What is Angel Healing®?

Angel Healing® is a hands-on healing modality as well as a spiritual enlightenment program that supports you know and live your divine potential. It is high vibrational and loving in its way to awaken and strengthen your connection to the angels, while bringing you closer to your own radiant soul. Angel Healing® is the only registered form of angel therapy in the UK, and is growing worldwide with certified teachers now in the UK and USA. It is the only angelic system that brings in, and attunes you directly to both the Archangels and the Archeia (female Archangels) to support your ascension in the current Aquarian Age.

The program is continually evolving to mirror the leaps and bounds we are making in consciousness, and is delivered in a light-hearted and down-to-earth way. Taught over 2 practitioner levels to connect you steadily to your inner Angelic Presence, your Guidance Angels and the heavenly host of Archangels and Archeia.

What is involved in Angel Healing® treatment?

Each treatment of Angel Healing™ is as sacred as it is profound with sessions catered to the meet the intentions of the recipient. In each treatment, a trained practitioner connects to the Angel Presence and Guardian Angels of the recipient and along with their own angelic guides brings in Angelic energy to where is best needed, be that on a physical or non-physical level. The practitioner works with 16 Archangels and Archeia and brings in their healing, love and guidance in a particular way that is taught throughout the course. An Angel Healing® treatment may also include the use of angelic symbols, card readings, intuitive channelling and angelic sound healing to best cater for the recipients’ intentions.

Is Angel Healing® different to Reiki?

Yes, it is different to Reiki. Angel Healing® draws from the consciousness of the angels, whilst Reiki draws from the Universal Energy that makes up life. You could say that Reiki is more a grounding vibration while Angel Healing® is finer and more connective. Both modalities derive from Divine Source, yet their vibrations help us to regain balance and harmony in different ways.

Is Angel Healing® different from other angelic systems?

Yes, Angel Healing® is a unique modality that was created was to evolve the existing knowledge of the angelic realms and to be flexible to keep ascending as humanity does. Unlike other angel programs that focus mainly on the Archangels, Angel Healing® brings in a host of angelic beings, including the Archeia (the Divine Feminine Archangels) that mirror not just the love/light facets of humankind, but also the whole spectrum of human conditioning so we can heal ourselves, but become empowered too.

Angel Healing® aims to dispel fear, judgement, self-limitation and religious conditioning that have often placed angels outside of reach. The course levels build on each other, supporting you to bring the angels into your daily life, to appreciating yourself as equal to them and in time, merging with their virtues to become angelic.

What are the benefits of an Angel Healing® treatment?

Angels, like our Spirit guides, know that humankind never needs ‘healing’ as they appreciate we are perfect Divine beings at Soul level; yet they understand that living a physical life with free will can bring challenges and conditionings that separate us from our divinity, building up resistance and dis-ease in our being. And it is this conditioning that the angels help us to liberate when we are ready. In this way, receiving Angel Healing® can unblock whatever feels stuck in your life, whether that is within your relationships, finances, career, physical health, or provide greater health, wellbeing and freedom of being in the doing so. Above all, the recipient always receives a treatment as directed by their own intentions.

What are the benefits from studying the Angel Healing® course?

When you invite angels into your life, your life changes. And when you decide to work with them intimately, you become angelic. This is the highest gift that the angels can bestow to humanity – they hold up a mirror to know and merge with our highest potential. And for many who have studied Angel Healing®, their life has changed completely, while for others, the shifts are more subtle but all-ways for their greatest good. The angels guide us through our heart where all can be, and is, POSSIBLE!

If you are new to working with the Angels, or would like to meet your Guardian Angel(s) and experience their loving presence, we recommend this gorgeous journey.

Meet your Guardian Angel MP3

“Once you invite your Guardian Angel into your life you will feel the reassurance that you are loved and looked after. They will help guide you in your life, offering an abundance of love, healing and wisdom, while allowing you to understand that you are as Divine as they are.”
~ Calista

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