Discover Your Other Lives Soul Immersion

DiscoverYourOtherLivesSoulImmersion200x192Discover your Other Lives helps you explore your past, future or other dimensional lives. You will first visit The Great Sphinx to meet the Goddess Isis. The Sphinx holds real crystal gateways within that can take you safely and lovingly into your other lives. Deepen your understanding of who you are and your divine purpose reveals ever more.

Can be enjoyed many times to explore your multi-dimensional Self and support you to bring back remembrance, gifts and wisdom from other lives.

Journey length: This Soul Immersion is 31 minutes long and is delivered as a downloadable mp3. After purchase you will be emailed your journey. Please save to your computer to listen again and to transfer to your iTunes / phone / device.

Music: Dreamy sound-scape with Light tones and frequencies. Contains teachings from the Goddess Isis to help you access your Akashic (Soul) Records.

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