Embracing the Divine Feminine – Be-ing versus Do-ing!

EmbracingTheDivineFeminineAfter just one month in America, I feel transformed! I always had the knowing this trip would be life-changing but I had not anticipated to this extent. Four states covered so far and a life-time of wisdom gleamed from the incredible beings that have graced my path. Awareness heightened, joy awoken and a deep sense of belonging found. But what has made this trip especially profound for me is re-connections with my Soul sisters: women who I had never before prior to this trip, but now I see I have known them, always. And it is them that I dedicate my column to.

Being vs. Doing

A wise women once told me, “Focus your life on just ‘being’, and the ‘doing’ will take care of itself.” I truly understand what she meant. There was a knowing within me that my life would change coming to America, and prompted by this, I left my home of 6 years and sold/gave away most of my belongings. I was preparing for something, the exact of which I didn’t know! The only plans I set were to teach and attend courses, and finish my book, Journey of Ascension. Although some time has been spent on these projects, the majority of my days have been filled with moments of just ‘being’: listening, reading, talking and enjoying the play of life. Even now, I find myself pausing between typing to listen to the birds and watch the soft, white clouds gently sculpt the sky. Being truly has become my new doing, and I credit that to the women who I have re-connected with. Each and every one has reminded me of the Light that I carry within and the sacredness of embracing the Divine Feminine; the Age of Aquarius that we are now living within.

What is the Divine Feminine?

There are many interpretations of what the Divine Feminine is. To me, it is nothing to do with feminism or claiming that women / feminine energy is somehow ‘better’ than men / masculine energy, for it is far more pervasive. The Divine Feminine is about recognising – whether you are in a body of a man or a woman – your innate Divinity; that God/Source/Creation is not a concept external to you, but that real tangible Spirit living within you, as You. Irrespective of astrological forces, I believe that the feminine influence is rising only to offset and re-balance the overage of the masculine. And the catalyst for this has stemmed from our collective intentions and prayers for a more unified world.

EmbracingTheDivineFeminine2For eons, humankind has lived in a predominant masculine society, especially in the western world. Much focus has been placed on building the economy, government and religious sectors opposed to nurturing communities, our land, and Mother Earth as a whole. Yet, times are changing and an inherent call to get back to our roots and embrace being more than doing is becoming commonplace. Outwardly, the economy continues to crumble for those who are resisting moving forward, yet thriving for those who are honouring the exchange of giving and receiving. Companies who are consciously aware are switching to greener alternatives and new homes are advocating the use of permaculture. In my community, we have just secured some land that we are building cob and tree-houses on. These will be round houses with free-flowing lines to embrace the Divine Feminine; an inspired idea that I feel will permeate mainstream architecture leaving behind the masculine, square-like homes of the past. And inwardly, I am seeing those who are embracing their Divine Feminine energy (sometimes called, Goddess energy) are bringing in a sense of symmetry and balance in to their lives. They are aligned more to their abundance, knowing without a shadow of a doubt that there is an Infinite supply of every form of prosperity for all.

At a recent women’s evening here in Portland, Maine, over 50 women spoke on how they all feel an intrinsic calling to sit in nature, to plant more or to build new homes away from city life. And it is not just women who are feeling this calling; more men are embracing this sense of being. An encouraging sight after years of teaching ascension courses where the audience have been predominantly female. Why it is more challenging for men to embrace their Divine Feminine? Let me explain from my perspective.

Holding Space for Mankind

The majority of men who have attended my courses and talks, have upon first meeting them, displayed defensive body language. Their spirits drew them to attend but hesitancy was apparent on the surface. Just before the 21st of December last year, I led a talk in Dublin, Ireland. I never know what I am going to talk about until the moment I need to speak. My talks always turn out to reflect the collective desires of those attending, who in this instance were mostly men.

As I started to speak, my eyes caught the gaze of a few men, vacant stares on their face and arms crossed so tightly that some of them looked in pain. In that moment, I knew what I was going to share may trigger them. I explained what the Divine Feminine was and how from the date of 12-12-12 up until the 21st of December was one of the most important times our planet has ever seen thus far. And then, how the Earth and those who were ready would receive an intense download of Divine Feminine energy to build on what they have been receiving incrementally since their spiritual awakening. I shared how women (or men who easily embrace their feminine polarity) have/are becoming empowered by this. That their lives are flowing with more ease and how they feel in touch with the Earth and their intuition. I continued discussing how men (or women who are rooted more in their masculine polarity) are finding this process more challenging. That the rise in emotion feelings can be over-whelming and for some, contributes to a heavy, frantic mind and a tendency to just ‘run-away’ from it all: their relationships, their jobs and even their homes. As I continued, the barriers that I met at the start of my talk began to lessen. Arms became un-crossed and their body leaned forward in response to feeling heard.

At the end of my talk, some of the gentlemen came to talk to me. Some shared how hard it was / it had been to let go of the old beliefs, especially those conditioned hunter-gatherer beliefs of having to provide. Others shared how they battled with forgiving their past actions and couldn’t see a way to move on.

My empathy was them and all who are currently having a hard time adjusting to balancing their inner divine feminine. Letting go of beliefs, and the conditioning within our very cells that we have run for years, if not life-times, is a challenging process. Being able to feel so much more allows us to see that our world is filled with love, and that there is love available to us if we are ready to receive it. For those who are embedded in the masculine, it can be challenging to balance receiving but it is part of the journey of ascension to embrace. If this resonates with you, I guide you to take time out to recognise yourself in others, to follow step-by-step the guidance that is emerging within you, and to understand that vulnerability is much more a strength than a weakness.

As we all make our way into our hearts – into the Divine Feminine and then into complete unity – keep receptive to new possibilities and the awareness that synchronicity brings our deepest desires in to form. Be willing to embody the masculine qualities of self-confidence, assertiveness, and decisive action, with the feminine qualities of engagement to the physical earth, willingness to experience pleasure, and the ability to intuitively trust. And above all, to be patient in the knowing that ALL is truly well. In Love all-ways, Calista.


This article was originally published for Silent Voices Magazine, June 2013. © Under Full Copyright.

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