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Becoming Crystalline

Becoming Crystalline is a 12-month online program for the seekers, teachers and vibe raisers who are ready to experience the true heart of crystals and with it, rise and soar! With the support of the crystal and elemental kingdoms, as well as Mother Earth herself, this program shares the direct Source teachings for radiant health, love and self-mastery.

This soulful path will attune you to 13 of the most on-purpose crystals for our new Golden Age. You will receive every month, the direct teachings from the crystals with a detailed explorative guide, energetic attunements and guided meditations. Parts of the Atlantean Crystal Healing™ course is gifted in this program to bring in remembrance of your divine Self and support your ascension into 5th dimensional and beyond, heart-centred living.

Click here for full information on all the goodies included in the program.

Enrolment will open for 2021 in October 2020

Join the crystalline tribe from all over Mother Earth in this life-changing, revolutionary course that goes beyond crystal therapy into crystalline embodiment. Places are limited to 50 spaces per year so everyone receives the highest and best support direct from Calista. We have names already on our waiting list so if the course is calling you do purchase your place asap. (To ensure you have your training manual and crystals sent out to you in the post make sure you’ve enrolled by the end of November 2020.)

You can choose to enjoy the program with or without mentorship. As self-study, meet with those taking the program (as well as previous alumni) in our private Facebook page and regular online gatherings. If you would rather receive email support from Calista, plus a monthly Zoom tutorial to answer course questions, please purchase the course with mentorship.

Praise From Practitioners

“As an experienced crystal healer, I didn’t know if I would gain much from this course – wow, was I wrong! It helped me go deeper into my crystal journeys and to understand crystals at a consciousness level. I enjoyed the monthly meet-ups to discuss our experiences and the meditations/attunements that were sent out each month. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in ascension or crystals, or who wants to grow themselves out of limitation and into abundance. I feel ascended through the program on SO many levels! Thank you so much for sharing the teachings of this course Calista – you hold such an authentic, patient space. I am going to repeat some of the course this year as I know I can go even deeper! Thank you so much.”

“Heart-felt course that brought me closer to who I am. Thank you for the abundance of knowledge shared. I loved the crystal attunements, something new to me yet felt very familiar. Many blessings.”

“A profound course packed to the brim with knowledge, wisdom, science and deep deep love. Thank you for sharing the love of the 12 crystals – really enjoyed connecting to them and meeting the devas of each stone. My connection to the Earth has increased and I feel I am closer to the elementals too.”

Unicorn Healing®

Unicorn Healing® is a life-changing, 12-week online course that promotes health, wellness and empowerment for all concerned. This means of hands-on healing and self-discovery was created in 2009 through Calista direct from the Unicorn Realms to support the global awakening and ascension of humanity.

The course welcomes all – whether you wish to deepen your self-discovery or whether you would like to set up your own professional practice and offer treatments. No previous energy-healing experience is required, just a willingness to fully show up for you and those you’ll inspire along the way! When you enrol into Unicorn Healing®, know you’re joining a global family of beautiful souls who share a bright vision for New Earth and who are ready to live their greatest life NOW!

Click here for full information on all the goodies included in the program.

Enrolment Open NOW for June 2020!

Enrolment is OPEN for us beginning as one global, online group on June 7th, 2020. To ensure you have your training manual and details of the unicorn attunement and are a member of our course group page please enrol by June 5th. Places are limited to 50 to ensure everyone receives as much support as possible from Calista and the unicorns so do secure your place early!

You can choose to enjoy the course with or without mentorship. Without (as self-study), meet other practitioners-to-be in our private Facebook group to share your experiences and exchange with one another. With mentorship, you’ll receive email support from Calista over your 12-week adventure together and a 1:1 hour tutorial with her to answer course related questions and deepen your unicorn experience. This will take place via Zoom.

Select what course option best suits you. Taking into the global changes of 2020, there is now a payment plan where you can opt to split the course fee over three monthly instalments of £90 / $111 / 101 Euro (for self-study) and £142 / $176 / 158 Euro (with mentorship). Please get in touch at to set up a payment plan for you, or purchase below.

NB: If you’ve studied the course but didn’t complete it, yet wish to, get in touch to receive a discount code that’ll give you 50% off enrolling again!

Praise From Practitioners

“This journey with the unicorns has been such an amazing and fulfilling experience for me, one which has truly helped me on my path and healing journey. It has been a blessing to connect with the sacred energy of the unicorn realm and meet my unicorn guardians. For me this has been a time of deep healing and bringing balance to my life. It has been a time for soul searching and receiving guidance from the unicorns and through this journey I have seen huge changes in my life. I am so delighted to be a Unicorn Healing® practitioner and to be able facilitate such a sacred journey for others through Unicorn Healing® sessions. I feel truly blessed.” ~ Mairead, Ireland.

“I am so very happy to be able to call myself a Unicorn healer now. It is a joy and an honor. The Unicorns are here to show us the beauty of our own souls and their healing leads us to become whole and One again. They help us to enter our sacredness, to unite our feminine and masculine so that we have enter the joyful garden of our Soul, that has always been there and that we’ve hidden from ourselves for far too long.” ~ Iris, France.

“THANK YOU Thank you the love and generosity and purity of your teachings and guidance, and everything that you have blessed and supported us. This course is a precious gift!” ~ Marijo, Lebanon.

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