“I have encountered Calista through her YouTube channel, after which I decided to enrol in her Unicorn Healing™ course; and from the first instance my entire being was surrounded by a deep sense of peace. Finally, I felt safe. Calista’s presence and teachings are genuinely filled with unconditional love, purity, and kind wisdom. She offers many empowering tools that assist others in opening up to their true shining nature. A source of inspiration… a safe place to heal…”
~ Marijo, Lebanon.

“I simply adore you and wanted you to know. You are a beautiful light. Your meditations allowed me to meet my guardian angel. Your radio show makes me quietly smile and nod my head. It just feels good to listen to your words and your voice. Thank you for following your path, thank you for being so open and sharing with all. What an amazing gift you offer to the world.”
~ Beth, Pennsylvania.

“I am really enjoying the Unicorn Healing™ course with Calista. I am learning how to give Unicorn healing treatments and I am connecting with the Unicorns daily. The Unicorns are inspiring me, encouraging my creativity and are supporting me to work toward my goals. It has really helped me to become more confident about my Soul’s path as a teacher, writer and artist. Calista’s loving spirit comes through with every interaction during the course. She deeply cares about her students and providing the best for them. The Unicorn attunement was an amazing experience and I really appreciated her detailed feedback of the messages she received. Calista is also very active in the Unicorn Healing™ Facebook community and quickly responds to emails. I would highly recommend taking courses with her!”
~ Andrea, Kansas.

“How can I describe my experience so far of Aligning to my Crystalline Self course? I’ve only been studying the course for five weeks and only one word fits my experience: PROFOUND! Since starting the course my life has changed for the positive ten-fold! I wasn’t expecting that as part of the course lol! All sorts of revelatory occurrences, meetings and positive energy have whooshed into my life like magic. I opted for the mentoring option and Calista is such a beautiful and gentle teacher who is always there for support when needed. I was delighted to receive the intuitively picked crystals that Calista sends to you. I love connecting and sharing with the other magical souls following the course on the dedicated facebook page and working with the crystals has so far has been a beautiful and humbling experience! I was delighted to see my first crystal Deva and have suddenly awakened crystals I’ve owned for over ten years! They were very grateful! Your experience will of course be unique to Your journey but I truly recommend this course and Calista herself!”
~ Cheryl, England.

Calista’s clarity allows me to enter deeply into her practices/teaching. She inspires me to heal, feel whole, and create ritual with my life. Her gentle loving ways are powerful and enlivening. Thank you Calista for your courage to to follow your gifts and be so vulnerable and sharing.
~ Pamela, California.

“I’m very new to Calista’s work, I started off with ‘12 Days of Love’ series with Calista on YouTube. I cannot say enough good things about this programme!!! Very powerful but beautifully gentle at the same time. You learn very quickly that Calista is full of integrity, sincerity, compassion, wisdom and love. Half way the 12 days I signed up for the level 1 Angel Healing program with one of Calista’s teachers. I cannot recommend this course enough and can’t wait to do the Unicorn Course. Calista is an amazing soul , and is completely trustworthy as her heart is truly in the right place.”
~ Cheryl, Aberdeen.

I am so very Grateful for All that Calista shares upon our beautiful Mama Earth. Her teaching journey, courses and meditations have inspired me in so many ways. The guided meditations she shares are like a healing in itself and her voice-work is divine. I first sat in on a talk from Calista at a holistic faire many, many moons ago, and I knew then she was an Earth Angel….. Since then I have engaged in the Atlantean Crystal Healing Course together with the guided meditations and healings, and all experiences have each offered me a profound platform to expand upon my own Spiritual Journey…with love-light blessings to all here for your journey.
~ Nicola, Scotland

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