1:1 Soul Session with Calista

Soul Sessions are closed due to event and book commitments. Please join in on the monthly Ascension Zoom classes for support and guidance.  

For 15 years Calista has been supporting people worldwide to know and live their divinity in a very grounded, yet Spirit-led way. She believes we are all born with the same creative potential and have all the answers we ever need within. Her empowering 1:1 Soul Sessions will help you tune in to your inner knowing to create the positive shifts you’re ready for.

What do sessions involve?

Based on your intentions, your session may include various forms of energetic healing, spiritual mentorship, conversations with your soul and spirit team, accessing your Godhood, catered attunements, resolving memory and reprogramming your consciousness, and DNA crystalline activations and meditations to best assist you, your life and path of upward spiritual ascension.

Sessions are £175 and are an hour long, but may be longer depending on what is coming through for you in the moment, and are delivered via Zoom in the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to worry about taking notes as you’ll receive both and audio and video recording of your session.

Calista has supported thousands of souls worldwide to know and live fully their path, power and purpose. She is the healers’ healer and works often with celebrities and those who hold space for others. 

After purchasing, you will receive an email with the next available appointments.


“If you’re reading this then you are likely to be ready for a one to one with Calista. If it feels right go for it! Soul work is challenging but the rewards are immeasurable. If you feel apprehensive Calista’s grace, humour and radiance will soon soothe and uplift you. Her gift of holding space for and bringing forward guidance and assistance together with her own pearls of wisdom helps navigate the bubbling waters with Grace and Gratitude. I am thankful for help to go with the flow. We get given lots of paddles and we do have to do the paddling but a soul session gives you a spiritual extra hug just when you most need it.” – Julie, London

“I had an awesome Soul Session with Calista. It was such a high frequency and in less than a week so much has happened.. an unhealthy karmic lock cleared, I can breathe deeply and freely again.” – Bal, Mount Shasta

“I have immense gratitude to Calista for the wonderful soul session I had with her. I came across her ‘out of the blue’ and immediately felt comfortable with her beautiful energy. I chose to book a soul session to help me with some things I’ve been moving through. Calista delivers the messages she receives with clarity, love and compassion, and with a dose of joy! I found the session insightful, fun and uplifting. She holds a beautiful space for you to receive and share.” – Rebecca, UK

“I am so glad I scheduled a 1:1 session with Calista. To share this sacred healing space with her was amazing. Her presence, wisdom, and divine connection to the natural world came right through and created a field for my soul’s voice to be heard. What makes her such a gift to the planet at this time is her authenticity, dedication, and ability to support others in their healing and life purpose. Having the recording to listen to is brilliant, because it allows for continued unfolding over time with deeper and expansive insight upon each listen..” – Elizabeth,  Maine

“I had a lovely uplifting experience with Calista on my Soul Session, I highly recommend her if you want to heal deeply, receive loving guidance and have a good laugh as well, as we did.” – Timea, Romania

“I’m writing this with deep gratitude in my heart for the most beautiful healing experience in my soul session from Calista. My session was deeply profound on so many levels, and more than the words I ‘heard’ were the words I ‘felt’. I feel the peace inside my soul today. I slept very soundly too for the first time in months.” – Jane, New Zealand

“Not only as a healer, but as an empath, I’m very particular about who I allow into my energy field. So recently, when I was moving through some issues, I asked my guides, “Who can help me best in this moment?” I was guided to Calista and I couldn’t possibly be more grateful. My soul session with Calista was transformative, healing, and brought much needed clarity and insight. But even more so and perhaps more importantly, it was filled with love and compassion. Whatever it is you’re seeking, whether it be clarity, healing…whatever it may be… I highly recommend a session with her. It’s absolutely priceless.” – Vanessa, Las Vegas

“I am truly honored and grateful to Calista for an amazing session! She was able to connect me with my Dragon and Unicorn guides and bring forth essential messages for my mission! To our surprise, a tree elf decided to make his appearance with a strong message for me! She also facilitated the release of old patterns and wounds! What an amazing, awesome and purely magical session with such a beautiful spirit!” – Robin, Maryland

“Not only did Calista envision and understand my situation, she also gave further guidance to lead me in the right direction – touching on all aspects of my life and spiritual nature – a true star and gave me just what I needed at just the right time – a gorgeous soul and a privilege to work with!” – Liam, Scotland”

Soul Sessions are closed due to event and book commitments. Please join in on the monthly Ascension Zoom classes for support and guidance.  

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