Archangel Gabriel & Lady Hope – the Celestial Life Coach!

ArchangelGabriel1Archangel Gabriel was one of the first angels to come forward to be represented in Angel Healing® system, and personally, I am so glad he did! You could say this beautiful angel is a celestially life coach, forever reminding us that we have all the strength of the Divine flowing through us at each moment, and if we fill that strength with Love, then there truly are no limits to what we can do or be! :)

Gabriel helps to inspire creativity to flow freely and loves to support those with a message to create a better and brighter world, whether that message comes through words, music, inventions or is more subtly communicated. In early paintings of Gabriel, he is often seen with a trumpet for this reason, delivering good news to people and helping them bring in information that can aid their journey of ascension. Gabriel heralds the message for all of humankind to hold the intention of peace and harmony upon the earth, while holding the highest vision for ourselves too.

Gabriel has a divine counterpart as every angel does and her name is Lady Hope, or as she shared me, she also goes by the vibratory name of Annunciata. Lady Hope is the creative force behind the strength of Gabriel. She helps us to manifest our desires in to form through the hopeful expectation that all we ask for is given. Hope helps us to stay positive in our manifestations and to know that when we are in a state of joyful optimism we instantly create all that we seek. Hope and Gabriel as one supreme angel are ideal to call on when you wish to embody your strength, to keep yourself positive and to detox your mind, body or home. They remind us that we can experience pure joy through awakening to all we are.

In both my pregnancies and during birth, I called upon Gabriel and Hope for support. They were my celestial midwifes in so many ways! :) They love to help throughout the whole journey of conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond, as well as assist in the nurture of our own inner-child and to remember, especially as parents, what it is like to be a child. To remember to hold the purity, wonder and innocence of a child so we can be the best guardian for our children. Gabriel especially, gently guides us to be lovingly detached as parents so we can allow our children to live their own dreams and have their own experiences – something that can be hard for many a parent to accept, myself included especially when I first became a mother. But perhaps this is the best gift we can bestow to the next generation, to trust and allow them to shine for who they are without intervening.

Connecting through Colour

Archangel Gabriel and Lady Hope exist in the vibratory frequency of the White and Crystal Ray of Divine Light, which can vary from white, pearl, platinum and pale pink in colour. You may feel or sense these colours when this supreme angel is in your midst. And perhaps feel their presence most within your Sacral and Base chakra where they bring their greatest support to us on an energetically level. If you are looking to balance these areas or the qualities they represent, call on Gabriel and Hope who will gladly be of service to you.

ArchangelGabriel2You can bring in the virtues of this angel and this Ray of Spiritual Light simply by wearing or eating foods rich in these colours, by bathing in them with vegetable / colour dyes (as the ancient Atlanteans did) or by bringing into your home flowers and plants rich in these colours. The white Lily is a particular favourite of Gabriel and Hope and carries their flowing vibration. As Gabriel is closely linked to the element of water, you may also feel more connected to him by visiting rivers, streams, oceans etc. In fact, when you invoke Gabriel and Lady Hope, it certainly feels like you are visiting a beautiful beach as their energy is as reviving as sea-air, providing a sense of freedom like no other.

Connecting through Crystals and Oils

You can enhance your connection and align to the qualities of Gabriel and Hope by using the following essential oils and wearing / meditating with the following stones:

  • Aromatherapy oils such as Jasmine, Sandalwood, Rose and Mandarin all carry a similar frequency to this angel. As do the following plants: Lily, Calendula and Opium.
  • Crystals which carry the White or Crystal Ray of Divine Light help to bridge the trust that this angel is with you when you call them in, such as Danburite, Snow Quartz, Kunzite, Pink Tourmaline, Larimar and Moonstone.

When to call on Archangel Gabriel and Lady Hope

You may want to invoke the support of this one supreme angel when:

  • When you feel like you’ve strayed from your Souls path. They can help you find purpose again. For this intention, pay extra attention to the information received when dreaming and meditating.
  • Health issues related to the bladder, kidney or prostate and lower back problems. As well as skin concerns or to aid better confidence and communication.
  • Fertility, conception, birth, adoption, parenting and nurturing your inner child. As well as inspiring creative projects.

During the process of ascension, your energy body and centres change and adapt as we discuss in the Angel Healing® system. Gabriel and Hope aid the evolution of your Sacral and Base chakras, raising their vibratory frequency as their qualities change. They do this in conjunction with other angelics too.

A Message from Archangel Gabriel

“I am Archangel Gabriel and I am sharing through Calista to deliver a message of peace today. I would like to discuss divine communication; the relationship you have with yourself, those around you and that of the Divine Creator. Always speak the truth that is in your heart, not the mind that can over-analyse and judge. When you are in connection with your heart, then communication can flow freely like water, with no thought of personal gain, attack or malice. Learn to communicate with yourself. Listen to your true feelings, not the mask or ego-self that you may show to others. Listen to your innermost thoughts, feelings and insights from dreams, meditation and through communication with Spirit. Let only these messages align with your being to help further your path here on Earth.

Remember to give yourself patience and time to heal emotional wounds, do not cover them up but face them, Dear ones. Seek the truth behind them in order to heal wholly. Listen out for their true message, for it is there.

By allowing a deeper connection with yourself you are also contributing to a better world around you. As Calista will show you with the work of Dr. Emoto, intention, words and prayer affect the elements, they can change the molecular structure of water, the very imprint of life. This demonstrates the interconnectedness of your world and the importance of working with your own thoughts and feelings to change the reality you live in.

Send love and light to your inner systems, to the water that makes up three-quarters of your physical body. Daily see this water filled with light, peace and divine purity, and in time any physical dis-ease will dissipate. Each time you shower or bathe send the water the same light essence. Give to it the intention of cleansing, not just to cleanse your physical body, but emotional, mental and spiritual bodies too. Thank and bless the water you take in to your body, let it be purified through your intention to heal and harmonise your whole being. Each time you walk past water, stop and send it your Love. This simple and loving act has a major impact on the planet’s systems, enriching the animal and plant life within as well as fortifying the water that you drink. Just for a moment hold the thought, the pure intention that all the oceans, lakes, rivers, streams are now at this time filled with the glorious light and love of the divine. See the water in your mind’s eye turn to a shimmering Gold. See the water remain at this glorious vibration for as long as you can and repeat the exercise often.

You can learn so much from water, Dear ones. Draw from its ever-flowing, ever-evolving nature. Allow your being to become as the element of water, let it flow as easily to release any fears that you may have or any blocked or held emotions…allow them to flow away from you with ease. Replace these feelings with the Love of your Divine being as you allow for a more positive stream of change and optimism to flow to you, as You. Respect who you are right now. See the depth and clarity of your emotions, but do not be ruled by them.

Know that by being true to how you feel and allowing open communication with yourself is not only bringing about positive changes for your being, but also the world around you as well”

Effect of Water

As Gabriel said in his message, it is important to bless the water we drink and take in to our bodies as well as the water we use to cleanse our bodies. Gabriel and Hope would like us to take time to send positive thoughts and love to the water within us as well as to the waters of the planet.

Gabriel mentioned the wonderful work of Dr Emoto – a Japanese scientist who concluded that water is a living entity. That water has a memory and consciousness, which is subject to change depending on what vibration (thoughts, words, pictures) are exposed to it.

For years, Dr Emoto researched the importance of water and devised many experiments placing words, music, prayers around bottles of water, freezing the water and then taking photographs of the water to reveal the most beautiful crystal structures of the water. He found that water from clear springs and water that has been exposed to loving words showed brilliant, complex, and colourful snowflake patterns. In contrast, polluted water and water exposed to negative thoughts formed incomplete, asymmetrical patterns with dull colours.

The implications of this research create a new awareness of how we can positively impact the earth and our personal health. Below we see the effect of exposing different words to the same sample of water. The picture on the left shows what happened to the water when it was exposed to the words, ‘you make me sick’. No crystals have been formed and the shape of the sample is dull and has a random appearance. Whereas the picture on the right depicts what happened to the water when it was exposed to the words, ‘love and gratitude’. This resulted in beautiful crystal formations.

“You make me sick”
“Love and gratitude”

From the vibration of words, Dr Emoto contuined to look at the affect of water exposed to different types of music. Below shows the same sample of water exposed to heavy metal music that had a lot of profanity and negative feelings within on the left, and a Mozart symphony on the right. The sample on the right again reacted to the happier more uplifting vibration producing beautiful crystal patterns once more.

Heavy metal music
Mozart symphony

Dr Emoto believed in the same ethos as Albert Einstein who said that, “everything is energy”, and Di Vinci who famously quoted that, “water is the driving force of all nature”. We can clearly see that water retains memory, which can be affected by its environment. For a moment, let us think about the water that we drink, which travels the world and is recycled in homes and businesses all the while retaining the information it picks up from these environments. As our bodies are made of about 71% water, we can start to appreciate that how we treat ourselves will be embedded in the water within us.

I believe this is point that Gabriel wanted to reinforce in his message – just how crucial it is to keep ourselves in a positive state of mind and being to create the same for our environment. By appreciating and blessing, truly giving Love, to the water within us, around us and that which we consume, is to enrich not just our own inner environment but also to bring the blessing to the planet too.

Here is to making that not only a vision, but a clear and beautiful reality for us all to live in. In Love all-ways, Calista.


This article was originally published for the Faeries and Angels Magazine in 2010 and later updated with information on Lady Hope as she shared to Calista in preparation for the first Angel Healing® teacher degree course in 2012.If you would like to know more about the Archeia visit the Angel Healing® page for courses near you and the meditation store to download your copy of Meet your Guardian Angel MP3.

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