Ascending in Grace – Part 1

I have received a lot of requests to discuss the different changes that the mind, body and spirit can experience through the process of ascension. This is a topic close to my heart for my work centres around helping souls to gracefully ascend without becoming too scathed on the way up! Today, I will share the first part of my ‘Ascending with Grace’ guide for a smooth and happy journey…

Many see ascension as not for the faint-hearted, yet, if lived through the heart; it can be the most wonderful state of our evolution! The transition from waking-up, and moving through a third dimensional reality of living and its relevant learning, to an awareness of oneness, harmony and love in fifth dimensional being, is the path that many of us are here to take. Yet many can feel stuck on the bridge of fourth density. For the fourth – and its own inner levels – brings up any buried emotions and egoic conditionings that we may be carrying, that are often too dense to permit our being from rising. If we don’t allow ourselves to let go of our baggage, we will simply carry it throughout our life and never know what it is like to truly fly.

Changes in the Divine plan

In the past, if a soul wished to attain ascension their physical body would have to ‘die’ and they would ascend through their energy body. Many of the beings we know as Ascended Masters are prime examples here. They achieved self-awareness and embodiment of their divine nature in their physical life, and passed in to spirit form after their earthly passing. Through Divine dispensation (brought about by many Ascended Masters in collaboration with Source) there is now a loop-hole in the Divine plan for those choosing the path less-travelled.

An opportunity to ascend not just through our spirit body, but also through our physical body is now ours for the having. We can choose to increase the vibratory rate of the molecular structure of our physical body, and thus take our body with us as we move through the ascension levels. This may seem impossible from the vantage of 3rd, or even 4th density being, but it is very much real. You only have to look at those who have raised their vibration so much that they appear to glow; their light has been anchored within their body to such a degree, that it shines through them.

Can you notice this in photographs of you before and after you embodied yourself as a spiritual being? Your body can actually start to look younger as your cells, right down to DNA level, awaken and emit more light. This is good news for those who spend a lot on products to look younger: opt to ascend and you can look younger without spending any money! :) If this is the lifetime that your Soul has chosen to physically ascend, then invariably you will have to transcend your lower emotional and mental bodies too. This is where it can get a little messy.

Learning through limitation

For aeons mankind has been living and learning through limitation. There are many reasons for this. Some wish to experience the lower densities of physical life due to the life path they have picked, or because they are living out personal or collective conditioning. Nevertheless, each Soul will decide what they wish to experience before they incarnate. Some may choose to experience adversity or privilege, poverty or wealth or dis-ease or health. I like to think of life as one big cinema, and each of us are experiencing a different type of movie. Some are experiencing a tragedy, others a romance or a comedy. And just as you would if you were watching a movie, if you didn’t like what you were experiencing you could decide to leave, and watch another. This simple analogy reminds us that anytime we awake to something that is not agreeing with our beliefs or way of being, we can choose change the picture. And this is exactly what is happening in ‘our life movie’ right now. Some are resisting change and continuing to experience what they don’t like, while others are moving freely with change and enjoying the new.

How ascension affects our body

AscendingInGracePt12When we decide to become self-aware, a period of change usually follows triggered by an inner desire to clear something in our life, outlook and personality that no longer serves our happiness. Just as a caterpillar sheds its chrysalis to become a butterfly, we can shed our outer limitations to align with our true nature. Depending on what serves our highest good, we may chose to clear our life of stressful situations, habits, fears and limiting beliefs, as well as adapt our relationships and friendships to match our level of awareness. The physical body may choose to clear itself of aches and pains, and in my experience, I have seen people become so empowered that they will their bodies to heal and clear themselves of cancer. For nothing is more powerful that our will, especially when coupled with focused intent.

Diet, tastes and appetite may also change, as well as sleeping patterns. As the body clears itself of physical, emotional and mental aspects that are not serving its highest good, it is not uncommon to experience detox-like feelings. These could range from changes in body temperature, feeling like you have the flu and/or lethargy. In some cases, our body will chose to release what it needs to through in more severe ways, such as states of dis-ease. It can easy in the midst of such discomfort to view illness as the state of being when our bodies become ‘sick’, rather than to see that illness is truly our bodies’ way of healing. Once we understand this it is then easy to step out the pendulum of duality that swings between illness and wellness to see that all purging of our being, no matter what level it chooses to exist on; is for us rather than against us. Emotionally and mentally we may feel at times all-over-the-place, and then have moments of sheer clarity.

Take heart this is just ‘part of the process’; all part of the great spiritual onion! Just like an onion, we are made of up of many layers, or levels of being. We are not just flesh and blood, but emotions, thoughts, energy and so much more besides. Thus, once when we clear and understand one layer of our being, deeper layers may be revealed to be given light to. And this will continue until we reach the core of our being: our heart; where we are One with All that is Divine within and without us. It is only when we come into – and live through – our heart/our Divine Source that clearing stops as we have surrendered all that is not love from our being. The revealing and shedding of out-dated beliefs, past emotional hurts, conditionings from religion or fears from our parents – as common examples to the excess baggage we can carry through life – can take a life-time, or more to transcend if we are not aware, or do not chose to become so.

When I worked as a therapist I attracted clients who in some way reflected layers of my being that I was ignoring or hadn’t given love to. If you are a therapist, you may appreciate that those you help become your greatest of teachers. Many of my clients had done a lot of personal healing, yet felt in fear to go deeper within. They had healed physically their body of ailments, but were sacred to go into their emotions to clear past hurts of younger life. The fears they carried, I shared for many years and with it that internal dialogue that whispers, “If I go in to my past, I will re-live it!” I understood how they felt as I had walked in their shoes. But, as you may appreciate too, the road-less travelled is always the most worth-while. It can be truly courageous to go within ourselves and give light to our collective fears, worries and doubts that we have accumulated over our life, or even life-times, and wow, are the rewards great! If you have chosen the path of ascension, you may find yourself becoming aware of your thoughts, and taking the stance to think more positively about yourself and others. Self-sabotaging thoughts stemming from the egoic mind may be replaced by more loving thoughts stemming from your heart.

And to help you make the switch, you may use daily affirmations, prayers or meditation to clear and beautify your thoughts. Spiritually, as you shift in to a higher state of being, you may be experience the touch of your angels, spirit guides or passed loved ones coming in to your dreams or waking state. For the veils between the spirit and the physical world diminish when we chose to let go of the illusion of separation. New heights of joy, love and bliss, with a real sense of oneness, may also be experienced as you ascend.

Flow with what feels right

Depending on your chosen life path and ability to move with change, rather than against it, such adaptations in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body may be short-lived or long-lasting. Yet, no matter what change is occurring in your life right now, try to see the blessings within. If change feels good in your heart, flow with it. If it doesn’t, chose another path, or ask yourself silently, “Am I resisting what serves me best, and if so, why?” Often we can forget to talk, and trust ourselves, instead going to an outside source to explain what is happening in our life. Learning to listen and trust the guidance of your heart – the real Source of all truth – is essential if you wish to ascend gracefully. Know also there is a whole host of spiritual guides, angels and masters walking with you to keep you on the right track. Ask for their help when you feel you need extra support.

And if when you release resistance and trust the guidance of your heart, you feel abandoned by your guides, which can happen when we move through inner change, know they have only left your side to carry you instead. For we never walk this path alone. How could we be, when we are one with each other, One with All Creation at our core. In Love all-ways, Calista.


This article was originally published for Silent Voices Magazine in 2013. © Under Full Copyright.

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