Making your Dreams Real-ity!

MakingYourDreamsReality1Happy New Year, beautiful soul! Ooh, I do love January, it’s another great opportunity to start afresh; to wipe the slate clean and create the change that you have been seeking for your life.

Today, I am going to help you make this year, your year by giving you my tried and tested ways on how to make lasting change in your life. And what it takes to make your dreams go from just being external wishes to becoming a very real and fulfilling reality for you. Know whatever you set your focus on you, you can achieve. The key is to be clear about what you want, while believing and appreciating the journey as all enfolds.

And as you journey through the steps shared, I recommend you have a pen and pad to journal through them in sequence.

To allow, first appreciate

To allow anything new to enter your life, first find what you can appreciate. For a moment, acknowledge all the things that you are thankful for from last year. What did you learn about yourself? What connections did you make? What experiences did you share? What places did you enjoy visiting and why? What ways do you feel you have grown physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually? And, above all else what did you appreciate the most about your last year?

Write down all that you appreciated. By doing so, you will naturally raise your vibration to a more creative, allowing state. Offering gratitude for the things that you didn’t like so much from that year (to acknowledge any silver linings) can also be beneficial, especially for clearing away negative patterns, thoughts, actions and behaviours that are no longer serving your highest good.

Now what would you like to create this year?

Next decide what you would like to manifest for the coming year. You only need to do this once. Many people can stumble at this stage, repeatedly asking for what they want instead of trusting that they will be provided for. When we ask from a place of worry or fear that our desires are not going to be met, we are stating to the universe / our greater spirit Self that we don’t expect to receive. If any perceptions of lack, such as lack of money or time come to your mind when you set your goals, just let them go. Breathe them out and come back in to your heart. Surrender any ‘buts’, ‘hows’ and ‘what ifs’ to the universe, writing your goals with clear focused intent that you will create them with ease. To help the process, imagine you are a child again. See through the eyes of your younger self when the world was full of wonder, full of possibilities and you knew, really knew it was yours for the having! :)

Write down the change you would like to see appear in yourself and in the areas of your life that you would like to improve? And then go deeper, by defining the goals, even small intentions that you can do each day that will get you there. Be specific here. You may also want to write down the places you want to visit, people to meet, experiences to explore.

Know you are not setting flimsy resolutions here. You are setting clear and concrete intentions where it is inevitable that you will achieve them. Don’t let the negative thoughts, rituals or behaviours of the past to come in for a moment. You are limitless. Infinite and deserving of all you are setting into motion.

After you have written down all you are creating and allowing, affirm to yourself aloud:

“I know that all I ask for will be given to me. I am deserving. I am allowing and I trust in myself and the universe to provide for me. And so it is.”

MakingYourDreamsReality2Take some time now to go through your intentions. Feel into why you want to create change in the area – what is really driving this urge or goal? And then visualise yourself already achieved it with all your senses. Focusing on the results of achieving what you are creating rather than the process of creating it is key. For example, if your goal was to run a marathon, don’t focus on the marathon itself, or reaching a certain mile limit, or even the training to get yourself prepared. This can be overwhelming and often can set-up a sense of failure before you have even started! Instead, see yourself crossing that finish line. Feel the exhilaration! Feel the accomplishment! YOU DID IT! Feel the joy and pleasure of those around you. Everyone celebrating and supporting each other. Now bask in this feeling. Feel and live the moment of achieving your goal each and every day until that moment has physically manifested for you. This is the real juice that will inspire the belief and inspired action to get you there.

Law of Attraction disclaimer!

We have all heard of the Law of Attraction and how our thoughts create our reality. Now while this is true, we can define this more by saying that it is not what we think that creates our life as we see it, but what we believe. Therefore, you may affirm to yourself all you like that you want to complete a marathon but until you believe you can, you will never achieve it.

Looking at your intentions, do you feel you have any limiting beliefs about them? What behaviours or rituals have in the past stopped you from achieving your goals? And are you ready to let these go…for good, beautiful soul?

Those that have limiting beliefs to running a marathon may feel like they have a lack of time for working out, or are over-weight or feel there is no external support to keep them motivated. With every will in the world to achieve, if you still cycle these beliefs and behaviours you will never move yourself forward. Therefore, with honesty now, give light to any limiting beliefs or patterns of behaviours that you feel would otherwise stand in your way of achieving the goals you are setting. Write them down but don’t spend time dwelling on them or judging yourself or others. This is a process I do regularly, especially when I am feeling stuck in a particular area of my life. I will look at the beliefs that I have and sift through each, keeping what serves me and letting go of those that don’t. And it doesn’t matter how I came to form these beliefs or where I picked them up from, only that I feel good about letting them go as I know by doing so I am shedding the unwanted that no longer serves my life.

It can be helpful also to counteract what has felt like a negative belief or behaviour with a more positive one. For example, if I felt that I couldn’t run a marathon due to not having time, I would look honestly at what I was giving my time to on a daily basis. I know that time passes quickly when I am enjoying myself and likewise, feels slower when I am not enjoying myself. Therefore time is merely a relative concept that I judge through my feelings. I know that it would really make me feel good to complete a marathon and so I would prioritise doing something each day that contributes to me achieving this with ease, and above all else, with joy! Whether my contribution each day would be to visualise and feel myself running through the finish line with a big smile on my face, or going for a walk, or training a part of my body or making and enjoying nutritious meals to fuel my body, I would celebrate each little step knowing that they are all making this dream very real for me. And by celebrating each daily mini achievement, my self-belief raises: I feel good, I feel on track, I feel I have a purpose and that each day I am successful in achieving that purpose and before I know it, I am actually running that marathon and completing it with sheer bliss that I HAVE DONE IT, that all is possible when I conceive and believe!

Set your goals free

MakingYourDreamsReality3When you post a letter you don’t think about how it will reach its destination. You mail it and let it go in trust that it reaches its goal. If you were to hold on to the letter pondering how it would reach its end-point, the letter would never be received. The same goes for when we create change in our life. If you hold-on with doubt as to how you can get from A to B, you’ll never move yourself forward. As I have shared above, to get to B, first appreciate all you can about your current A reality and then leave A in your thoughts, conversations, behaviours and actions – focusing instead on being at B already. Put another way: don’t criticise where you are / judge where you aren’t, instead see yourself already at your destination, with all accomplished already.

It is only when we are ready to alight from blame, lack, judgement of where we aren’t in our life that we can actually free ourselves to move forward. And as we trust that we are moving forward, we automatically surrender our goals, trusting that all will manifest perfectly in divine order and timing. Asking your spirit team, angels and Soul to support you let go and trust that all you ask for will show up in your life can also bridge the gap and help you to feel that infinite presence of vibrational assistance that is always there for you.

Keep yourself positive

Know the universe / your Soul only gives you what you ask. It doesn’t judge the outcome of your intentions as ‘good or bad’; it just delivers what you ask. And because we live in a vibrational reality there is no getting away from this. Therefore, another key to creating change is to keep your arms wide open to receive, knowing with all your heart and soul that your intentions have been answered. Coming from a scientific background, I often doubted this simple truth and experienced many years of lack as I believed and bought into, a lack mentality.

Once I got it however, I found myself literally opening my arms wide every day, proclaiming to the universe:

“I am open to the flow of abundance, love and prosperity that flow through me, as me in each moment. I deserve and receive all the blessings I create.”


Try it for yourself. Open your arms wide every day as you repeat the affirmation above. After a week, witness the change that has took place of everything that you have allowed and created!

You may also like to keep a note of all that you appreciated last year in your diary, or another accessible place. On more challenging days, I’ll often read my appreciation list from the previous year to lift my mood and return me to an allowing, receptive state that opens change to flow in my life. I find this reminds whatever part of me that is in doubt, that I CAN create change in my life as here is the evidence. :)

Opposite your appreciation list, you may also want to note down all your goals that you are creating for this current year. My ‘inner Capricorn’ loves nothing more than ticking-off all that has been achieved as the year enfolds! :) Plus, it helps you to celebrate those little steps as great change is opened ever more in your life. And to this end, remember to leave some room in your diary or wherever you are writing goals, too add more things you would like to achieve throughout the year. Every time you have met your intentions, thank yourself. Know that you deserve all your blessings. If you are creative, you may also like to make yourself a manifestation or dream board. To do this collect images of what you would like to create in your life from magazines, the internet or even more beneficial, draw them yourself. Add positive words and affirmations around the images. Make your board colourful, positive and happy. I have a manifestation board in my bedroom, which means it is the last thing I see before sleep and the first thing I see in the morning. In this way, it keeps my goals alive, real and in focus, while promoting a positive, loving energy in my home. As we know, like-attracts-like so if your home feels happy and loving then you will invariably attract this is other areas of your life!

Recognise the signs

MakingYourDreamsReality5The last tip for making your dreams REALity this year, and EVERY YEAR is to recognise the signs that you are on the right track after you have set the wheels in motion. Intuitive guidance may come to you over the hours, days and weeks after deciding what change you are creating. By following the impressions and guidance that comes to you, you will easily align yourself to events and experiences that will help create your dreams into form. Guidance may come to you in many guises. Common signs to look out for are repetitive thoughts and feelings to make a decision or to take a course of inspired action. You may also experience re-occurring dreams, number patterns, visions and songs with meanings just for you. To put this in to context, when I set the goal of teaching aboard last year, I kept seeing references to Maine as a place that would be worthwhile for me to visit.

After a few weeks of seeing and hearing the word, ‘Maine’ from internet pages to conversations with strangers, I asked the universe for one more sign as confirmation. Sitting on a bus at the time, I asked for a sign and heard a voice telling me to, “Look up”. It was then I saw the word Maine written on the jacket of the gentlemen in front of me!! Likewise, if you feel stuck after you have set your goals, for example, you have surrendered your intentions but still feel you are not moving forward, ask yourself, “What guidance have I received that I am not following?”

Listen to your senses: what are they telling you? Ask your spirit team, angels and all-knowing Soul for clarification of your signs as I did for travelling to Maine. Above all else fellow Creators, in-joy manifesting! My Soul often reminds me to have fun; to dance and sing whatever change I want to see show up in my life. By raising my vibration in this way, I more easily come into my innate ability to attract and create whatever I want. It really is that simple. :)

So beautiful souls, what change would you like to see happen in your life and what are the steps / the goals you are setting to make this a reality for you? Set the wheels in motion today and know you will create all you set your focus on if you believe you can and keep open to receiving. In Love and support all-ways, Calista.


This article was originally published for Silent Voices Magazine in 2013. © Under Full Copyright.

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