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I am Calista, best-selling Hay House author of Unicorn Rising, international speaker of all things ascension-based and a kundalini yogi mama. I am dedicated to helping you to live your Truth in alignment with Love and Magic of who you are.

I’ve created coursessoul sessions and meditations to help you embody your Truth, including ‘Rise and Shine’, a daily meditation to bring you back to You – yours FREE when you subscribe to my newsletter.

Please join my soul tribes on social media to together create a world where we can live authentically, love transparently and forever be our radiant Self. Rise and Shine, fellow pioneer. NOW is the time!



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“Calista facilitates a connection to your unicorn guide to receive healing with her signature style of lightheartedness and nurturing. She is such a warm, bubbly presence (follow her Facebook Power Half Hours!) that gently guides you along your inner workings, evoking serenity and grace by connecting you to the unicorn realm. I am so grateful for her light and work in the world!”
~ Sheylyn

“Amazing meditations, such a beautiful, divine voice”
~ Lisa.

Unicorn Healing® Meditations – Sacred Attunements to Bring You Back to You is an extraordinary series that will escort you into the magic, power and purpose of your soul. Available as MP3 download or CD here. Click the link to listen to a free sample.


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