The Atlantean Dolphins

TheAtlanteanDolphins1It brings me great pleasure to end our Atlantean series with some light and wisdom from the Atlantean Dolphins. I have been captivated by dolphins since I was a young girl for their expressive, kind light. Even now, as the world looks to Japan to stop the culling of Dolphins, our ocean friends remain positive and ever-loving, sharing that no living being ever transitions in vain.

Last year, I began to create ascension tools and essences with the dolphins, which took me on an incredible journey of self-discovery and heart expansion. I was fortunate to meet and swim with them too, which was a dream fulfilled! :)

TheAtlanteanDolphins2Although I had connected with the dolphins energetically through our meditations together, learning we had shared lifetimes together, it wasn’t until we physically met that I could appreciate their true essence. Tears filled my eyes as I looked to them. Their energy was incredible; pure and brilliant, my soul sang with such Joy, friends! Memories of our lives together spent swimming together in the rivers of Atlantis came back to me in a flood of remembrance. It was overwhelming, yet this familiar sense helped me to transmute the fear of water that I had been carrying until this point in my life. And for this I was, and Am, forever grateful.

From meeting the dolphins and developing healing tools together, I can wholeheartedly say that my energy has increased 10-fold! I feel I have awakened sleeping truths within me and my vibration is clearer and lighter. Situations that would otherwise have triggered me, just don’t affect me. I have a renewed sense of peace within me. And this is what the dolphins do – it’s their very essence to bring us back to our innate peace. They have been doing this effortlessly since man first walked on the Earth, and even before when we existed as non-physical beings. Dolphins throughout the ages have been energy keepers who have held the space for man to ascend to his highest potential.

From my time in Atlantis, I remember working alongside the dolphins in my healing practice. I’m sure many of you have similar memories as I believe the majority of mankind living on the earth now had lifetimes in Atlantis. During this ancient time, our vibration was higher, vaster and we allowed ourselves to believe in our innate Divinity, expressing spiritual gifts of telepathy, telekinesis, instant manifestation and a deep sense of oneness and unconditional love to all that is. It was as many call it: heaven upon earth.

Many ascended beings from around, and beyond our universe were invited to Atlantis. Among these were dolphins that came from the oceanic planet within the star system of Sirius. They brought to Atlantis great knowledge and wisdom that the Atlanteans drew from, which shaped the world as we knew it then. Each person would communicate with the dolphins through telepathy and a heart-to-heart connection, much as we do now but at a more conscious level. Large pools of water were built for the dolphins, and many swam with them to learn the secrets of crystal healing that initially came from Sirius, as well as how to manifest from the sacred space of the heart. Those who feel they are from the planet of Sirius are normally drawn to dolphins – as well as whales and turtles – and may have a strong focus for supporting the earth and her resources.

With the fall of Atlantis, many of the dolphins retreated to Sirius but some decided to incarnate into human form to be the teachers who went on to create the ancient civilisations of Egypt, Greece and the Inuit traditions, carrying the frequency, technology and Love of Atlantis within them. Others incarnated into the physical dolphins to carry out a similar role in the oceanic realms. Atlantis remained alive within these way-showers who are now very much present to share the teachings again. By connecting to the dolphins, you automatically receive this knowledge, which can help to awaken the Atlantean aspects within your own Soul.

Connecting through Crystals and other tools

There are many ways to connect to the Atlantean dolphins. The best way is in meditation, meeting your spirit with theirs. To help you focus you may like to use crystals, such as Larimar, Angelite, Quartz and Rainbow Fluorite that all contain a similar vibration to the Atlantean dolphins. Fluorite in particular is wonderful to meditate with (as well as for self-healing) as it comes from Sirius. This crystal contains a tremendous amount of ancient knowledge waiting to be explored. When you use these crystals you will naturally bring in the support, light and wisdom of the Atlantean dolphins.

Another great aid which I developed alongside the dolphins is their own Ascension Kit® and Essence available from When you work with this meditation kit or essence call in your own etheric dolphin guide to awaken and deepen your spiritual gifts. Know that by inviting in the dolphins to your life you are helping not just your own ascension path, but also the ascension of our Great Mother Earth. The more Light you anchor, the more you raise the consciousness of the planet, helping us to collectively achieve heaven-upon-earth once more.

Message and Healing Visualisation from the Atlantean Dolphins

“We are the Atlantean Dolphins and we come to you today on our Light frequency to bring you a message of love, joy and peace. It has been sometime since we have channelled our wisdom to this extent through man; but now is the time when our presence is most needed on Earth.

Your way of be-ing here on Earth is so important to us as we look after the collective light of the planet helping to uplift and lighten its vibration. This is our calling, our Divine service. Many have written that we came to Earth at the start of Atlantis but in actuality, our earthly presence goes further back to the times of Allura (as some know it, Lumeria).

We came to Allura after a call from the higher celestial councils who wished to bring the Earth more light to help foster positive relationships between the non-physical beings at that time (the first race of man upon the Earth). We replied and came forth to the Earth from many oceanic planets including the star system of Sirius where we were healers and knowledge bearers. To some extent, the knowledge of your universe is still held within the physical dolphins of Earth.

Since the times of Allura (and Atlantis) we have held the space for the in-lightenment of man. And now we speak through many of you to say that within each of you remains the key to your in-lightenment: your Source Light. It is our duty in this time of re-awakening to unlock these keys so you remember your inner light. Many of you have already done this through conscious asking, and through learning to move through limitation. For those of you who haven’t, we call to you now.

You may have seen references to Dolphins in your dreams, meditations, or felt drawn to us through the recent media attention. Dear ones, take notice of this as a sign that you are ready to move forward to a lighter, purer way of be-ing. All you need to do is acknowledge and allow us to come forth to you. This may also bring back to your conscious awareness your life times in Allura and Atlantis unlocking any skills and experiences that are relevant for you now. Accept these ‘memories’ with love, and allow yourself from a place of non-judgement to accept and release what may be needed to aid your life now. Enjoy feeling lighter and happier as we align with you. Let your inner light Shine out in your world and know by accepting your truth you are paving more light and happiness for the Earth.

In our realm – which is not separate from yours, only more expansive in vibration – we hold the light of human-kind High. To us, ‘tomorrows’ are not important, only living for today. For the present moment is so dear and special, as you are to us. We treasure the ‘moment’ and give joy to our feelings. We are here today to remind you of this. As you awaken your light hold yourself in high regard and allow the sweetness of joy to be felt in each moment. We would like you to try this following exercise to help with this:

Close your eyes and savour just being alive and experiencing the now. Breathe in to it; let yourself be. Allow any thoughts or concerns to leave your body through your breath. Your breath, is your eternal connection to us and your inner Source light. And when you consciously breathe you clear your energy able to reach back further in to the deep expanse of you, like an ocean of peace waiting for you to swim in. Know you are as vast as any sea and can, if you allow yourself, flow with the tide of life. Living each moment feeling clear and free of concerns. Try this now, just breathing in to You, in-joy the sweetness of this perfect moment.

Our life is simple, loving and joyful as we live in this truth. Know you can live like this too sweet ones. Breathe out any resistance you may feel to this as you clear your perceptions from anything that is not Divine Love. Allow yourself to Shine and be present within your Divine Self now and always. Ever Love, ever true, your Dolphin friends.”


This article was originally published for the Faeries and Angels Magazine, Spring 2012. © Under full copyright.

If you would like to know more about the Atlantean Dolphins the crystal healing of that time visit the Atlantean Crystal Healing™ page for courses near you and the meditation store to download your copy of Awaken to Atlantis MP3.

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