Dialling Into Spirit

Dialling Into Spirit ascension zoom replay  

Join us for the third of 12 special workshops throughout 2022, designed to support you to embody all aspects of your Multi-dimensional Mastery and create a brighter world for all.

At any given time, each of us has at least 11 spirit guardians, teachers, and healers that walk with us in our daily life and pathway of Ascension. Knowing our guides and having an intimate relationship with them colours life beyond imagination and provides an infinite stream of insight to support and enhance our lives.

Get to know your guides through psychic art in this fun, highly engaging class!

Expect to

  • Meet Your Main Guide, Your Gatekeeper, and Discover Many Other Types of Guides
  • Learn the Key Questions to Ask Your Guides to Support Meaningful Relationships with them
  • How Psychic Art Can Strengthen Your Connection and a Guided Art Session!
  • Boost Your Awareness Beyond the Earthly Plane and Enjoy Greater Trust and Faith in Your Guides and Higher Self


Please Bring with You:

Blank paper / card / canvas and a variety of coloured pencils / chalks / paint as you’ll be channelling your spirit guides into form! And something to keep cosy for the journey aspects of the class.

Exchange: £33 / $43 / 38 Euro (Within the PayPal checkout, the currency will automatically adjust for your country)

After checkout, you’ll be sent an email with the Zoom audio and video replays to download and save to your device. Any issues please email CalistaAscension@gmail.com. See you in the next exciting workshop.

Download the Series so far:

“Multidimensional Mastery” – exploring evolutionary healing techniques.

“Magic and Miracles” – multi-dimensional manifesting. Focused on supercharging your creative power!

“Dialling Into Spirit” – multi-dimensional communication. Bringing you closer to Spirit.

“Rise Like A Unicorn” – multi-dimensional magic. Accelerating your path of Ascension.

“Multidimensional Breathwork” – with guest guide, Nicolai Engelbrecht.

Class Feedback:

Angela – “Wow what a beautiful and meaningful session this was. I really felt connected to my higher self and my guides through this session. I am getting some powerful messages to spend more time at places I can connect to my guides the best. One being from the Unicorns and others from my loved ones. When we did the art, I drew a circle as you suggested and the message written inside the sphere was beautiful and very clearly communicated: LOVE HEALS THE HEART. Absolutely beautiful Calista and I look forward to your next session and it is with the Unicorns!”
Susan – “Loved our class today! I have never seen anything like I did in class within my third eye…I understand what a medical intuitive is but never put myself in that category. You’re an amazing Soul and Teacher, just want to clarify my respect and grateful heart for our time together!”
Meghna – “I feel so rejuvenated after each of your monthly classes. It’s a great way to keep the the vibe high , especially during these challenging times.” 
Jeff –  “After the class, I was aware of the presence of some of my ancestors, particularly my grandmother from my fathers side. I feel closer / more aware of them all this week.”
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