Connecting to Your Inner Child Soul Immersion

ConnectToYourInnerChild200x192Connecting with your Inner Child is a deeply transformative journey that creates a clear, loving bridge to merge with your inner me.

By giving your inner child a voice, a platform to express without judgment, life can renew and joy and purpose can be regained. Your inner child sees loving yourself as an adventure to embrace and connecting consciously to them clears resistance / fears so that you can fully trust and accept yourself.

Just like you would tell your child if she asked, “Mummy/Daddy, should I love myself?”, and you may reply, “Yes, sweetheart, it is right to love and accept yourself…you deserve the best…you are worthy…you are beautiful”. Your inner child will now do the same for you. They love you so much and are here to help you to remember that you are, and have always been, Love.

Supports the letting go of past trauma, hurts and regrets allowing for the vantage of higher perspective, compassion and understanding.

Journey length: This Soul Immersion is 27 minutes long and is delivered as a downloadable mp3. After purchase you will be emailed your journey. Please save to your computer to listen again and to transfer to your iTunes / phone / device.

Music: With Light frequencies of Heliodor crystal to support the easeful merging with your Inner Child. Enhanced with Theta binaural beat of 5 Hertz – known to encourage a state of theta meditation that allows subconscious limiting programs and beliefs to leave you with ease.

“Great is the human who has not lost his childlike heart.” ~ Mencius.

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