Ascending in Grace, Part 2 – 10 Ways to Come Back to You!

AscendingInGracePt21As a teacher of Ascension, I am often asked for advice on how to raise and expand our consciousness with grace and ease. Today, I will be sharing Part 2 of my guide for smooth sailing, including 10 tried and tested ways to get back to You in times of challenge and change.

In Part 1, we explored how living through limitation can condition our mind to question and resist our natural urge to follow our intuitive spirit; our Source / Divine Self within. And how the mind and body adapt when our spirit begins to ascend and we merge into our inner greatness. As a refresher, to ascend simply means to raise your consciousness to that of your inner being, and in this natural state of joy, live life the way you wish it to be. Everyone can achieve ascension. It is a natural stage of evolution that many of us are in tune with. Yet, as with all transitions, there can be a tendency to think that something is wrong during the process.

As your body clears all that no longer serves its highest good, you may be think that you are unwell, or perhaps if you have old ties to release, as they arise you may be feel weighted by them once more. And in believing that there is something wrong, the natural flow of your spirit becomes constricted until you are ready to let go. I can empathise that during these times, it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees.

From experiencing this myself, I know that enthusiasm to ‘see the bigger picture’ may fall by the way side, replaced more-often-than-not by self-doubt and its internal dialogue that questions everything. But when we are ready to let go of the doubts and the questions, we realise that nothing truly wrong. We are simply purging and alighting from perceptions and beliefs that are not in sync for new, or rightly put, inherent level of awareness that is emerging through us. Our new way of being no longer matches the unconscious conditioning that we have been carrying. In time, the frequency and duration of these periods of doubt does ease as we learn to let go and let love. Clarity reigns again proportional to the inner strength and wisdom that is fostered through change. Until we feel so good in whom we are, that no matter what faces us we remain steadfast and centred in trust that all is well. For all, is always, truly well.

To help bridge this understanding, here are some tried and tested ways that have helped me to come back to my Self when I have doubted or resisted my ascension. Try what feels good as you allow more personal freedom and happiness to come into your life.

10 Ways to Come Back to You!

1) Appreciation

AscendingInGracePt22Let your attitude be one of gratitude! In times of change, you may not feel like appreciating yourself, let alone anything, but look for even the smallest, most general thing to appreciate such as your breath that flows through your automatically, your cells how they renew without you telling them too, the sun for shining the way it does or just stopping for a moment to listen to your surroundings. Often valuing your outer environment creates the leverage to value your inner environment. And as you begin to appreciate, you’ll find in no time at all that you’ll begin to feel better. And when this happens Your vibration will raise vibration will naturally raise until you can recognise how special you are and all the blessings in your life. Why not start a gratitude journal or a jar of daily blessings – writing down what from your day, you enjoyed the most. And then look to your journal, or read the blessings in your jar on days when you feel you need a boost. Trust me, it will have you smiling in moments, and create that centred feeling of peace again.

2) Laughter

‘Laughter is the best medicine’ – a proverb we all know, yet sometimes forget during the times when we could benefit from it the most. Whatever makes you laugh, let yourself enjoy it. Whether it is watching your favourite programme, reading a book, spending time with friends or watching funny clips on YouTube – take time to enjoy yourself! By allowing yourself time to in-joy the things that make you laugh, you naturally bring yourself back to You.

3) Kindness

No matter how small, acts of kindness go a long way. They cost nothing, yet their value is priceless. Offering your friends a hug, telling your family how much you love them and giving strangers your time, all help you to be kinder to you too. Placing your hands over your heart and saying, “I love you” is one of the best acts of kindness that you can do in the moment. And when you have more time, indulge in what makes your heart sing. Whether it’s a massage, a hot bath, a slice of cake – indulge yourself! Loving yourself helps foster love from others too, and makes you feel good every time.

4) Food

Talking of cake, it is good to treat yourself. I am not advising eating cake every day, but indulging in what you fancy now and again is not a bad thing, far from it! That rush of happy hormones, like serotonin, can lift spirits and help you get back to you in no time. Opting also for foods rich in l-tryptophan (a precursor for serotonin production; a natural anti-depressant) like peanuts, chickpeas, pistachios, brown rice, whole grains, spinach, avocado, potatoes, beetroot, fennel, bananas, pineapple and soy products, also feeds you on all levels. As well as avoiding the ‘stimulant cycle’ from caffeine, alcohol and too much sugar – this supports hormone levels to keep balanced, which in turn keeps harmonises energy levels and mood.

5) Nature

AscendingInGracePt23I often guide my clients and students to take time each day to get outside, even if it is just for five minutes. Walking the earth and breathing in fresh air fuels our natural resources just like a car charging its battery. It allows us to receive the life-force of Mother Nature and is one of the best ways to align us back to Source. When you are outside, awaken your senses by looking at the vibrancy of the flowers, listen to the sounds all around and feel the textures around you. Notice the moments of silence too from which all sound arises and falls back into. By doing this, you will naturally sync to the rhythm and life-force of nature, and in this coalition, become in love with life again.

6) Meditation

It can be hard to muster the will to meditate in times of change. Yet, true meditation doesn’t have to involve sitting in a specific way or for a long period of time, it simply means to bring awareness to your consciousness. And the easiest and simplest way to do this is to close your eyes and just breathe.

For a moment, allow everything around you to just be. Breathe in, breathe out. Focus on your breathe like a wave lapping in and out of the shore. All falls away except your presence. And within your presence burns a peace so pure and vast. Breathe into the peace of who You are.

Witness how you are feeling after doing this meditation, only if you did it for a minute or two. Conscious breathing like this, allows the flow of innate Source energy (that ineffable peace you experienced) to fill you, and as a consequence dissolve away any stress or built-up resistance. Can you think back to the last time you consciously breathed? If it has been a while, why not incorporate a few minutes at the start of your day and see how better your day flows as a result.

7) Music

Shakespeare once said, “If music be the food of love; play on.” And I couldn’t agree more! What a fun way to feel the love of our inner being than enjoying our favourite music. Whatever your ‘jam’, play it when you are not feeling yourself and let yourself move, groove and sing yourself back to feeling good. It doesn’t matter who hears you, who cares…just enjoy your bliss! And if you are looking for inspiration, here is my number 1 ‘go-to-song’: :)

8) Moving your Body

AscendingInGracePt24Scientific studies show us that when we move our bodies, we clear our minds. We also integrate any energetic changes that are taking place within us and within our life. You may like to go for run and enjoy nature at the same time, or perhaps swim, lift weights or cycle. For me, I love to dance! When life becomes a struggle, I know it is time to get up and get moving. Not only, does it clear my mind and energise my body but it makes me feel alive too, lifting my mood and getting me out of the funk of old patterns of thoughts and behaviours where I would otherwise blame some situation or person for how I was feeling or my old favourite, self-sabotage through over-eating. So why not combine your favourite music with dance too! Who cares who sees you; you may even inspire others to join you!

9) Being Creative

Get your creative juices a’flowing, especially when you feel in the midst of practical problems. Whether it is through cooking, crafting, painting, writing or another means, take your mind off doubts and worries and indulge the other side of your brain! Reading and watching uplifting books and films also helps to lift your energy while developing new skills and unearthing inner wisdom.

10) Sharing

One of my favourite sayings is: ‘sharing is caring’. If you feel weighted a situation or how you are feeling, talk them through with another. If you feel you can’t relate to your friends or family, why not join on-line communities to meet like-minded souls. Merlin’s Circle, a new community on facebook that I founded has helped thousands of souls on their path and would love to welcome you too. It’s a safe, non-judgemental space to share whatever is on your mind.

The more we keep problems to ourselves, the more our ego can build on them and make them bigger than they are. Share them to decrease them and notice how better you feel. And sharing always works both ways for we are all a mirror for everyone in our life. When we talk about our problems, fears or worries, we are also supporting others to transcend them too. Until next time, Love all-ways, Calista.


This article was originally published for Silent Voices Magazine in 2013. © Under Full Copyright.

To meet and merge with your greater Divine Self visit the meditation store to download your copy of Align to your Divine Self MP3. In August 2015, Calista also explored this topic on the Soul Ascension radio show available to listen at

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