Magic and Miracles

Magic and Miracles ascension zoom replay 

Join us for the second of 12 special workshops throughout 2022, designed to support you to embody all aspects of your Multi-dimensional Mastery and create a brighter world for all.

Continuing on from our first class focusing on ‘multi-dimensional healing‘, use your newly refined alchemy skills to manifest, create and build your dream life…

Expect in this 2-hour immersion to

  • Open the Realm of Magic to Raise and Expand Your Frequency
  • Tap into this Resource to Super-charge Your Manifesting Power
  • Within the Quantum Field, Align with what You’re Ready to Receive
  • Discover Effective Techniques to Manifest from Using the Power of Your Orgasm to Working with Your Symbol of Consciousness

Plus, time to ask questions and share your experiences.

This workshop is IDEAL if you’re an EMPATH or HIGHLY SENSITIVE SOUL, and you’re ready to learn practical ways to advance your ascension path creating a brighter, more unified Earth. Thank You for being part of this conscious change.

Please Bring with You:

A litre of water (we’ll be creating activated water), something to keep cosy for the journey aspects of the class, and an unprogrammed crystal to record the frequency we’ll be in so it’s easy to return to this space after the workshop has finished.

Exchange: £33 / $43 / 38 Euro (Within the PayPal checkout, the currency will automatically adjust for your country)

After checkout, you’ll be sent an email with the Zoom audio and video replays to download and save to your device. Please download the replays and not view via the DropBox app as often DropBox only displays the first hour of the class this way. Any issues please email and be sure to join in the next workshop.

Class Feedback:

Jewel – “That was so powerful and transformational… beyond anything you have shared with us before, so grateful. I can now hear my plants outside!”

Vanessa – “This class was the most amazing one yet! When you said to go to my origin world, I felt at home and where my heart has longed for. The Christ and Mary Magdalene energies were phenomenal!!!  The journey was so very special to me.”

Jeff – “I really enjoyed the workshop, very deep and powerful. By the end the unworthiness, illness, negativity and fears about the future were shifted into clear being. This morning I feel like a clean-out has occurred, a kind of re-birth. I am more positive about the future.”

Jane – “That was just so beautiful and felt like home. Was so meant to be here today. Thank you so much!”

Destini – “That was strongest and most power experience I’ve had.”

Lisalea – “Feeling wonderful. This is my first time with you and the ascension group. Had so much tears of remembrance. Feeling superpowered.”

Helen – “I cannot put it into words Calista – amazing!”

Marabella – “Feeling spacious and full of peace and love.”

Hannah – “I felt and remembered what I really wanted to bring to Earth. I could remember the world I wanted to bring here. I feel I could become superhuman.”

Angela – “I can now see myself in my new world!”

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