The Water Elementals – Creating with the Mermaids!

TheWaterElements1Today as I write, I am being serenaded by the sweet sound of the birds. Their melodies are so joyful; full of Spring and the infinite possibilities of this fruitful time. And what better nature spirit to profile to help us manifest these possibilities into form than the ever-flowing, ever-abundant water elementals.

Water elementals are nature guardians that look after each body of water on the earth from lakes to streams, to oceans and waterfalls. They govern the fluid systems within us too, gently encouraging all to drink more water. These nature beings resonate with the emotional body of the Earth helping to smooth any changes the planet goes through from ecological to energetic. When we consciously work with the water elementals, they help us to clear and balance our emotions too, especially purifying our heart and sacral chakras from self-doubt, feelings of undeserving or held hurt and anger that we can often carry in life. Although there are many types of water elementals, such as Kelpies, Nymphs, Water Faeries and Undines, it is Mermaids that I would like to focus on today for their ability to help us create!

You may have thought mermaids were just the fabric of myth or legend but they have existed alongside man since the dawn of time. Coming from a scientific background it took me a while to truly believe in the existence of these half-man/half-fish beings, but from working together for years now I can wholeheartedly tell you they are very much real! The first time I saw a mermaid with my physical eyes I was taken aback as she looked nothing like I thought. What I saw was the most incredible swirling vortex of light and water spiralling in and out; it was truly magnificent! I asked the mermaid why her kin are normally depicted as half-man/half-fish beings and she told me simply:

“The mermaids, like other elementals, take a form that represents the functionality of their being and/or habitat. As the planet is now coming to a greater level of awareness and understanding when appropriate we will chose to manifest in our energetic form.”

Every person has their own mermaid guide, just like every person has a guidance / guardian angel. When you begin to open your awareness to the existence of mermaids you may see your own guide in the way I did, or perhaps as a colour or physical form. You may also see through your other senses such as sensing your mermaid through your emotions. No matter how spiritually adept one is, sometimes you may never ‘see’ elementals with your physical eyes. Don’t allow this to discount your natural intuitive ability as it just means that you may be more adept through your sensing or hearing, or even through your sense of smell or taste. When I work with the mermaids to make their essences and Ascension Kits™ they come through my sense of knowing (claircognizance) rather than my sight (clairvoyance).

TheWaterElements2When giving ascension sessions, I will often call on my client’s mermaid guide to help them to manifest the change that they want in their life, whether that is better health, a new career, a sense of joy or prosperity. In each case, the mermaids help to release any blocks in that person’s belief system, or emotional body, so they can begin to allow these things to blossom in their life. For example, I have seen in practice those who seek a deeper sense of fulfilment in their relationships often carry at a core level a sense of un-deserving or a fear of being loved. Here the mermaids work with the person to gently unblock these issues allowing them to move forward fully accepting love and fulfilment in all their relationships, including the relationship they have with themselves. The person may not even have to know why they have emotional blocks to manifesting, only a desire to overcome them.

Just like water, the mermaids remind us to go with the flow of life, to be willing to change direction when the current doesn’t fit our desires anymore. They remind us that we have strength within us greater than any ocean and that if we fill that strength with love we can create anything we desire! Our watery friends also help to show us that there is abundance for ALL; lack of such is merely an illusion created by our ego when it is in a state of fear or doubt. The mermaids show us this truth and bolster our belief in creating the life we truly wish, knowing that all is possible when we believe it so. In Love all-ways, Calista.


This article was originally published for Silent Voices Magazine, April 2012. © Under full copyright.

If you would like to connect more deeply to the nature spirits visit the meditation store to download your copy of Meet The Elementals MP3 or join the Aligning to Your Crystalline Self program.

For more information on the Mermaids and how they can support through moving through change visit to listen to a special podcast first aired on the Soul Ascension Radio Show in August 2015.

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