Angel Healing® Level 1 Online Live Course

Angel Healing® Level 1 Student Degree

Friday October 4th 2024

This is a great opportunity to study Angel Healing® with Founder, Calista. Learn in the comfort of your own home and join us for a whole day live stream via Zoom as you meet angels and supercharge your connection with them. Get set for a high-vibe fun, sacred miracle moments, and the positive change you’re ready for. This will be a day to remember!


Angel Healing® is a means for us to meet angels and get to know them as friends who can support us in every walk of life, while learning how to channel (and embody their consciousness) to best support others. As a healing system, Angel Healing® enables you to empower yourself and others by giving treatments in person or remotely.

Angel Healing® is the official form of angel therapy in the UK and Europe and is growing worldwide with certified teachers in many countries. It is the only angelic modality that incorporates the teachings of both the Archangels and the Archeiai (the female Archangels) to aid our personal (and planetary) ascension.

Receiving a treatment of Angel Healing® can create profound shifts in consciousness, as well as increasing wellbeing and a sense of “coming home”.

Whether upliftment is the intention, or healing, deeper clarity, joy or love, the angels can hold sacred space and reflect whatever is highest and best to be received in the moment. Taught over two practitioner levels, you’ll learn how to steadily connect with to your own inner Angelic Presence as well as how to partner with your Guardian Angels and a heavenly host of 17 Archangels and 17 Archeiai.

What’s Included? 

In this Level 1 Angel Healing® degree, you’ll become a certified Angel Healing® student and come away with the skills to channel and partner with angels to bring about healing for yourself, family and friends.

Your course day includes:

ღ An introduction to the Angelic Realms – who the many types of angels are, their role, and how to sense, communicate, and connect with angels.

ღ Meeting your Guardian Angels and the 17 Archangels and 17 Archeiai of Angel Healing®.

ღ 34 Angelic Energy Attunements to become One with the angels.

ღ Self-healing practice with your Guardian Angels and Archangel Raphael. And pair Angel Healing® practice (using specific hand positions and Source affirmations) to learn how to channel Angelic Light and give full treatments.

ღ Connecting with your Angelic Presence to positively transform your life, plus, “homeplay exercises” with the angels, including meditations and setting up an angel altar to deepen your connection.

ღ Extensive training manual (over 20,000 words) detailing step-by-step Angel Healing® techniques and processes.

ღ Level 1 Angel Healing® Student Certificate, plus, entry into the Level 2 Angel Healing® Practitioner degree.

ღ With lots of love, fun and breakthrough moments as we gather for this highly uplifting and empowering day!

All students receive on-going support, lifetime membership to Angel Healing® so you can keep up to date with future updates to the system.

This course welcomes all, from beginners to experienced angelic healers and channels.

To Have with You:

Please wear comfy white (or lightly-coloured) clothing of natural material, like cotton to support your angelic communication. Your training manual (either printed or your digital copy), a notepad and pen, and water to keep hydrated.

Training Date and Time: Friday, October 4th 2024 at 12pm to 8pm UK time / 7am to 3pm EST.

Workshop Location: This is an online (live stream) full day event that’ll take place over Zoom. There will be a main break and refreshments breaks throughout the course.

Exchange: £195 / $231 / 230 Euro. If paying your deposit now, the remainder will be due a week before the course start date. The currency will convert at the PayPal checkout after clicking on “Add to Cart”.

A week before the course begins, you’ll receive an email from Calista with your training manual, Zoom link and all you’ll need for the class. See you in March!


“I can honestly say that was one of the best online courses I have ever attended and it is privilege to know you and share this fantastic wisdom. Thank you for all the work you have done, and the wonderful gift of the angel cards, and the healing modality. I will definitely be attending level 2.” – Amanda, London

“I can’t recommend this course highly enough! It changed my life! I went into it to learn another energy modality but came out of it with so much more, including transformation, empowerment, and the ability to easily channel angels to best support my life.” Susan, North Wales

“I recently completed Angel Healing® Level 1 with Calista and have already signed up for Level 2! It was an unforgettable experience.  The journey has left me feeling joyous, light-hearted, grounded, and truly connected to angels – a permanent shift has occurred and my consciousness has expanded. I am noticing this in even the smallest of tasks throughout my day. During the class, I felt safe, held, seen, and like I could truly be myself.  If you feel the nudge to take a class with Calista, do it! It’s a true gift to be in the space she holds and to learn from her wisdom.” – Jamie, North Carolina

“Thank you!!!!! I enjoyed every minute of the Angel Healing®  level 1.  This course was so much better than any other spiritual courses I have taken. Everything was well paced, full of new and thought provoking information, and delivered in a kind and sensitive manner. You encouraged each member of the group to actively communicate their experiences as the course unfolded…I look forward to taking another course with you.” – Clare, Malta

“I wanted to reach out with great love and utmost gratitude for the sacred container that you provide through your classes and work with the angels. I’m so glad that I found you! My experience with the angels continues to deepen and delight me as I become aware of just how long the angels and I have been partnering. I am experiencing epic levels of magic in my life!”  – Dana, California

“I recently took the first degree in Angel Healing® with Calista and I couldn’t be more happier! Calista is very knowledgeable and truly gifted. I learned so much from this course, most importantly how to do healing using angelic frequencies. During the class, the energy that flowed through me to heal my group partner was so beautiful. My hands were moving and channelling as I became a conduit for the angelic energy.”

“I highly recommend to everyone to sit their Level 1 Angel Healing® degree whether you are new on the path of self discovery or whether you are a seasoned practitioner who needs a little bit of tuning up! I can’t wait to continue to learn from Calista and sit my Level 2 degree. Thank you, Calista for sharing your knowledge and supporting me and others to become who we are meant to be.”


Already sat your Level 1 Angel Healing® degree but would like to re-attune? Email for a 77% off discount code to apply at checkout!

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