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Unicorn Healing® has just finished for 2023 but you can purchase the class replays as one bundle by adding the self-study course option to your basket and applying the code: Unicorn25 for 25% off given the course. Become a certified practitioner or simply immerse yourself into the Magic of Unicorns, where ALL truly becomes possible!

Unicorn Healing® is the world’s only certified hands-on unicorn therapy. Taught online over 13 interactive weeks, this powerful system brings about radiant health, healing and empowerment for all concerned. Since it was created in 2009 (by award-winning author of Unicorn Rising, Calista direct from the unicorn realms) it has supported thousands of people worldwide – both practitioners and recipients alike – to awaken their spiritual heritage and gifts. You’ll journey with your personal guardian unicorns and meet and attune to 13 different types of unicorns – not taught anywhere else!

The course welcomes all, whether you’re ready to raise and expand the frequency of your life, or whether you’d like to set up a successful Unicorn Healing® practice. No previous hands-on healing experience is required, just a willingness to show up for the positive change you’re ready for!

When you enrol into Unicorn Healing® you’re joining a global family of beautiful souls who share a brighter vision for what Earth can be. So much Magic and Miracles await but don’t take our word for it…

In the video below you’ll hear from some of Unicorn Healing® Practitioners about their experience. Also click here to discover what you’ll receive when enrolling into this life-changing modality…

Enrolment closed but 2023 class replays are available

Unicorn Healing® class of 2023 has just finished but you can still take part and receive all the weekly classes, training manual, and supportive private Facebook group page.

This offers only applies to the self-study option. Please add this to your cart and receive 25% off by applying discount code: Unicorn25 when checking out.

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Praise From Practitioners

“This journey with the unicorns has been such an amazing and fulfilling experience for me, one which has truly helped me on my path and healing journey. It has been a blessing to connect with the sacred energy of the unicorn realm and meet my unicorn guardians. For me this has been a time of deep healing and bringing balance to my life. It has been a time for soul searching and receiving guidance from the unicorns and through this journey I have seen huge changes in my life. I am so delighted to be a Unicorn Healing® practitioner and to be able facilitate such a sacred journey for others through Unicorn Healing® sessions. I feel truly blessed.” ~ Mairead, Ireland.

“I am so very happy to be able to call myself a Unicorn healer now. It is a joy and an honor. The Unicorns are here to show us the beauty of our own souls and their healing leads us to become whole and One again. They help us to enter our sacredness, to unite our feminine and masculine so that we have enter the joyful garden of our Soul, that has always been there and that we’ve hidden from ourselves for far too long.” ~ Iris, France.

“THANK YOU Thank you the love and generosity and purity of your teachings and guidance, and everything that you have blessed and supported us. This course is a precious gift!” ~ Marijo, Lebanon.

“Considering I began this course with serious doubts about unicorns and if I had the ability to channel their energy, it is remarkable how much my life has changed in that one small respect alone. I am a reiki practitioner, so I felt I was open to healing energies and believing in myself there, but didn’t know if I could connect to the unicorns. 3 very big changes I have seen that I didn’t expect are 1) increased confidence overall, 2) increased creativity and perhaps my favorite, 3) I am open again. I asked my unicorns for help in seeing that openness return in me and it has. It is one of the ways I know, so deeply, that I am returning to the true me. I have found utter love and acceptance from unicorns and I am able to feel and reflect that amazing gift. I have been going through a very difficult time this year and I feel this course and my time and effort has helped me greet these challenges with love. I am full of gratitude and not sure I could have asked for much more than that.”  ~ Beth, Pennsylvania.

“To become a Unicorn Healing®practitioner means everything to me, especially since being on the course. It has made me include my Unicorn guide / aspect, Merda in anything and everything creative, filling all with love and compassion. It has made my relationship with myself stronger and allowed me to let go of past hurts that I didn’t even realise I was still holding onto. With changing so much just by doing the course, I feel more loving and do everyday tasks with greater love and fun too – this has inspired and urged me to help others in the same magical way! It fills me with such reward to know I have been providing great healing to help others release their fears, worries and help harmonise their relationships and self-belief, along with creating emotional balance and supporting them to stay on their path and in alignment to their Soul purpose. I am more grateful and feel more blessed than I have ever felt before! I can’t wait to share the teachings with everyone and provide healing with the most powerful love I can give. My soul feels complete now that I have found the Unicorns.”  ~ Natalie, Dundee.

“I must say I really enjoyed the Unicorn Healing® course as it has helped so much in such a short time. From the very first meditation, I was hooked and knew it was for me. The information you gave me from the attunement was amazing and filled me with a real sense of excitement. The course has greatly increased my intuitive ability and connection to my Guides. I am so excited about sharing this amazing modality with others. Thank you so much Calista for bringing through this brilliant course and thank you for all your help and support.”  ~ James, Ireland.

“I felt an incredible sense of bliss the first few days after my attunement, which I realize was from the Unicorn’s energy and feeling in alignment with my soul’s purpose. I loved it! I am now feeling more inspired than after to go after my dreams.”  ~ Andrea, Kansas.

“To become a Unicorn Healing® practitioner is a great privilege. The Unicorns make everything fun. They have a playful energy and bring in their pure energy through dancing and singing. The Unicorns connect me with my inner child – a connection that has really moved me forward to a much higher vibration in a gentle, loving way. I feel inspired by my beautiful Unicorn guide, Helena, who pops up often to one of my students and lets herself be known that she is always around me. I have realised so much through the Unicorn Healing® course. Helena has also advanced my knowledge of the Unicorns and let me see how they can benefit our daily lives. I love to send distant Unicorn energy to mother earth, for situations, to friends, loved ones, clients and also to myself. I am so in tune with the Unicorns now; it has really made a big impact on my life and cut the ties of things that no longer were in service to me, making way for new beginnings – some exciting times ahead! All of this has been brought forward in a divine timing, in a peaceful way with unconditional love and beautiful energy from the Unicorns to which I am eternally thankful for. I am grateful for all that comes into my life even if for a short time – it is all in synchronicity in divine timing to my needs and to best support me to grow spiritually. Every day I am learning from the Unicorns and feel so blessed to have taken this course. I have loved every joyful moment and have advanced in psychic awareness, which is very much a big part of this course. I am so excited to be able to give unicorn treatments and benefit others on their journey too.”  ~ Claire, Montrose.

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