about Unicorn Healing®

What is Unicorn Healing®?

Unicorn Healing® is a certified hands-on therapy system that brings about health, wellness and empowerment through connecting with the Unicorn Realms. This means of energetic healing and self-discovery was created in 2009 through Calista direct from the Unicorns to support the global awakening and ascension of humanity. You’ll find by studying Unicorn Healing® that you come into closer Resonance with your unique mission on Earth, and enjoy a greater sense of Awareness and raised vibration on all levels.

What is involved in Unicorn Healing® treatment?

Receiving a treatment of Unicorn Healing® helps awaken you to your soul, spirit and Godhood, while providing deep healing and spiritual mastery. Unicorns present in every session to provide a high-vibrational space where you can meet and merge with your soul, spirit and Godhood, and align to the joy, health and healing that is always here for you.

Each treatment of Unicorn Healing® is as sacred as it is profound with sessions catered to the meet the intentions of the recipient. In each treatment, a trained practitioner connects to the higher consciousness of the recipient, and along with their unicorn guides, channels Unicorn Light into where is best needed, be that on a physical or non-physical level. The specific way the practitioner channels Unicorn Light is taught throughout the course, as is learning of the many different types of Unicorns that may also come into the treatment session.

Is Unicorn Healing® different to Reiki?

Unicorn Healing® differs from Reiki as it comes from the celestial and inner Earth realms where Unicorns reside. This modality has a lighter, finer frequency that works to resolve issues within the soul, spirit and Godhood consciousness to affect positive change.

What are the benefits of a Unicorn Healing® treatment?

Unicorns know that humankind never needs “healing” as they appreciate we are perfect Divine beings; yet they understand that living a physical life with free will can bring challenges and conditionings that separate us from our divinity, building up resistance and dis-ease in our being. It is this conditioning that Unicorns help us to resolve when we’re ready. In this way, receiving Unicorn Healing® can help unblock whatever feels stuck in your life, whether that is within your relationships, finances, career, physical health, or provide greater clarity into your unique mission here on Earth – an area Unicorns delight in helping us with! Above all, the recipient always receives a treatment as directed by their higher consciousness.

What are the benefits from learning Unicorn Healing®?

There are so many benefits!

From inviting Unicorns into your life and partnering with them closely during the 12 week course, you’ll soon see how your reality colours with greater possibilities and deep ancient magic and wisdom that can only be accessed / remembered consciously through experiencing the Light of the Unicorns.

Something that most practitioners of the course have said is how much they have “found themselves” and awoken their “inner innocence and magic”. Even though this course attracts lightworkers, wayshowers, starseeds, and those already blazing trails, many have reported feeling “more awake than ever before”, with an anchored ease to live their Live and the courage to express themselves freely. Many have healed limiting patterns providing vaster space, inspiration, trust and strength to allow their dreams to enfold. Others share they have a greater sense of joy, playfulness, compassion and connection with their soul, spirit team and Mother Earth.

Click below to hear previous practitioners share their experiences of the course:

Soul Healing with your Unicorn MP3

If connecting to Unicorns is new for you, and you’re ready to meet your personal Unicorn Guides and experience their loving presence, then this is a journey for you!

You’ll receive this FREE when you join Unicorn Healing®! Plus, many more goodies!

“I absolutely love this guided meditation to connect with your unicorn. I have listened to this every night recently before going to sleep, it is deeply relaxing and comforting. I always feel very safe and loved when connecting with unicorns.

I highly recommend this guided meditation (as do I recommend all of Calista’s other ones too). Working with unicorns brings so much Love and pure Light in to your Life!
Love, Light, & Unicorn Blessings.” ~ Fiona, Scotland.

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