Awakening Your Senses

AwakeningYourSenses1As we ascend and merge into our greater Self, it can be challenging to let go of the monkey-mind if we don’t learn to first trust ourselves. Do you find yourself questioning your thoughts, your daily decisions and the intuitive information that comes to you? I know I certainly have in the past! And although it can be part of the ascension process to question, try not to let your ego sway you from the truth of who you are for you may find yourself going round in circles.

As you awaken into your divinity, you may find yourself turning to others for answers. How quickly I have seen students coming to me to validate their spirituality, or going to books, retreats or paying for readings to help them recognise who they are, who they have always been. And although this may serve some, let me say, if you wish to find yourself, go within. Allow yourself to venture beyond the ego which always wants validation through external seeking and instead experience yourself through internal being. As Buddha once said:

“All the wonders you seek are within yourself.”

Give yourself the opportunity to meet your inner Self as you learn to trust your own senses. This is the key to any type of spiritual practice and ultimately, your own physical and emotional well-being. For when you trust your senses you can hear your body and understand it’s ailments or emotions as they may manifest. You become in sync with the real you and the universe around you, knowing that you are both eternal and connected.

Inspired by my cat Luna, who is at this moment enjoying the garden for the very first time and all the senses that come with it, I would like to share an exercise to help you to experience your senses too. Practised regularly, you will find that this subtle meditation can actually bridge profound clarity, intuition and above all trust to flow freely in your life so you can have a conscious understanding of the God who dwells within you in each moment. In Love all-ways, Calista.

Sensory Meditation

You will need:
Just the Great outdoors!

The aim of this exercise is to simply take a walk in nature, appreciating everything that you experience.

Take yourself outside to a place you love to visit or somewhere new you are guided to. If you can, walk bare feet to connect to the earth. And for a moment, stretch your arms tall to the sky. Look upwards and feel yourself connect to the universe. Breathe into yourself and exhale out any concerns or thoughts in your mind. Set only one intention here: to inJoy this moment. As you walk, what do you see around, below and above you? Feel yourself connect to any animals, insects, plants and trees you pass. Inhale the scents of the day and open your mouth to taste the wind; the breath of the life. Enjoy how the sun shines on you and the caress of the wind as it flows through your air. Listen to the sounds around you, and then tune into the sounds in the distance – what do you hear? Sit down in a comfy spot and close your eyes. What do you sense around you and within you? Without judging, just acknowledging how your body feels right now. Appreciate your senses, trust in them. Enjoy living this moment, knowing you are One with all life; that there truly is no separation. You are everything and everything is, You!

It can be purposeful to write down any insights that spring forth every time you do this exercise. Soon it can become apparent that when you live, truly live in each moment, you can see things clearly and trust them for what they are. You encounter genuine clarity and with it can receive all the answers you have been searching for.


This article was originally published for Silent Voices Magazine, September 2012. © Under Full Copyright.

For more information on developing your intuitive senses and gifts visit listen to a special podcast first aired on the Soul Ascension Radio Show in April 2015.

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