Love & Relationships


Meet your Spirit Guide Soul Immersion

Meet your Spirit Guide combines an intuitive workshop with your Soul Immersion journey.


Meet your Guardian Angel Soul Immersion

Meet your Guardian Angel combines an angelic workshop with your Soul Immersion journey.


Falling in Love with You

A truly beautiful immersion recorded live and direct from the soul consciousness of Ocean Jasper crystal and the Atlantean Angels: Archangel Chamuel and Lady Charity.


Embracing Oneness Soul Immersion

Becoming heart-centered allows life to flow with ease and grace, the extent of which may not be apparent if we don’t make the journey into the darkness only to find the light.


Living in your Heart Soul Immersion

Journey in to the temple of Petalite, a high vibration al crystal that has an effortless way of guiding one into the sacred space of the heart.


Loving your Body Soul Immersion

When you look in a mirror, what are the messages you tell yourself? Are they approving, disapproving or neutral? Is there scope for to love and appreciate you more?

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