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I’m Calista, award-winning author of Unicorn Rising and more recently, the number 1 best-seller, The Female Archangels, which is the first book to solely explore who the female archangels are (known as the Archeiai) and how we can connect with them to heal and empower our lives.

I’m also an international speaker and a Kundalini Yoga mama, dedicated to helping you to live your most magical life.

I’ve created coursessoul sessions and meditations, including “Rise and Shine”, a daily meditation to bring you back to You – yours FREE when you subscribe to my newsletter.

Please join me on social media so we can co-create a world where we can live authentically, love transparently and forever be our beautiful Self. Rise and Shine, fellow beauty, NOW is the time!



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“At last, an angel book with a difference! Highly recommended, if you wish to awaken and step into your Divine light. Calista’s connection to, as well as her experience with, the angels is evident from the start, as the power of pure angelic energy pours straight from the pages. Through her beautiful healing words and unique teachings, you’ll naturally tap into the truth of your higher wisdom, receive your own ethereal wings, and experience deep heart expansion to connect with all that is Divine Love. This book is a healing process by itself, and a must read for all who wish to invoke angels fully into their life. Time to soar with the angels, who are lovingly waiting for you to reclaim your power!”

Flavia Kate Peters, International speaker, Best-selling author and Angel Energy Practitioner® Founder

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Unicorn Healing® Meditation Series is a compilation of Calista’s attunement journeys and meditations from her award-winning book, Unicorn Rising. Aimed at helping you live and embody a soul-led life as you support a bright, new world to emerge for all.  Available as MP3 download or CD here.

“Amazing meditations, such a beautiful, divine voice.”


Join me online on May 23rd for my NEW Angel Workshop. Accelerate your life and spiritual path by meeting the Archeiai, otherwise known as the “Female Archangels”, discovering what messages and support they have for you.

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Essential “stay at home” reading. I absolutely loved this book! The paperback version is stunning and the revolutionary teaching inspired me beyond what words can say. I truly feel cared for, safe and now have a much more positive attitude towards what is happening in the world right now. Thank you, Calista for this great triumph.”
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