Multidimensional Mastery


MultiDimensional Mastery January Ascension Zoom Replay 

Multi-Dimensional Mastery is the first of 12 special workshops throughout 2022 to help us navigate the ever-changing times we’re living in. Bring something you’re ready to heal, resolve and move on from, whether long-standing physical dis-ease, emotional trauma, limiting behavioural patterns, or if you’re simply ready to step into your highest vibrational level…and stay there! ;)

Expect in this 2-hour immersion to

  • Meet and Merge with Your Inner Divine Alchemist
  • Learn the Emotional Transformation Technique (that Calista has been sharing with her Soul Session clients). A Technique that has produced Instantaneous Healing and Life-changing Breakthroughs
  • Partner with Your Guardian Dragons, Archangels and Archeiai and create within the Quantum Field New Vibrational Pathways in Alignment with Your Highest Truth and Vision for 2022
  • See, Create and Build a Powerful 2022 through Source Perspective


This is workshop is IDEAL for you if you’re an EMPATH or HIGHLY SENSITIVE SOUL, and you’re ready to learn practical ways to advance your ascension path creating a brighter, more unified Earth. Thank You for being part of this conscious change.

Please Bring with You:

Please bring a pen and journal to take any relevant notes and something cosy for the journey aspects of the class, too.

Exchange: £33 / $43 / 38 Euro (Within the PayPal checkout, the currency will automatically adjust for your country)

After checkout, you’ll be sent an email with the Zoom audio and video replays to download and save to your device. Please download the replays and not view via the DropBox app as often DropBox only displays the first hour of the class this way. Any issues please email and be sure to join in the next workshop, Magic and Miracles.

Class Feedback:

“Thank you for the amazing Multidimensional Mastery experience! The guided journey took me to the root of the gluteal / pelvic issues I’ve experienced for years. I felt a shift in energy and several realizations regarding the health issues I’ve had. As each day has passed since this wonderful time with you, I’ve noted a decrease in pain and discomfort. I felt intense physical energy shifts throughout the meditation, not just in the sacral pelvic area but throughout my body. So many layers made this amazing, from the inner child meeting to the way that you wove in color healing. Such a powerful experience.” – Danielle

“I went into the workshop thinking I’d work on issues around money and fear but ended up healing sadness as a child that I wasn’t even consciously aware of. I felt a cool, cleansing sensation in my root chakra working with the dragons and feel lighter today. I found the emotional freedom technique very powerful. I’ve worked with my inner child many times before but embodying as an observer imagining myself appearing to her as an angel was a useful technique. I am sure I’ve healed many timelines. HUGE gratitude to you and our teams.” – Jade

“I enjoyed the Emotional Freedom technique that took me back to being a little girl when I felt out of place and not worthy in my being. My adult self came in and hugged and reassured her. I noticed the colors of my sacral and root chakras lightening and felt uplifted and free after the journey. The next day, even though physically I was feeling great, feelings surfaced again of unworthiness. I remembered the meditation from our class and repeated the journey. I felt more in my body and better about myself. Thank you for all you are and for sharing this technique with us.” – Marabella


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