Learn Atlantean Crystal Healing™

Atlantean Crystal Healing™ is taught in a live group setting with the vision to launch it as an online program too in 2018. Enjoy discovering the many ways that crystals can support your soul to shine while enabling you to become a practitioner to help others.

“Atlantean Crystal Healing™ is for ready to awaken to the extraordinary potential that animates life!”

The course welcomes all – whether you wish to deepen your self-discovery or whether you would like to set up your own professional practice and offer angel treatments. No previous energy-work experience is required, just the willingness to commit your time, love and focus. When you enroll into ACH™, you are joining a global family of beautiful souls who share a brighter vision for the Earth and all who live in harmony with her.

By joining Level 1 student practitioner course, you will discover:

  • What Atlantis was / is and its connection with crystal energy.
  • What the Great Atlantean Crystal is and how to connect with it.
  • The main crystals of the quartz family used in healing.
  • How to care, cleanse, programme and activate crystals.
  • How to sense and attune to crystal frequencies.
  • The physical anatomy of the body and subtle (energy) bodies. How to sense, communication and channel angelic energy.
  • Role of colour in crystal therapy and in Atlantis.
  • Learn crystal layouts for health, general aliments and ways to aid meditation and relaxation.
  • ACH™ hands-on healing techniques and how to run healing energy.
  • Tapping into crystal intuitively.
  • With lots of fun, practical ways to aid your self-study and crystal discovery!

And Receive

  • An energetic attunement to the Great Atlantean Crystal to activate your 12 chakra system and connect you to the creative potential of the last Golden Age.
  • Your own etheric Atlantean Crystal to aid your personal ascension. energetic attunement to the Spiritual Rays.
  • Access to the private global student and practitioner group to exchange ideas, support each other and receive the latest course updates.
  • Entry into Level 2 ACH™ – professional practitioner degree.

Continuing with the Level 2 professional practitioner course, you will receive:

  • How to make crystal essences and elixirs for health, healing and ascension.
  • How to use crystalline energy to purify environments and to send distant ACH™.
  • Learn and practice advanced crystal layouts and grid systems.
  • Discover the Devic consciousness of each crystal and learn how to communicate with this consciousness.
  • Meet your personal ACH™ Guide.
  • Expanding upon the crystalline wisdom of Atlantis
  • Working with Pyramid Healing
  • Crystal contraindications.
  • Professional ethics and conduct.
  • How to set up a professional practice and marketing support.
  • Source-led meditations and attunements catered for the students attending.
  • Entry into Level 3 ACH™ – teacher’s degree.

Plus, more goodies!!

Every course level of ACH™ provides you with a comprehensive training manual with direct teachings from the crystals, devas and Atlantean Angels and Masters. Upon completing the Level 1 training day, you will also receive your student certificate and after submission of your case work assignments following the Level 2 two-day training course, you will receive your practitioner certificate in ACH™ to enable you to practice professionally.

Are You ready to take the leap of faith into a brighter new world? To feel the exhilaration of creating your most joyful life…

Are You ready to fan your wings? And with it, enjoy greater health, wellbeing and a return to freedom…

Then join the expanding family of Crystal Angels as we support each other to Rise and Shine!



Our UK and US certified teachers can travel to your country providing you have a group of 6 or more and can support us by becoming a host. All hosts receive a 50% discount off their course. For more information, please contact us on info@calistaascension.com.

Praise from practitioners: 

“Where do I start with ACH?! I feel I have a deeper connection to the Earth. I thought I already did but it’s taken it to a whole different level. I feel a lighter energy around me. I’m also visualising a lot more, I used to struggle with this, always sensed more than visualised. I could talk all night about it!”

“Fantastic! Hugely informative, and great meditations. Felt very relaxed during whole course. As always Calista is a perfect presenter, with thorough knowledge of subject and paces the course very well. Encouraging and enthusiastic throughout.”

“Informative, full and fantastic; covering things I hadn’t thought about. Very reassuring and now feel more confident about using crystal therapy. Calista was wonderful and always willing to be side-tracked to deal with what’s going on in the group/ participants and then comes back.”

“Fantastic, enjoyable experience. Highly recommended. Very informative and engaging. Really piqued my interest in Atlantean times and healing.”


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