The Fire Elementals – Self-Healing with the Salamanders!

TheFireElements1Continuing on with my Elemental Beings series, today we dive in the fervent world of the Fire Elementals! Nature spirits of pure will and creativity who can aid us on our path of self-discovery and empowerment. And if we choose, can also support us to heal our mind and body too.

Fire elementals exist in our natural world; within every flame, volcano and explosive force. They are the very essence of the Sun, and exist within the physical and etheric planes of the planet to give us strength, balance and creativity of expression. Fire elementals represent the intent, the Divine will, of the planet and although they are dynamic, and often unpredictable to work with, they are integral to every type of healing practice.

There are many different types of fire elementals that exist, including those from the Dragon family: Firedrakes, Salamanders and Fire Dragons. As well as Fire Faeries, who love to work with man to achieve goals and wishes, although are seldom seen by the naked eye. Native American stories also speak of the Thunderbirds, sacred beings connected with thunder and lightning who’s role is to transmute denser energies of the Earth. You can often feel the resuscitating presence of the Thunderbirds just after a thunder and lightning storm as a quiet peace once again envelops the landscape.

However, the fire elemental that is especially dear to me who I would like to profile is the Salamander. For many years, I have worked with this beautiful being who exists in every flame. Know that every time you light a candle, you spark the presence of the Salamander who dwells within the fire’s consciousness.

The word salamander comes from the Greek word, “salambe”, which means fireplace. Today, we know of salamanders as the small newts that live in wet areas, the polar opposite to the original meaning. However both varieties do look similar with their slim, lizard-like forms. As well as finding Salamander in flames, they also live amidst volcanoes and their lava. The great Alchemist, Paracelsus wrote about fire salamanders in the 16th century saying they could be found in St. Elmo’s fire as well as in small balls of light during weather storms.

Salamanders can help us weather our ‘inner-storms’ when we tend to react in our emotions. Their energy, just like fire, is both destructive and constructive in its expression. When invoked, fire elementals can help us to burn away and purify all that no longer serve our highest good while supplying the creative force to build the new. In practice, I have found Salamanders to be a wonderful aid when manifesting more enthusiasm, courage, will-power, and in my case lately, the kick-up the backside to move out of common zones too!

I remember a few years ago when I started to work with Salamanders regularly and I found myself dying my hair bright pink, and on the same day, got up in front of a whole room of people sing Doors songs with a local band! Now if you know me, this is not my usual way of being, but wow, was I amazed at the new found confidence and courage I had to sing and shake my booty in front of so many people…and I believe, all inspired through attuning to these fiery friends!

If we ask them, Salamanders can help us to maintain a positive, happy attitude about ourselves, as well as awaken our spiritual senses, particularly clairvoyance. They do this by transmuting in their fiery energy any perceived fears or illusionary concepts so we can see clearly in any given situation. As well as stimulating and strengthening our auric field so we can more easily recognise spiritual forces within our lives.

On a physical level, Salamanders assist with maintaining the body’s circulation and core temperature, as well as regulating a balanced metabolism. On an energetic level, I have seen many times over that individuals with a sluggish metabolism are often those going through periods of self-doubt, lack of self-love and/or deep change. If this resonates with you, perhaps ask the fire elementals to boost your confidence and healing through any transitions in your life, and hopefully this should in turn boost your metabolic rate to its optimum level.

TheFireElements2Salamanders can also be invoked to help detoxify your body, or in any healing practice to aid any positive transitions that may take place. For this purpose, light a candle and ask the Salamander within it to bless your intentions for healing. I will often light a candle in the evening while I relax, asking the Salamander within to clear my energy from all the interactions of my day. You could adapt this to suit your own intentions. Be creative, and remember to thank the Salamander when you blow out the flame. You may find that every time you give thanks to the fire that the candle wick doesn’t smoke as it would before. Try this out and see for yourself! I find it forms a lovely confirmation that you have been communicating with the elements.

You may also wish to do the following energy healing meditation that I wrote with my Salamander guide. From the results of sharing this journey in my weekly meditation group, I am sure you will find it very interesting! The focus of this mediation is energy healing, but you could adapt it for any of the following intentions that fire elementals can help with: boosting confidence, creativity, courage, moving through change, increasing success, passion, leadership, power, personal fulfilment and freedom. In Love all-ways, Calista.

Energy Healing with the Fire Elementals

In this meditation, you will be attuning yourself to the element of fire and asking to meet your own Salamander fire guide. Enjoy this transformative journey with them as you clear anything that is no longer serves, in return for increased well-being and heightened energy.

This meditation is best done when you are feeling relaxed and in a place where you won’t be disturbed. All you will need is a candle, which you will light, and the intention to clear/shift/manifest/allow what you feel is most important to you in the moment.

  • Sit comfortably facing your candle. Take some deep breathes to relax your body and mind.
  • When you are ready, light your candle asking the fire to bless your intentions for healing.
  • As you gaze in to the flame, feel yourself attuning to the fire…become One. Breathe in its warmth and power and breathe out the same into your space.
  • Keeping your gaze within the fire, think about anything you wish to release, clear or allow from your being. Perhaps emotions or situations that no longer serves your path, fears, ties or hurts; anything really that you wish to let go of. As you think of them, bring them forward. Resolve anything that may be attached to these feelings/situations, perhaps offering forgiveness, compassion, love or appreciation where guided.
  • Breathe out all you are releasing into the fire. Give them into the flame for purification and transcendence. Take as long as you need here; breathing out and letting go, breathing in and letting love and strength fill you in return.
  • Enjoy how lighter and freer you become with exchange healing breath. Take the power and the strength of the fire within you. If you feel ready ask for your Salamander guide to make themselves known to you. Open your heart to sense their presence as they come forward within the flame. It may take time to sense your guide but know that they are with you, helping with your healing intentions.
  • Get to know your guide; asking them any questions you may have perhaps about them or for any healing guidance to aid your life.
  • When you have finished communicating, thank the Salamander and the fire for their support. Blow out your candle with love and gratitude enjoying the renewed sense of freedom and well-being within you.
  • Ground your energy with a cooling glass of water, relaxing for as long as you feel guided.

This article was originally published for Silent Voices Magazine, February 2012. © Under full copyright.

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For more information on the Dragons, the Fire Elementals who have much to share on how to stand in your personal power, visit to listen to a special podcast first aired on the Soul Ascension Radio Show in July 2015.

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