Learn Angel Healing®

Angel Healing® is now taught online and in person. Advance your angelic connection and become a certified practitioner for you and others.

“Angel Healing® is for those ready to RISE in all areas of their life!”

The course welcomes all – whether you wish to accelerate your spiritual growth or set up a professional practice and offer angelic treatments. No previous energy-healing experience is required. Know that when you enroll into Angel Healing®, you are joining a global family of beautiful souls who share a brighter vision for New Earth, and are committed to creating this reality.

By joining the Level 1 student practitioner course, you’ll discover:

  • Who Angels are, their specific roles, and how to sense, communicate, and connect with them.
  • Who your Guardian Angels are and meet the 17 Archangels and 17 Archeiai of Angel Healing®.
  • What the Source Rays (and alchemical fires) are.
  • How angelic energy manifests and moves.
  • The process to follow for Angel Healing® self-healing and how to give in-person and remote Angel Healing® sessions.
  • With lots of love, fun and breakthrough moments as we gather for this highly uplifting and empowering day!

And receive

  • Receive 34 Angelic Energy Attunements to become One with the angels.
  • An energetic attunement to the Source Rays.
  • A guided self-healing session with your Guardian Angels and Archangel Raphael.
  • Enjoy a full Angel Healing® treatment (using specific hand positions and Source affirmations) – connecting with a partner in the group.
  • Tools to letting go of self-limiting patterns, fears and beliefs.
  • A daily spiritual practice to connect with your Angelic Presence to positively transform your life, plus, “homeplay exercises” with the angels, including meditations and setting up an angel altar to deepen your connection.
  • Access to the private global student and practitioner group to exchange ideas, support each other and receive the latest course updates.
  • Entry into Level 2 Angel Healing® – professional practitioner degree.

Continuing with the Level 2 professional practitioner course, you’ll receive:

  • Angelic energy attunements catered for your own path and purpose.
  • Ways to deepen your connection with the 34 angels of the system.
  • An energy attunement to the Angel Healing® symbols, and learn how to use them for amplifying your sessions, bringing about life and spiritual balance, and accelerating your ascension path.
  • Advanced ways to give and receive Angel Healing®, including the potent “Bridge Technique”.
  • Explore how to give accurate angel card readings using our unique methods not shared in other modalities and courses.
  • Learning how to unearth the root cause of all dis-ease states, and the angelic process of emotional and mental re-programming.
  • Angelic sound healing and / or practical journeys catered personally to those attending.
  • How to incorporate angelic crystals into your treatments.
  • How to set up a professional practice, including marketing help.
  • Entry into Level 3 Angel Healing® – teacher’s degree.

Plus, more goodies!!

Every course level of Angel Healing® provides you with a comprehensive training manual (really a book!) with direct teachings from the angels.

Upon completing the Level 1 training day, you’ll also receive your student certificate and after submission of your case work assignments following the Level 2 two-day training course, you’ll receive your practitioner certificate in Angel Healing® to enable you to practice professionally.

Are you ready to take the leap of FAITH? To feel the exhilaration of creating your most joyful life NOW…

Are you ready to FREE your wings? And with them, create radiant health, wellness and abundant flow…

Then join the expanding family of Earth Angels as we support each other to Rise and Shine!



Once travel restrictions lift, we’ll be travelling again, taking the course to you.

If you have a group of beautiful souls (minimum of 8) we can come to you. As the host of the event, you receive 50% off your training by bringing the group together and providing / helping set up a course venue.

Contact Calista on calistaascension@gmail.com for more info.

Practitioner Praise: 

“I attended the last Angel Healing® therapist course and it was fantastic! An amazing experience! I would highly recommend this to anyone who has an interest in the angels and how they can help with healing. The feeling that you get when channeling them is unbelievable!”

“Excellent, powerful and moving experience, which has left me wanting to experience more!”

“Absolutely amazing, a very uplifting experience…will certainly be taking this course to the next level. Calista delivered the information so well and made me feel comfortable, her knowledge was fantastic.”

“Wonderful, well delivered – I feel as though I have grown spiritually through this day. Reiki opened the door but Angel Healing® has taken me through!”

“Wonderful! A lovely relaxed atmosphere. Plenty of information given and time to ask questions. A very special place to learn and very special teacher. Calista is lovely, great energy, fab teacher and a wicked laugh!”

“An amazing experience from start to finish – so uplifting!”


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