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With winter soon approaching I am starting to feel Christmassy! Here in Scotland, we have had snow already. Frost is setting in and the trees continue to shed their leaves in preparation for this festive rest. Time for wrapping up warm and enjoying home comforts. :)

I seem to meditate more at this time of year; my focus draws inward as I remember all of the many blessings of the year. It gives me a great sense of appreciation for the gift of life, for the Divine within me and the loving embrace of the angels whose continued support knows no bounds.

During the last few weeks, I have found myself in the presence of the Angels of Atlantis, beings of pure crystalline light. I often invoke these magnificent beings when teaching Atlantean Crystal Healing™. I call them in to hold the space where we work as well as to aid everyones’ personal journey as they awaken the aspect of them that is Atlantean.

In the time of Atlantis (an ancient civilisation upon Earth that spanned over 240,000 years), angels would walk alongside man in conscious awareness. Mankind helped angels and angels helped man – we were not separate, but brothers and sisters who assisted each other in the expression and expansion of their God / Divine nature.

Through self-discovery, I have visited many of my incarnations in Atlantis drawing from each life knowledge and skills to help me in this present time. During most of my regressions I saw myself as healer, but at one point, an Atlantean Angel too! I remember how overwhelming this was as at the time I hadn’t thought this was possible! Nevertheless, I trusted what my greater Self was showing me and began to commune with this aspect of myself.

A few months ago, I was excited to learn that one of my healing clients had known me in their Atlantean life as the same angel! At the time I had been treating a wonderful man from the Netherlands who comes to me when he is over in the UK. Each time we do Atlantean Crystal Healing™ we both learn so much. I always felt a deep connection to him, much more than the regular client-therapist relationship. So it came as no surprise that after his last session he turned round to say, “Ah, you are Zoe!” I got immediate goose-bumps, or as I prefer to call them, ‘truth-bumps’ as he continued to tell me that in his therapy journey back to Atlantis he was greeted by his own healing angel, who named herself Zoe, and who told him that she was one in the same with myself! My client in his kindness asked Zoe if there was any guidance for me in my current life. She gave to him guidance that has helped me enormously as well as the beautiful confirmation that we are One and the same. It is no surprise now why I felt such a deep connection to my client as I had once been his guiding angel.

Much of the Atlantean Crystal Healing™ system comes from the aspect of my Self that was/is Zoe. I am grateful to remember this aspect of my being and to be able to share what life in Atlantis was like from her perspective. I firmly believe that the majority of humankind living a life right now has previously had a life in Atlantis. That the nature of this sacred and experimental time is encoded within our consciousness and very DNA. And as human consciousness continues to ascend in frequency, we are awakening to this truth and remembering our divinity and the multitude of intuitive gifts that we possessed during that time, such as telepathy, telekinesis, transportation of our being through our light body, instant manifestation and a deep sense of oneness and unconditional love for ourselves and our fellow man.

Like the first settlers in Atlantis, the Atlantean Angels were tall beings and would often present themselves with long golden air and deep blue eyes. They were assigned to each person to help them connect to their divinity, and as Atlantis progressed, to administer healing too. When Atlantis was first populated around 250,000 BC, those that arrived did not need healing of any kind. They were as pure as babies – awakening from pure non-physical consciousness into an equally as chaste physical reality. But as the generations continued those who felt they did not fulfil their purpose while living in a physical body, incarnated again with set experiences to live out. You could call this karma but not in the dualistic sense that many perceive these days. The Atlantean Angels, like modern day angels, would help those that asked to fulfil their purpose and bring support where was needed.

TheAtlanteanAngels2Atlantis was the birthplace of crystal healing, as well as other alternative therapies such as aromatherapy, colour therapy, sound healing, homeopathy, herbal medicine and flower remedies. However, crystal therapy was the main go-to therapy system and was used for all kinds of healing from re-balancing energy fields to re-growing limbs! Huge Quartz crystal pyramids were used as healing chambers where the practitioners of that time used the power of their intention coupled with crystals, colour and sound to renew a person’s mind, body and soul on any level that was required.

The Atlantean Angels would often be called on to help in the healing process and would use large wands made out of pure crystalline light to focus, emit and remove built-up resistance from a person’s being. Elementals, such as Faeries would also be called upon when necessary to assist individuals as well as ecological areas within Atlantis, much in the same way as they support humankind these days. Every being, whether angelic, elemental or human worked together for the best intentions of all. But as the collective consciousness of Atlantis diminished, and with it the vibration of that part of mother earth, the Angels and Elementals re-emerged into purely spirit realms. Some continued to stay in the physical, choosing to incarnate as crystals or in some cases, human beings to hold the vibration of Atlantis within them to support future generations.

Today there are many crystals that resonate with the vibration of the Atlantean Angels. Crystals such as Atlantispar, Kyanite, Larimar, Diamond, Scolecite, Fluorite, Moonstone and Clear Quartz, all bring in different qualities of this age. When you use these crystals in meditation or in healing you will naturally bring in the support, love and guidance of the Atlantean Angels. You can also call on your own personal Atlantean angel to awaken and deepen your spiritual gifts and remembrance of your time in Atlantis. If when you do this, the angel that steps forward is your own guidance angel, don’t be alarmed. Many of your guidance / guardian angels have followed you through lifetimes so those that you connect with now you probably connected with also in Atlantis.

In the presence of the Atlantean Angels you may feel a gentle cool breeze past by and through you. These angels work with the elements of light, air and crystal frequencies and as such carry a very fine vibration. They can support you in your daily life but also to fulfil what you feel is your path and purpose here on earth. They have gifted the following exercise to connect with them and receive their exquisite empowering energies. InJoy, beautiful souls! In Love all-ways, Calista.

Self-Healing / -Empowerment with the Atlantean Angels.

Settle yourself in a quiet place and if you feel guided, light a white candle and dedicate it for the purpose of connection and healing. Take a few deep breaths to relax, centre and to ground yourself.

See yourself in a beautiful Clear Quartz pyramid. Lay down on the crystal bed you will find within. Breathe into your heart and out through your heart. Ask for your personal guiding Atlantean Angel to come forward to you. Opening your senses as you see, feel, hear and/or know of their presence come in. Talk to your angel any concerns you have. Pass them over to your angel and let them go to them without judgment. Continue to breathe deeply as you release all that no longer serves you.

Ask your angel to give you healing or to increase your sense of empowerment. You may see, feel, hear and/or know as your angel gentles shares their lovingly Light through their hearts and / or their healing wands of Light, directing the crystalline frequencies into points and areas in and around you body. Continue to breathe deeply and relax in to this beautiful experience. If your hands feel guided to rest on certain parts of your body, go with this. Let the energy flow through you freely, closing your eyes and relaxing to receive. Your angel and your intuition will let you know when the healing is finished.

Thank you Atlantean Angel and talk with them if you are looking for guidance to best serve your life in that moment. When you are ready, gently bring yourself back to the present, grounding yourself by feeling your feet connect into the heart of the Earth.

The more you do this exercise, the greater your vibration will be aligned to that of the consciousness of your Divine Self as well as the Light of your Atlantean Angel. During the session you can also ask your angel to send Divine Love to situations that you feel could benefit from this support.


This article was originally published for the Faeries and Angels Magazine, Winter 2011. © Under full copyright.

If you would like to know more about the Atlantean Angels and their crystal healing techniques visit the Atlantean Crystal Healing™ page for courses near you and the meditation store to download your copy of Awaken to Atlantis MP3.

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