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From Closed-off Scientist to Unstoppable She-Ra!

Despite being spiritually aware as a child, Calista spent a third of her adult life studying Medical Biotechnology and working as a Cancer Research Scientist. Helping others to have a better quality of life has always been important to her. This heart calling became fully expressed in 2006, when she embraced her path as a spiritual teacher.

Over the last decade, Calista has supported thousands of people how to know and live their divine potential through her angelic, elemental and nature-based teachings. Her warm compassion blends with grounded practicality to herald that we are Creator incarnate; here to fully live our path, power and purpose, and to have fun in the process!

Leading a rising online community, Calista reaches over 100,000 souls with her daily #MotherEarthNews, regular radio shows and empowering videos on YouTube and Facebook.

Ascension Pioneer & Spiritual Author

Calista is an ascension pioneer and a gifted spiritual teacher. As well as creating 200+ workshops, meditations and attunements to help raise consciousness, she is the Founder of Unicorn Healing®, Angel Healing® and Atlantean Crystal Healing™ – heart-based energy modalities that are taught around the world.

Calista has a strong affinity with Elementals (nature spirits) and loves to share ways on how we can work with these supporting allies to live in deeper harmony with ourselves and Mother Earth. Her first Hay House book, ‘Unicorn Rising’ shares ways to live a harmonious, ascended life the unicorn way!

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Soul Guide & Speaker

As a former scientist, holistic healer and student of her own teachings, Calista has a remarkable understanding of what it means to be human, as well as to be a soul living within a human body. From navigating through post-natal depression, Lyme disease, sexual trauma, and other conditions, she appreciates what it takes to heal and love ourselves, and what it takes to live in balance.

Calista is passionate about helping others to thrive and provides soul sessions and events to cut through blocks quickly and gracefully, providing profound shifts and a return to freedom.

Yoga Mamma

Calista is a down-to-earth mamma who treasures family, friends and the little joys of life! She believes that the key to enlightenment is to honour our humanity as much as our divinity, valuing both equally if we wish to become the Masters we came here to be. She loves spending time with her boys and teaches Kundalini Yoga in her local community and online classes too.

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