Reverse Ageing

Reverse Ageing Ascension Zoom Replay

Join us for the sixth of 12 special workshops throughout 2022, designed to support you to embody all aspects of your Multi-dimensional Mastery and create a brighter world for all.

This masterclass focuses on “Multi-Dimensional Beauty” and how we can actively youth our bodies. Get set to shift your perspective on ageing and live in your glorified body now!

You Can Expect:

      • Opening angelic ceremony.
      • Introduction to what reverse ageing is, how we lived in our glorified body in Atlantis and how you can re-activate this memory to bring our Radiance back online.
      • Transformative Fountain of Youth journey and activation.
      • How to stimulate telomerase (the biological equivalent to the fountain of youth) in your cells.
      • Sharing experiences with Q and A afterwards.


And discover some energetic-beauty hacks, like working with your inner alchemist to re-create the appearance of your skin as you sleep!

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After checkout, you’ll be sent an email with the Zoom audio and video replays to download and save to your device. Any issues please email See you in the next exciting workshop.

Download the Series so far:

“Multidimensional Mastery” – exploring evolutionary healing techniques.

“Magic and Miracles” – multi-dimensional manifesting. Focused on supercharging your creative power!

“Dialling Into Spirit” – multi-dimensional communication. Bringing you closer to Spirit.

“Rise Like A Unicorn” – multi-dimensional magic. Accelerating your path of Ascension.

“Multidimensional Breathwork” – with guest guide, Nicolai Engelbrecht.

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