Activating Your Light-Body Soul Immersion

ActivatingYourLightBodySoulImmersion200x192A very special journey that has taken 4 years to produce. The space is held for you to align to your Light-Body, part of your energetic self that acts as a vehicle for you to experience physical life and travel within the many non-physical realms. Becoming aware of your light-body leads to Ascension. It bridges higher understanding and brings your consciousness up to Soul level. Actively using your light-body can lead to 5th dimensional awareness that in future times humanity will know well. It propels us to where we are going while reminding us that we are truly already there.

This sacred meditation activates your Light-body working in partnership with your conscious intent, angelic guides and the Ascended Master, St. Germain. The amount of energy received and integrated will be exactly what best serves your highest soul intent at this moment. With repeated use, you can advance through the levels of activation to enjoy the richness and bliss of living a truly conscious life.

Journey length: This Soul Immersion is 34 minutes long and is delivered as a downloadable mp3. After purchase you will be emailed your journey. Please save to your computer to listen again and to transfer to your iTunes / phone / device.

Music: Stellar sound-scape with Light frequencies of Scolecite crystal and St. Germain to support embodiment into the higher awareness. With Theta Binaural beats of 5 Hertz – known to encourage a state of theta meditation and with ease clear subconsciousness programs and beliefs.

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