Embracing Oneness Soul Immersion

EmbracingOnenessSoulImmersion200x192Becoming heart-centered allows life to flow with ease and grace, the extent of which may not be apparent if we don’t make the journey into the darkness only to find the light. And as we let go, we create space to relax into who we truly are: Love. Love is the source of everything. It is the fabric that weaves us all together and the space in between. Just like a stream that flows in to an ocean, we may not be able to perceive just how infinite we are, but when we allow ourselves to flow as love, we become Love and then we simply, know.

This journey will support you to let go the individual self and become the entire ocean of the infinite Self! And here experience the beauty of true Oneness.

NB: If you don’t have a Petalite crystal, just intend that you do or substitute with a clear quartz crystal during your journey.

Journey length: This Soul Immersion is 23 minutes long and is delivered as a downloadable mp3. After purchase you will be emailed your journey. Please save to your computer to listen again and to transfer to your iTunes / phone / device.

Music: Dreamy sound-scape with Theta Binaural beats of 5 Hertz – known to encourage a state of theta relaxation, stress relief, improved concentration, reduced hyperactivity and improved memory. While in a state of theta relaxation, blood pressure, breathing and heart rate all slow to a much more restful and healthy level that promotes natural healing. Subconsciousness programs and beliefs that no longer serve can also release with ease.

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