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I have the pleasure of writing my monthly column sitting upon the white sands of Ao Nang beach, in the southern province of Thailand’s Andaman seaboard. I am taking my first non-teaching holiday since 2009 and it feels SO good!

Atlantis Remembered 2Looking out over the turquoise-green ocean me and the idyllic limestone islands that tower like silent giants in the water, I find myself taken back to the time of Atlantis – an era of heaven-upon-earth. The guidance comes to me in this moment that for the next few months I will be taking you on a journey back to Atlantis introducing, or rather, re-awakening you to the innate wisdom, beauty, health and unfathomable light of this sacred time.

I was first introduced to Atlantis when I was a young girl. My mother had so many books on the subject and I found myself captivated by them. Most talked of Atlantis being a myth, but as I if our imagination can imagine something then I feel there is a deeper truth to reveal. As I grew up the concept of Atlantis left my thoughts until I became interested in holistic living later in life. During a meditation in 2007, I was greeted by an energetic being who said he was my soul father and a wisdom-keeper of Atlantis. I was overwhelmed at meeting him and all the information he shared with me, especially as a few months previous I was still working a biochemist and very much asleep spiritually. Yet, I felt I knew this spiritual guide and began to meet him in meditation a regular basis, each time learning more about who I was in Atlantis, and how my path in this life is connected. I soon understood that this wise soul was part of my higher consciousness, part of my I AM Presence / Source Self. I was shown repeatedly a life where I was a crystal priestess in Atlantis, and that I would in this lifetime put together an Atlantean system to help others remember who they were through the use of special crystals and Divine tools.

In 2008, after meeting and sharing with other priests and priestesses of Atlantis, the Atlantean Crystal Healing™ system was born. This is a hands-on healing system and program of self-discovery that is now being taught around the world to support souls to remember and embody who they are. I am forever grateful to be part of sharing these divine teachings and would like to bring you some insights of Atlantis through this column today. It is my intention that this and future posts on Atlantis will help those ready to embody their innate divinity and through this merging, bring in added well-being, wonder, confidence, joy and happiness into life. So without further ado, let’s begin! :)

Whatever you may have heard of Atlantis, know it did exist. It was one of the Earth’s long civilisations spanning near 240,000 years, coming to its conclusion around 13,000BC. Atlantis did not exist under the water as myth suggests but was part of a landmass between Europe and America. Some of the temple structures of Atlantis have been found within the Atlantic Ocean, and many sister civilisations that ran concurrently to Atlantis are now being discovered as ancient cites beneath the oceans of our world. At the later stages of Atlantis, the land was divided up into many islands with each island having its own priest or priestess to help the inhabitants maintain their connection to the Divine. For the concept of Atlantis was a divine, intergalactic experiment to see if man could exist in a physical form, and with free will and all the responsibility of the senses that comes with it and still embody their oneness with God.

The first settlers of Atlantis came from different planets and universes, some we are aware of, others beyond our comprehension through the vantage of human eyes. Many initial settlers came from the existing civilisations of Earth such as Lumeria, or as it was called then through my recollection, Allura, based within the Southern Hemisphere. Much of what is written about Atlantis is false as we are collectively alight from our karma-based fears, stepping in to the truth of our Divinity and with it, the remembrance of this great technological time.

I believe all of us alive today have existed in Atlantis. It is in our nature; our very DNA. And as we awake up to who we truly are, free from the shackles of the material world, we are realising we are not all from the planet earth.

Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong here? Like you were different from those around you?

If your answer is yes, know you are not alone. At our deepest level, we are all part of each other; all created as masters from the one true Source of Creation, which many call God or the Divine, yet through the hypnosis of physical life it can be challenging to accept this simple, yet profound truth. Awakening to your Atlantean consciousness can help ease the process and bring us back to our truest Self when we are ready to know where we have come from and trust where we are going.

Atlantis Remembered 3The ancient Atlanteans knew the history of our universe and how to tap into its secrets. They could, and did, take part in instant manifestation – willing things to happen using just their intention. Something we are recognizing we can do today through aligning to the Law of Attraction. They also enjoyed heightened gifts of telepathy, telekinesis, levitation and transportation of their beings through their energy bodies to travel the land in but a moment. And they didn’t think there was anything super-natural about these abilities – it was simply their life. They understood they were One with God and thus had the same abilities as God. The ancient Atlanteans didn’t believe in lack or separation and so were as capable as the Divine in their daily life as well as in their ability to ascend spiritually. And at the very height of Atlantis, most enjoyed a sense of oneness and unconditional love with each other and with Mother Earth herself.

When Atlantis was first populated around 250,000 BC, those that arrived did not require healing for they came as pure consciousness and maintained this while in physical body. Yet, as time passed, some souls did not feel that they fulfilled their path and purpose and so chose to reincarnate again with set intentions to play out. You could call this ‘karma’ although the Atlanteans did not judge this to be a negative consequence as how karma is often perceived today, only aspects of themselves that they did not fully explore / express in a given life-time. To support those who reincarnated to fulfill their given path, crystal therapy was introduced in Atlantis, as well as other alternative therapies, such as aromatherapy, colour therapy, sound healing, homeopathy, herbal medicine and flower remedies. Crystal therapy was their mainstay however.

The Atlanteans grew crystals in the ground as we grow plants today. Some were also gifted from neighbouring planets and star systems, such as Sirius. As I remember, some of the priesthood even contained physical crystals within their body, especially in their third-eye chakra that they used for all kinds of healing from renewing a person’s energy field to focusing their intention to re-grow a limb. Huge crystal pyramids made out of quartz crystal were also used as healing chambers where healing practitioners would, with their intention, fuel the quartz with colour, sound and renewing frequencies to renew a person’s mind, body and soul.

The collective Light of the crystal pyramids were harnessed to give power to houses, temples and vehicles within Atlantis, as well as to provide a means of communication similar to our electrical and mobile systems of today. Each crystal was linked to each other and drew energy from cosmic, solar and lunar forces as well as the main Great Crystal that was the very heart of Atlantis and its advanced technology. The Atlanteans also drew from the central crystal to maintain their connection to their I AM / Divine Self. Many of the smaller Atlantean crystals still exist today within the Earth forming what we know as lay lines, or dragon lines. When these energy lines cross a tremendous amount of light is created. Known places that contain a cross-point of Atlantean crystals below them are Stonehenge, Macchu Pachu, Easter Island, the Great Sphinx of Giza and as I discovered a few days ago, Tiger Cave Temple here in Thailand.

Atlantis Remembered 4I had no idea when my partner and I visited ‘Wat Tham Seua’, as it’s known by the locals, that it contained an Atlantean crystal! This beautiful Buddhist temple that pays homage the goddess of compassion and mercy sits over 1250 steps above the ground in the Ao Luk Thanu mountain range. As we walked up the steep mountain range with only monkeys and a rich display of insects as our tour guide we wondered what the temple would look like. At the summit there were no large temples, nor tigers! There was however a rock peak (shown opposite) that formed part of the mountain apex. As we sat there catching our breath, we closed our eyes to tune-in to the energy of this sacred place. My partner was greeted by a beautiful goddess figure who appeared in the form of a tiger. She felt very peaceful. We were then shown a beautiful, rotating crystal that was used in Atlantis (although has an older origin) placed deep in the earth below the mountain. Despite sitting at the apex of the mountain, we could feel the beat of this crystal as it vibrated its Divine Light to us…what a power and privilege this was. For the remainder of that day, we were both held in a hazy crystal bliss, all contributed from this sacred connection I am sure!

Next month, I will show you how to ‘tune-in’ to crystals just like we did in Atlantis. It is a beautiful holy technique that I teach in the Atlantean Crystal Healing™ system that connects you to the very heart of each stone to form a connection that I have never seen taught in crystal therapy programs or books before. Until then beautiful souls, in Love all-ways, Calista.

Awaken to Atlantis

This article was originally published for Silent Voices, July 2012. © Under full copyright.

If you would like to know more about Atlantis and experience the energy of this sacred age visit the meditation store to download your copy of Awaken to Atlantis MP3. And if you would like to learn Atlantean Crystal Healing™ come visit its page for courses near you.

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