The Air Elementals – Breathing Life with the Sylphs!

TheAirElements1Before I begin I would just like to say thanks to those of you who have written to tell me that you are enjoying my elemental series of articles at Silent Voices Magazine. I am passionate about introducing people to the etheric beings that exist in our natural world and sharing how to connect with them to enrich daily living and the journey of ascension. Do let me know how you get on from today as we dive deeper into the series turning our focus to the healing and transforming world of the Air Elementals.

I will be sharing insights and healing exercises from them to support your well-being. Out of all the elements of our natural world, the element of air is the most easy to connect to given that we breathe it in with each breath. Not only does air sustain us, but it also serves as our connection to our Spirit and Soul, reminding us that we are much more than just our physical bodies.

To take time to become aware of our breath, if only for a few minutes per day, can bring in a wealth of health benefits as well as a remembrance of our true Divine nature. It also serves to introduce us to the spirit beings that exist within air itself. You may have felt the air spirits when you are out in nature feeling their wind pass over you or hearing their sweet melodies rustle through the trees and landscapes?

Air elementals make up the mental plane of the Earth and serve to balance and maintain our weather systems. They also help to look after our mental bodies too. They help to inspire our thinking, bring solutions to problems and assist in alleviating stress through stimulating positive thought and creative ideas. Air beings also assist in aligning both hemispheres of our brain so we can be both intuitive and rational at the same time. This helps to bring in intelligence and knowledge of the higher realms of existence without the interference of our ego, which can often get in the way of our spiritual embodiment.

TheAirElements2There are many different types of air elementals that exist including the most well-known, the Sylphs and their male counterparts, the Zephrs, as well as certain types of Faeries, Griffins Gargoyles and the Pegasusians – the race of white, winged horses often featured in Greek mythology who we can call on to help enlighten our Soul’s path. There are also many legendary stories of giant elemental Fire-birds, including the well-known Phoenix. The Chinese culture has the Fei Lie; the Greeks, the White Eagle of Zeus; the Persians, the Simurgh and the Arabs, the Ruhk/Roc.

Today, we will be focusing on the Sylphs who often appear as tiny sparks of light or transparent wispy beings moving rapidly from place to place. Sylphs, which come from the Greek word, ‘silphe’, meaning butterfly, can appear as graceful, slender beings when the winds are calm, or vital and forceful in storms and fast air currents. You can easily see Sylph activity above water where the air tends to be clearer. When you are ready to see Sylphs for the first time ensure you feel relaxed, and mentally ask for them to show themselves to you. It helps to relax your eyes, half closing them as if you are about to fall asleep. Open your heart to the experience as you take your gaze to the air just above the water. You may start to see flickers of light or darting whites, grays and blacks of energy as it passes in front of you. I often liken that seeing the Sylphs is similar to when you stand up too quickly when you see small flashes of light in front of you.

The Sylphs look similar but on a grander and more palpable scale. The more your allow them to come forward to you, the more you will see and attune yourself too. Each of us is assigned a guardian from each element from the time we were born. From the elemental of air we all have a Sylph guide, or collection of them. Those that have much Sylph activity tend to work as teachers, writers, dancers, singers or artists who inspire others in what they do. These individuals may not care too much for the physical things in life, especially sexuality. Instead they may place their drive and focus in to their creative works. But everyone can consciously access the healing, creating energy from Sylphs perhaps to spark new ideas, uplift ways of thinking, for helping through change or to get things moving in life when we feel stuck or stagnant in situations.

To help you align more with the Sylphs they have provided the following breathing exercise for you to do. Through its regular use you may find yourself feeling more balanced, peaceful and free-flowing in your daily life. In Love all-ways, Calista.

Breathing in to your light – healing exercise from the Sylphs

With pace of daily life it can be easy to not to live in the present moment and to forget how good it feels to just simply breathe in life. Often we can be too swept up with the things that we wish to do that day, or perhaps through our thoughts and emotions, be living in future or held in the past. But to be mindful of living in the now is crucial not only for our well-being but also to help us see that are we spiritual beings here to create and share love and peace with each other.

The Sylphs would like me to pass on this healing exercise for you to do each morning, or in times where you feel stressed. It will help you to breathe into your inner Light; your innate divinity and power. Doing this exercise will also help you naturally attune yourself to the Sylphs as well as create a peaceful feeling for the rest of your day.

Here are the steps –

1) Before you get out of bed each morning, sit up and focus on your breath. Take some long, deep inhalations with no intention other than to simply breathe and relax.

2) As you breathe in, allow your body to fill with air. Draw in this vital life-force completely, holding it for a few moments and then let it go as your exhale. As you breathe out, let go of any concerns or things you feel you have to do today. Just injoy being here, in the now…giving giving yourself permission to just breathe and be. Feel your own presence…let it expand and fill your room.

3) Set an intention for how you wish your day to flow and breathe this in with your breath so it becomes part of you. Such as, “Today is going to be a happy day filled with joy and sweet surprises that make me smile.” This will create a positive tone for the day and will get you in the frame of mind/being to allow everything you wish to create, to form with ease.


This article was originally published for Silent Voices Magazine, March 2012. © Under full copyright.

If you would like to connect more deeply to the nature spirits visit the meditation store to download your copy of Meet The Elementals MP3 or join the Aligning to Your Crystalline Self program.

For more information on the Faeries and how they can support you to bring in prosperity visit to listen to a special podcast first aired on the Soul Ascension Radio Show in July 2015.

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