Awakening Your Light

AwakeningYourLight1We are now half-way through the prophesied 2012 and from every vantage the world is indeed changing! The new Golden Age is here; a time to emerge from our chrysalis and embrace the butterfly that we have always been! A time to recognise ourselves as the eternal beings we are and express our Divinity in the way that is most important to us.

This shift in consciousness can affect us physically as our tastes change and our body clears all that it no longer needs. Here it can be easy to step in to the illusion that illness is the state of being when our bodies become ‘sick’, rather than to see that illness is truly our bodies’ way of healing. Sleep patterns may also be changing, and for those on the fast-track of their ascension, you may find yourself waking completely alert between 3-4am each morning. This is a special time when we are most aligned with Source (our God / Divine Self within), giving us the ideal opportunity to meet and merge with our inner being.

As we awaken to all that we are, our emotional body can clear too. You may feel all-over-the-place, but take heart this is just part of the process; all supporting you to shed limiting patterns and behaviours. Belief systems can also change and with it memories, fears and ties emerge to be let go of. It’s easy then to cycle between clarity and confusion when we know we have to forgive past hurts and let go of future concerns. But it is this process that awakens our authentic Self as we become conscious of our consciousness.

On an energetic level, as we shift in to a higher state of awareness we can experience the touch of our angelic and spiritual guides, and even the presence of loved ones who have ‘graduated’ from the physical plane. This happens because we come to understand that there is no separation between physical and non-physical; all is Spirit and all is eternally connected. We recognise that there is no ‘death’, only transition in to another aspect of our Self. For those that wish to experience more contact with their spiritual guides and support to weather any emotional, physical and mental changes of become self-aware, I recommend doing the meditation below. This exercise holds the space to centre ground and balance one into their inner Light and the eternal presence of Divine Love that forever flows through us, as us in each moment. In Love all-ways, Calista.

Awaken Your Light Meditation

You will need:
One white or gold candle.
A quiet space to relax.

Light your candle, sitting opposite the flame. Breathe deeply inhaling the light of the candle. On the exhale let go of any tension. Feel yourself become centred with each breath.

Close your eyes, picturing the flame burning within your heart. See/ feel/ know its presence with all of your being. Breathe in to the flame as you become one with it. Feel its warmth. Visualise its colour. Know of its power and presence. 

As you breathe out, see the flame expand until it surrounds your body. See yourself in the Light as every part of you, right down to your cells and DNA illumine and shine with such glory! With each exhale, expand your light further and further. Down to meet the Earth, above to greet the Cosmos, and then into everything in between. Know in this space you are connected to all life. You are perfect. You are Pure. You shine with health and Divinity. See yourself connect to all the in-lightened souls of the planet; joining as one beautiful Light grid, which can’t help but assist others in knowing of their radiance too!

Here you are one with Source. If you have a specific goal, intention or something you would like to manifest into your life, say it now and really feel it already created. And if you wish to receive healing, ask the Divine to best support you now. Be led by your Light. Know you are the Light. Arise and Shine!


This article was originally published for Silent Voices Magazine, August 2012. © Under Full Copyright.

For more information on what Ascension is and what it means to become conscious of your consciousness visit to listen to a special podcast first aired on the Soul Ascension Radio Show in February 2015.

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