The Goddess Isis – becoming a Divine Alchemist!

TheGoddessIsis1The radiant force that is known as Isis has had many lifetimes on Earth. Her most famous perhaps is as the high-priestess Egyptian moon goddess. Isis is regarded as one of the most important deities because of her many functions; motherly yet business-like, feminine yet strong. Of her many functions, it’s her ability to help one manifest that stands out the most to me. I have never came across a more powerful ally to help inspire goals and to keep the momentum to focus on them with trust, allowance and surrender until come into form.

Isis has shared a short message and manifesting exercise to us spark our own inner magic and become the Divine Alchemist that our Soul knows us to be. Whether you would like a more open flow of prosperity in your life, more compassion, more joy, more love or better health…Isis is here with you to help you to conceive, believe and achieve it!

A Message from Isis

“Beloved sisters and brothers, today I will be helping you to bring in anything you wish in to your life through showing you how to manifest from your sacred centre of being – your heart. Now is the time to live the life you want, that you have always been destined for. Know that you have the ability to attract whatever you wish to bring in to your life. Be it material needs, physical goals, emotional or mental balance and so on. The key is to believe you can and then experience it fully!

We share today manifestation exercises to bring about the life you desire. I hope you will find benefit from them and know deeply dear sisters and brothers that you deserve to be happy; you deserve the life you have always dreamt of. It is here for You…trust and allow.”

Become a Divine Alchemist

Invoking your own Divine magic as Isis shares simply means living your life in alignment with the Law of Attraction. This is a principle that defines that which is like itself is drawn; that all we can conceive we create! You already use the Law of Attraction in your life for every thought you have brings about a belief or action that then crafts the reality you live in. Everything is a reflection of what you believe and when you become conscious of this, you can easily build the life you want.

When align to the Law of Attraction, we affirm ourselves as the creator of our reality. We understand that there is no external force controlling ourselves and that which we call the Divine / God / Source is always rooting for us to become one with the reality that is most important to use. Bridging where we are to where we want to be is as simple as choosing it as a reality and allowing ourselves to in-joy life as the gift it is.

Here are a few principles to apply which makes this shift in consciousness easier:

1) A Positive (Allowing) Attitude

When you are open to change and free in thinking, you can easily create the life you want. Being positive in your thoughts, will attract in turn positive actions and reactions. Even if events in your life do not feel good at the moment, finding what to appreciate, no matter how small begins to transform your outlook and from here all will snowball at a more positive level. Appreciating what you can in the now, helps you to manifest only more blessings in the future. It sets the space and aligns you back to your innate divinity where truly, truly beautiful souls ALL is possible!

2) Visualisation

Another essential technique is to make a mental picture of what you wish to bring in to your life, a valuable technique that Isis will take you through shortly. It is vital that you actually picture where you want to be in your life. For instance, picture yourself in a better job, finding your other half, being more abundant, happier etc. Then you will then have the ability to draw what you need to enable those pictures to come to fruition. You can never really reach the position that you yearn for unless you have a definite idea of the direction you are taking. Where you see yourself being can be helpful in discovering where you want to be, as well as helping you to reach your goal. And to enhance this technique even more, feel yourself ‘already there’! Take yourself into that moment where what you want has physically formed and feel how good it feels to have allowed that, to have created that. Let yourself celebrate and feel the joy of your dreams becoming real-ity!

3) Affirmations

TheGoddessIsis2Often, the word affirmation conjures up images of how other people can confirm wants and needs, but when it is taken in the perspective of the Law of Attraction, affirmations are really down to you. Thus it’s important to begin putting in writing what you want, writing it as if you have already achieved it. For example, if you wanted to bring in more happiness in to your life, you wouldn’t say, “I want more happiness in my life”. Instead you would use the present tense by writing the affirmation of, “I am happy in every area of my life”. By doing this you are confirming without any shadow of doubt that you have already aligned to be happy. This creates an energy around you, which attracts the events, people and situation that will bring you happiness. By saying your affirmation first thing in the morning for at least 30 days, will not only set the tone of your day on a positive, allowing way of being but will keep you focused on what you want. Remember that a goal without purpose drains your reserves. Know where you are going. Those who are successful in their lives are those who set goals, focus on them and allow them to be born. And when you say your affirmations, really feel them and know it is inevitable that you will achieve them!

4) Always Keep Your Eye on Your Goal

As we have said, keeping a focus on what you want (your goal) and why you want something (its purpose) is an essential technique to becoming a divine alchemist! It’s important to not be side-tracked by situations that happen in your life, and to keep your eye on the things that you want to accomplish. The more focused you are on your ambitions, the greater the likelihood that you will achieve them. You may choose to have your written goals placed in areas that you regularly visit, for example, around your home or work place. I find placing my goals in the kitchen helps me. I will read, visualize and feel them already born when I am cooking! Creating a ‘manifestation or dream board’ also works well. To do this collect images of what you would like to bring in to your life from magazines, the internet or even more beneficial draw them yourself. Write down the feelings of what you would feel when achieving your goals. Make your board colourful, positive and happy and place in your living room or bedroom so you can look at it often. It will help to keep you focused while creating a positive, loving energy in your home. Remember, like-attracts-like. So if your home feels happy and loving then you will attract this is other areas of your life!

5) Allow Yourself to Move Forward

You can put into place as many goals and intentions as you like in your life, but if you do not really get going on anything, they will all amount to nothing. As soon as you begin to have positive thoughts, picture where you would like to be, use affirmations, and keep focused on your ambitions, then you are ready to begin progressing towards your goal. It doesn’t matter if you achieve large or small steps – all is progress and all are steps towards a life that truly fulfills you.

Manifestation Exercise

Sitting in a quiet, comfortable space, close your eyes and begin to focus on your breath. Breathe in slowly and deeply for at least 3 cycles and allow yourself to relax. As you breathe in imagine you are breathing in a beautiful Golden Light, and as you breathe out, feel this light flow from you into your space. All tension and thoughts leave you as you attune more and more to this radiant golden light.

Allow the light to fill your whole body. Seeing or sensing it flow down from the crown of your head, to the tips of your fingers, to the tips of your toes and from here out through the soles of your feet connecting a cord of anchored light into the centre of the Earth. You are immersed and held safely in this radiant Golden Love. You are One with your Divine Self…One with the whole of Creation.

When you are ready, call on Isis to be with you, saying aloud:

“Lovingly Goddess Isis, may you be with me now. May you now channel your Divine Light through me to support all I am allowing to birth to be created with ease and grace. So be it, so it is”

You may feel Isis’s empowering, warm energy in or around you. Open your senses and heart to her presence. And then feel into something that you wish to bring in to your life. Write it down and hold it in your heart.

Visualise what you want already created. How does it make you feel to have brought this in to your life? How is your life enhanced by it? How better do you feel? Embrace fully all the senses you experience. Bask in the joy and happiness it brings and feel good that you have allowed and gifted yourself this dream to be born. This is the key to manifesting: creating and living the experience within your emotions as if it has been created already.

Thank Isis now, asking her to support this intention to fully birth – clearing away anything that has in the past blocked you from receiving. Ask her to help you to keep open and in the receptive mode.

When you are ready, attach the piece of paper with your intention on to your bedside. Read, visualise and feel into your goal already created as you wake each morning and again at night, just before you fall asleep. And watch just how quickly your dreams come to light!


This article was originally published for the Faeries and Angels Magazine in 2011. © Under full copyright.Isis is also a wonderful guide to call on for experiencing your previous lives as well as to travel into different dimensions. To connect with her for this purpose, download your copy of Discover your Other Lives MP3 available in the meditation store.

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