon understood that this wise soul was part of my higher consciousness, part of my I AM Presence / Source Self. I was shown repeatedly a life where I was a crystal priestess in Atlantis, and that I would in this lifetime put together an Atlantean system to help others remember who they were through the use of special crystals and Divine tools.

In 2008, after meeting and sharing with other priests and priestesses of Atlantis, the Atlantean Crystal Healing™ system was born. This is a hands-on healing system and program of self-discovery that is now being taught around the world to support souls to remember and embody who they are. I am forever grateful to be part of sharing these divine teachings and would like to bring you some insights of Atlantis through this column today. It is my intention that this and future posts on Atlantis will help those ready to embody their innate divinity and through this merging, bring in added well-being, wonder, confidence, joy and happiness into life. So without further ado, let’s begin! :)

Whatever you may have heard of Atlantis, know it did exist. It was one of the Earth’s long civilisations spanning near 240,000 years, coming to its conclusion around 13,000BC. Atlantis did not exist under the water as myth suggests but was part of a landmass between Europe and America. Some of the temple structures of Atlantis have been found within the Atlantic Ocean, and many sister civilisations that ran concurrently to Atlantis are now being discovered as ancient cites beneath the oceans of our world. At the later stages of Atlantis, the land was divided up into many islands with each island having its own priest or priestess to help the inhabitants maintain their connection to the Divine. For the concept of Atlantis was a divine, intergalactic experiment to see if man could exist in a physical form, and with free will and all the responsibility of the senses that comes with it and still embody their oneness with God.

The first settlers of Atlantis came from different planets and universes, some we are aware of, others beyond our comprehension through the vantage of human eyes. Many initial settlers came from the existing civilisations of Earth such as Lumeria, or as it was called then through my recollection, Allura, based within the Southern Hemisphere. Much of what is written about Atlantis is false as we are collectively alight from our karma-based fears, stepping in to the truth of our Divinity and with it, the remembrance of this great technological time.

I believe all of us alive today have existed in Atlantis. It is in our nature; our very DNA. And as we awake up to who we truly are, free from the shackles of the material world, we are realising we are not all from the planet earth.

Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong here? Like you were different from those around you?

If your answer is yes, know you are not alone. At our deepest level, we are all part of each other; all created as masters from the one true Source of Creation, which many call God or the Divine, yet through the hypnosis of physical life it can be challenging to accept this simple, yet profound truth. Awakening to your Atlantean consciousness can help ease the process and bring us back to our truest Self when we are ready to know where we have come from and trust where we are going.

Atlantis Remembered 3The ancient Atlanteans knew the history of our universe and how to tap into its secrets. They could, and did, take part in instant manifestation – willing things to happen using just their intention. Something we are recognizing we can do today through aligning to the Law of Attraction. They also enjoyed heightened gifts of telepathy, telekinesis, levitation and transportation of their beings through their energy bodies to travel the land in but a moment. And they didn’t think there was anything super-natural about these abilities – it was simply their life. They understood they were One with God and thus had the same abilities as God. The ancient Atlanteans didn’t believe in lack or separation and so were as capable as the Divine in their daily life as well as in their ability to ascend spiritually. And at the very height of Atlantis, most enjoyed a sense of oneness and unconditional love with each other and with Mother Earth herself.

When Atlantis was first populated around 250,000 BC, those that arrived did not require healing for they came as pure consciousness and maintained this while in physical body. Yet, as time passed, some souls did not feel that they fulfilled their path and purpose and so chose to reincarnate again with set intentions to play out. You could call this ‘karma’ although the Atlanteans did not judge this to be a negative consequence as how karma is often perceived today, only aspects of themselves that they did not fully explore / express in a given life-time. To support those who reincarnated to fulfill their given path, crystal therapy was introduced in Atlantis, as well as other alternative therapies, such as aromatherapy, colour therapy, sound healing, homeopathy, herbal medicine and flower remedies. Crystal therapy was their mainstay however.

The Atlanteans grew crystals in the ground as we grow plants today. Some were also gifted from neighbouring planets and star systems, such as Sirius. As I remember, some of the priesthood even contained physical crystals within their body, especially in their third-eye chakra that they used for all kinds of healing from renewing a person’s energy field to focusing their intention to re-grow a limb. Huge crystal pyramids made out of quartz crystal were also used as healing chambers where healing practitioners would, with their intention, fuel the quartz with colour, sound and renewing frequencies to renew a person’s mind, body and soul.

The collective Light of the crystal pyramids were harnessed to give power to houses, temples and vehicles within Atlantis, as well as to provide a means of communication similar to our electrical and mobile systems of today. Each crystal was linked to each other and drew energy from cosmic, solar and lunar forces as well as the main Great Crystal that was the very heart of Atlantis and its advanced technology. The Atlanteans also drew from the central crystal to maintain their connection to their I AM / Divine Self. Many of the smaller Atlantean crystals still exist today within the Earth forming what we know as lay lines, or dragon lines. When these energy lines cross a tremendous amount of light is created. Known places that contain a cross-point of Atlantean crystals below them are Stonehenge, Macchu Pachu, Easter Island, the Great Sphinx of Giza and as I discovered a few days ago, Tiger Cave Temple here in Thailand.

Atlantis Remembered 4I had no idea when my partner and I visited ‘Wat Tham Seua’, as it’s known by the locals, that it contained an Atlantean crystal! This beautiful Buddhist temple that pays homage the goddess of compassion and mercy sits over 1250 steps above the ground in the Ao Luk Thanu mountain range. As we walked up the steep mountain range with only monkeys and a rich display of insects as our tour guide we wondered what the temple would look like. At the summit there were no large temples, nor tigers! There was however a rock peak (shown opposite) that formed part of the mountain apex. As we sat there catching our breath, we closed our eyes to tune-in to the energy of this sacred place. My partner was greeted by a beautiful goddess figure who appeared in the form of a tiger. She felt very peaceful. We were then shown a beautiful, rotating crystal that was used in Atlantis (although has an older origin) placed deep in the earth below the mountain. Despite sitting at the apex of the mountain, we could feel the beat of this crystal as it vibrated its Divine Light to us…what a power and privilege this was. For the remainder of that day, we were both held in a hazy crystal bliss, all contributed from this sacred connection I am sure!

Next month, I will show you how to ‘tune-in’ to crystals just like we did in Atlantis. It is a beautiful holy technique that I teach in the Atlantean Crystal Healing™ system that connects you to the very heart of each stone to form a connection that I have never seen taught in crystal therapy programs or books before. Until then beautiful souls, in Love all-ways, Calista.

Awaken to Atlantis

This article was originally published for Silent Voices, July 2012. © Under full copyright.

If you would like to know more about Atlantis and experience the energy of this sacred age visit the meditation store to download your copy of Awaken to Atlantis MP3. And if you would like to learn Atlantean Crystal Healing™ come visit its page for courses near you.


Archangel Cassiel & Lady Serenity – Standing in your Power!

July 3rd, 2012 by

ArchangelCassiel1I have the grace to write about an angel very close to my heart. An angel often unseen or perhaps ignored for their transparent way of showing us our shadows – the darker, limiting aspects of our being – in order to transcend them wholly. Yes, it is time to talk about the ‘fear-less’ angel, Archangel Cassiel and feminine counterpart, Lady Serenity – two sides of the same angelic coin who are swiftly becoming known as humankind chooses to ascend their whole consciousness, not just their soft, light fluffy side!

Cassiel and Serenity as one supreme angel support humankind to face their fears and move through limitation in order to fulfill life lessons and gain greater understanding of All that is. They help us to become conscious of our consciousness and support man to move through the hypnotic haze of the material only 3rd and 4th dimension into the 5th dimension, a frequency of being where we are One with God in every way. This dear angel assists us to see that our fears, set-backs and shadows are of equal divinity to our hopes, successes and internal light. As Cassiel shares:

“Spiritual ascension is not about what you know; it’s about integrating what you have; to accept and appreciate every aspect of your being including strengths and shadows.”

When I created the Angel Healing® system back in 2009, Archangel Cassiel and Lady Serenity did not come forward to be represented amongst the other angels of the program, but have since featured in every angel course from 2012 onwards. They tell me now is the time for those ready to accept their shadows so they can truly ascend in the grace that they are.

ArchangelCassiel2The first time I attuned people to Archangel Cassiel / Lady Serenity was at a teaching course in Wick (at the very top of Scotland). During my train journey up to Wick, Cassiel visited me and said that this course would be perfect to introduce his energy into the Angel Healing® system. He told me that some of the participants of the course had already worked with his light, some were aware of this, others at a subconscious level. I obliged Cassiel’s request with excitement with what would enfold over the next few course days.

When I arrived in Wick, I was greeted by my host who asked if her daughter could join the class. Although she was only 10 years old, it felt right to have her join in. I started to share of Cassiel’s visit and request during my journey and my host looked at me in utter surprise! She asked if Cassiel was a real angel and I said yes. She looked at me with sheer delight before telling me that her daughter had been visited by an angel who called himself Cassiel, and for the last few weeks they had talked together often! If I ever doubted Cassiel’s involvement in the course I certainly didn’t when I heard that story!

Archangel Cassiel / Lady Serenity now make their presence known not only to angel workers like myself but also those who support planetary intentions, the extinction of animals and those concerned with purifying the waters of the earth. One of Cassiel’s environmental duties is to oversee the oceans and to magnify the pure vibration of Dolphins within them. In my last article I spoke of the Atlantean Dolphins. If you work with, or call in these Divine beings during your healings or meditations, you automatically invite in the loving vibration of Cassiel and Serenity too.

On a personal level, this supreme angel can help you to identify destructive patterns in your thinking, and will help you to break cycles in your life that are no longer serving your highest good. I have seen many of my angel students either loving the empowering energy of this angel, or choosing to ignore her presence. I feel this is due to Cassiel acting as a mirror, showing us with no judgement, only Love who we truly are. And if we don’t like what we see, we can ask her to help us ‘see’ beyond any negative perceptions until we reach true acceptance.
I often liken Cassiel to the ‘Yin-Yang’ symbol, as shown opposite. This is the ancient Chinese understanding of how things exist where the outer circle represents everything, while the black and white shapes within the circle represent the interaction of the two primal energies. These two energies, called ‘yin’ (black/masculine) and ‘yang’ (white/feminine), cause everything to happen. They are not completely black or white, just as things in life are not completely black or white; without darkness we couldn’t appreciate the light, and vice versa. In this way, Cassiel and Serenity can be our greatest teacher if we call upon their presence. They can take us in and through our darkness – whether through the realms of un-forgiveness, self-doubt or held attachments to past events – to set us free. Through this inner journey we can appreciate everything we have learnt, how we have grown as a result and gently, yet assertively integrate the shadow-self when ready.

Because of Cassiel’s focus on what we repress, he may first appear to you as a dark colour, even black when invoked. Do not let this alarm you. Within time you may see this colour lighten reflecting your own inner transition. Many angel teachers may tell you that seeing black after invoking an angel signifies ‘negative’ energy, but this is an out-dated, fear-based perception. Let it fall away from you as your shadows do. The way we perceive angels, and other Divine beings, is changing as we collectively raise our vibration to a vaster knowing of Truth. No longer are complicated angel invocations required either. Cassiel, like all the angels, is just a call away and is always there to support your highest good.

When you are in the midst of Cassiel / Serenity it is common to feel emotional. As they work with the element of water, they naturally help us to tap into our emotions and hear the voice of our intuitive heart. Trust yourself and the guidance you receive. Know Cassiel is helping you to see beyond illusion and to come into absolute balance with yourself and those around you. And if you wish Archangel Cassiel / Lady Serenity to act as your guardian angel, or more rightly put, your ‘guidance’ angel for there never is anything you need protected from when you alight from fear, just ask and they will be by your side. Allow this loving angel of transcendence to guide you back home to your Self. In Love all-ways, Calista.

This article was originally published for the Faeries and Angels Magazine, Summer 2012. © Under full copyright.


For more information on Archangel Cassiel and Lady Serenity visit to listen to the ‘Maintaining Balance’ podcast first aired on the Soul Ascension Radio Show in September 2015.

Please visit the Angel Healing® page for angel courses near you if you are interested in learning more, or join the facebook community at

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Archangel Gabriel & Lady Hope – the Celestial Life Coach!

June 29th, 2012 by

ArchangelGabriel1Archangel Gabriel was one of the first angels to come forward to be represented in Angel Healing® system, and personally, I am so glad he did! You could say this beautiful angel is a celestially life coach, forever reminding us that we have all the strength of the Divine flowing through us at each moment, and if we fill that strength with Love, then there truly are no limits to what we can do or be! :)

Gabriel helps to inspire creativity to flow freely and loves to support those with a message to create a better and brighter world, whether that message comes through words, music, inventions or is more subtly communicated. In early paintings of Gabriel, he is often seen with a trumpet for this reason, delivering good news to people and helping them bring in information that can aid their journey of ascension. Gabriel heralds the message for all of humankind to hold the intention of peace and harmony upon the earth, while holding the highest vision for ourselves too.

Gabriel has a divine counterpart as every angel does and her name is Lady Hope, or as she shared me, she also goes by the vibratory name of Annunciata. Lady Hope is the creative force behind the strength of Gabriel. She helps us to manifest our desires in to form through the hopeful expectation that all we ask for is given. Hope helps us to stay positive in our manifestations and to know that when we are in a state of joyful optimism we instantly create all that we seek. Hope and Gabriel as one supreme angel are ideal to call on when you wish to embody your strength, to keep yourself positive and to detox your mind, body or home. They remind us that we can experience pure joy through awakening to all we are.

In both my pregnancies and during birth, I called upon Gabriel and Hope for support. They were my celestial midwifes in so many ways! :) They love to help throughout the whole journey of conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond, as well as assist in the nurture of our own inner-child and to remember, especially as parents, what it is like to be a child. To remember to hold the purity, wonder and innocence of a child so we can be the best guardian for our children. Gabriel especially, gently guides us to be lovingly detached as parents so we can allow our children to live their own dreams and have their own experiences – something that can be hard for many a parent to accept, myself included especially when I first became a mother. But perhaps this is the best gift we can bestow to the next generation, to trust and allow them to shine for who they are without intervening.

Connecting through Colour

Archangel Gabriel and Lady Hope exist in the vibratory frequency of the White and Crystal Ray of Divine Light, which can vary from white, pearl, platinum and pale pink in colour. You may feel or sense these colours when this supreme angel is in your midst. And perhaps feel their presence most within your Sacral and Base chakra where they bring their greatest support to us on an energetically level. If you are looking to balance these areas or the qualities they represent, call on Gabriel and Hope who will gladly be of service to you.

ArchangelGabriel2You can bring in the virtues of this angel and this Ray of Spiritual Light simply by wearing or eating foods rich in these colours, by bathing in them with vegetable / colour dyes (as the ancient Atlanteans did) or by bringing into your home flowers and plants rich in these colours. The white Lily is a particular favourite of Gabriel and Hope and carries their flowing vibration. As Gabriel is closely linked to the element of water, you may also feel more connected to him by visiting rivers, streams, oceans etc. In fact, when you invoke Gabriel and Lady Hope, it certainly feels like you are visiting a beautiful beach as their energy is as reviving as sea-air, providing a sense of freedom like no other.

Connecting through Crystals and Oils

You can enhance your connection and align to the qualities of Gabriel and Hope by using the following essential oils and wearing / meditating with the following stones:

  • Aromatherapy oils such as Jasmine, Sandalwood, Rose and Mandarin all carry a similar frequency to this angel. As do the following plants: Lily, Calendula and Opium.
  • Crystals which carry the White or Crystal Ray of Divine Light help to bridge the trust that this angel is with you when you call them in, such as Danburite, Snow Quartz, Kunzite, Pink Tourmaline, Larimar and Moonstone.

When to call on Archangel Gabriel and Lady Hope

You may want to invoke the support of this one supreme angel when:

  • When you feel like you’ve strayed from your Souls path. They can help you find purpose again. For this intention, pay extra attention to the information received when dreaming and meditating.
  • Health issues related to the bladder, kidney or prostate and lower back problems. As well as skin concerns or to aid better confidence and communication.
  • Fertility, conception, birth, adoption, parenting and nurturing your inner child. As well as inspiring creative projects.

During the process of ascension, your energy body and centres change and adapt as we discuss in the Angel Healing® system. Gabriel and Hope aid the evolution of your Sacral and Base chakras, raising their vibratory frequency as their qualities change. They do this in conjunction with other angelics too.

A Message from Archangel Gabriel

“I am Archangel Gabriel and I am sharing through Calista to deliver a message of peace today. I would like to discuss divine communication; the relationship you have with yourself, those around you and that of the Divine Creator. Always speak the truth that is in your heart, not the mind that can over-analyse and judge. When you are in connection with your heart, then communication can flow freely like water, with no thought of personal gain, attack or malice. Learn to communicate with yourself. Listen to your true feelings, not the mask or ego-self that you may show to others. Listen to your innermost thoughts, feelings and insights from dreams, meditation and through communication with Spirit. Let only these messages align with your being to help further your path here on Earth.

Remember to give yourself patience and time to heal emotional wounds, do not cover them up but face them, Dear ones. Seek the truth behind them in order to heal wholly. Listen out for their true message, for it is there.

By allowing a deeper connection with yourself you are also contributing to a better world around you. As Calista will show you with the work of Dr. Emoto, intention, words and prayer affect the elements, they can change the molecular structure of water, the very imprint of life. This demonstrates the interconnectedness of your world and the importance of working with your own thoughts and feelings to change the reality you live in.

Send love and light to your inner systems, to the water that makes up three-quarters of your physical body. Daily see this water filled with light, peace and divine purity, and in time any physical dis-ease will dissipate. Each time you shower or bathe send the water the same light essence. Give to it the intention of cleansing, not just to cleanse your physical body, but emotional, mental and spiritual bodies too. Thank and bless the water you take in to your body, let it be purified through your intention to heal and harmonise your whole being. Each time you walk past water, stop and send it your Love. This simple and loving act has a major impact on the planet’s systems, enriching the animal and plant life within as well as fortifying the water that you drink. Just for a moment hold the thought, the pure intention that all the oceans, lakes, rivers, streams are now at this time filled with the glorious light and love of the divine. See the water in your mind’s eye turn to a shimmering Gold. See the water remain at this glorious vibration for as long as you can and repeat the exercise often.

You can learn so much from water, Dear ones. Draw from its ever-flowing, ever-evolving nature. Allow your being to become as the element of water, let it flow as easily to release any fears that you may have or any blocked or held emotions…allow them to flow away from you with ease. Replace these feelings with the Love of your Divine being as you allow for a more positive stream of change and optimism to flow to you, as You. Respect who you are right now. See the depth and clarity of your emotions, but do not be ruled by them.

Know that by being true to how you feel and allowing open communication with yourself is not only bringing about positive changes for your being, but also the world around you as well”

Effect of Water

As Gabriel said in his message, it is important to bless the water we drink and take in to our bodies as well as the water we use to cleanse our bodies. Gabriel and Hope would like us to take time to send positive thoughts and love to the water within us as well as to the waters of the planet.

Gabriel mentioned the wonderful work of Dr Emoto – a Japanese scientist who concluded that water is a living entity. That water has a memory and consciousness, which is subject to change depending on what vibration (thoughts, words, pictures) are exposed to it.

For years, Dr Emoto researched the importance of water and devised many experiments placing words, music, prayers around bottles of water, freezing the water and then taking photographs of the water to reveal the most beautiful crystal structures of the water. He found that water from clear springs and water that has been exposed to loving words showed brilliant, complex, and colourful snowflake patterns. In contrast, polluted water and water exposed to negative thoughts formed incomplete, asymmetrical patterns with dull colours.

The implications of this research create a new awareness of how we can positively impact the earth and our personal health. Below we see the effect of exposing different words to the same sample of water. The picture on the left shows what happened to the water when it was exposed to the words, ‘you make me sick’. No crystals have been formed and the shape of the sample is dull and has a random appearance. Whereas the picture on the right depicts what happened to the water when it was exposed to the words, ‘love and gratitude’. This resulted in beautiful crystal formations.

“You make me sick”
“Love and gratitude”

From the vibration of words, Dr Emoto contuined to look at the affect of water exposed to different types of music. Below shows the same sample of water exposed to heavy metal music that had a lot of profanity and negative feelings within on the left, and a Mozart symphony on the right. The sample on the right again reacted to the happier more uplifting vibration producing beautiful crystal patterns once more.

Heavy metal music
Mozart symphony

Dr Emoto believed in the same ethos as Albert Einstein who said that, “everything is energy”, and Di Vinci who famously quoted that, “water is the driving force of all nature”. We can clearly see that water retains memory, which can be affected by its environment. For a moment, let us think about the water that we drink, which travels the world and is recycled in homes and businesses all the while retaining the information it picks up from these environments. As our bodies are made of about 71% water, we can start to appreciate that how we treat ourselves will be embedded in the water within us.

I believe this is point that Gabriel wanted to reinforce in his message – just how crucial it is to keep ourselves in a positive state of mind and being to create the same for our environment. By appreciating and blessing, truly giving Love, to the water within us, around us and that which we consume, is to enrich not just our own inner environment but also to bring the blessing to the planet too.

Here is to making that not only a vision, but a clear and beautiful reality for us all to live in. In Love all-ways, Calista.


This article was originally published for the Faeries and Angels Magazine in 2010 and later updated with information on Lady Hope as she shared to Calista in preparation for the first Angel Healing® teacher degree course in 2012.If you would like to know more about the Archeia visit the Angel Healing® page for courses near you and the meditation store to download your copy of Meet your Guardian Angel MP3.

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