The Earth Elementals – Meeting your Nature Guide!

TheEarthElements1Thank you to Silent Voices magazine for asking me to write a series of the Elementals – the nature spirits that make up our world. In my column, expect to be whisked away on a journey of magic and mystery with these glorious beings of creation. Every month you will be introduced to a nature being who will share insights into their existence through their messages, teachings and supporting ways.

I am passionate about sharing who these divine souls are and often give talks how to connect to the Elementals to support self-discovery and empowerment. There is nothing better than watching someone connect to their Love and presence for the first time; a connection so positively transforming, the effects of which can last a lifetime and more! Elementals are not just beings created to look after the planet’s environment but also care for the well-being of humankind and our collective ascension.

In my guest article (Nov. 2011), I introduced to you who the elementals are based on my personal accounts of working with them. We talked about ways to bridge communication with them and included a powerful meditation to help you to meet your own elemental spirit guide. Today I will be continuing where I left off in our journey to meet the first of the nature guardians – the Earth Elementals.

Earth elementals are very much real. They exist in the ground below you, the mountains and landscapes around you and in every crystal, flower or plant in your home. As they resonate with the element of earth they are concerned with the physical wellbeing of the planet as well as helping to maintain the balance of our physical bodies. Their form can range from very small to very large depending on the role they have. Like all beings of creation, their form represents their role. For example, Flower Faeries are very small in stature as their role is to maintain the colour and health of flowers, while Earth Dragons are huge in stature as their role is transmutation of perceived fear and lower energies from the physical earth of the planet amongst other duties. Other forms of earth elementals include – Gnomes, Elves, Pixies, Faeries, Stone Beings, Crystal Beings, Devas, Dryads and Wood Nymphs, to name just a few. All elementals are an extension of Source energy (Divine/God/Goddess/All That Is) so their ‘classification’ is really not important. As human beings, we tend to over analyse and conceptualise concepts until we can fully understand but trying to do this with a being that is energetic in nature can be challenging. Know that through the eyes of the elementals, their ‘title’ is not important. True many have incarnated over and over – just as human beings have – but most do not harbour judgement or ego; they see their roles as just as important as each others. Their combined aim is to maintain the homeostatic balance of the earth and to work alongside humankind to achieve this.

Earth elementals tend to manifest more as ‘physical’ beings than any other class of elemental. Some may chose to manifest in to the form that myth and legend has created. The first time I saw my faerie guide, she did in fact look like the beautiful, winged small being as fairytales suggest. But as I worked with her more she shifted in to what is more “her true form” as she says. When she chooses to manifest in a physical looking form her eyes are large, slanted and almost black. Her features are very pronounced and exaggerated, and her body is long and slim. In hindsight, I see why she chose to approach me as the softer version of herself otherwise I would have got a big shock! Depending of what on we are working on she may also appear as an orb or streak of colour and light.

Elementals will ask your consciousness what is the most appealing / appropriate form for them to take with you when you first encounter each other. No matter how well developed you are in terms of clairvoyance (clear-seeing) you may never ‘see’ a faerie. This in no way should discredit your natural ability, rather just show you that it may not be part of your path to engage with faeries through your vision. You may however sense them through your feelings (clairsentience – clear-sensing), hear them with your physical or inner ears (clairaudience – clear-hearing) or simply know in your heart or mind of their presence (claircognizance – clear-knowing).

Elementals exist within the element that they govern but just in a vaster, lighter vibration that our physical plane. This means that often people do not see, sense, hear and know of them, but they are always there! At particular times of the year, especially at the summer and winter solstice, the perceived veil between our dimensions dissolves making these occasions the perfect time to sense the elementals. However, as the planet continues to raise her vibration we are tending to sense more our nature friends, as well as our spirit and angel guides who walk with us. And with this comes the realisation that we are moving from the perception of separate levels of being/creation to accepting the divine truth that All realms of creation are One, and as such, are accessible at all times. This is the basis for the Ascension Kits™ and Essences™ I make as part of my path. As more people use them, I see them speak this truth too making their contact with the elementals consciously achievable and deeply beneficial. Some spiritual teachers may have you think that veils of existence are separate but to my experience, this is a mere illusion created to hold a person at a particular vibration impeding their spiritual growth and as a consequence, hinder communication with the other beings of creation.

TheEarthElements2You call in the assistance of elementals anytime you wish. If you are seeking assistance with your physical health, I recommend you can on the help of the earth elementals. Each human being has when they incarnate in to the physical plane an earth elemental guide assigned to them, which you can meet in the meditation journey below. Your earth guide helps you to maintain the balance of your physical body from the assimilation of minerals to maintaining the vibrancy of your skin. Just as they help to colour our plant and crystal kingdoms so too can they help to ‘colour’ your physical life too! I always know when my earth elemental guide is helping me when I stop at a particular flower when walking outside. I’ll find myself guided to breathe in the colour of the flower as my guide/higher guidance takes that vibration to a part of the area of my body that requires it. You can do this yourself the next time you are out walking or when choosing flowers for your home. Let your gaze be taken over the selection of colours before you and then stop where you feel guided. Feel that colour with all your senses and breathe it in to your body for as long as you feel guided to. You could also adapt this as a type of healing ‘chakra therapy’ breathing in the flower’s colour/energy to the corresponding colour of each chakra. It never fails to amaze me at how powerful this can be – chakra therapy right on your doorstep!

Our earthly friends also remind us to keep rational and grounded when in times of stress or pain. The help us to connect ‘our’ roots in to the ground to allow what needs to run off from us to be transmuted in to the earth, whether this is feelings of dis-ease or negative intentions. Earth elementals also remind us that all states of dis-ease/perceived illness in our bodies is preceded by our energy body. That illness is only our physical body’s way of healing. They help us to step away from titles of what we feel we have, for instance, the flu, in order for us to recognise that ‘flu’ is only our body’s way to release old energies/concepts that no longer serve. In this way we stop labelling ourselves as ‘flu’, ‘stress’, ‘headaches’, ‘cancer’ etc, and start to appreciate that we are only healing from the changes in our energy body. We move from judgement, which can hold us in these labels causing the symptoms of which to prolong, to a place of conscious awareness where we appreciate the changes in our energy body and so to can help ourselves release/clear what needs to. If we are mindful in this awareness we will never or very rarely (depending on our divine path) experience physical states of dis-ease. It took me a while to trust this lesson as I came from a scientific background. But I must say, from working with the elementals for years now I can honestly say I have had illness since. Now I welcome the odd cold as it just means my vibration is shifting; I am making way for the new as I clear out the old, albeit in not the most graceful of manners!

If you would like to meet your Earth Elemental Guide, I recommend this following meditation gifted to me by my Gnome guide. When I facilitated this journey in a recent meditation class, the participants were enthralled to meet among their guardians – gnomes, elves, pixies, faeries, stone beings, crystal beings, dryads, wood nymphs and other magical beings of the earth that have no title. I recommend you read the meditation first or perhaps record it so you can listen undisturbed. Allow yourself to drift into the supportive arms of the earth to enjoy all the mystery and wisdom it holds for you therein. In Love all-ways, Calista.

Meeting your Earth Elemental Guide

  • Sit outside in a place where you won’t be disturbed. Close your eyes and take some relaxing deep breaths. Allow your breath to still the chatter in your mind and to relax your body.
  • Focus on your heart in the middle of your chest. Imagine you are breathing in to your heart a beautiful golden light, seeing or feeling it filter out through your body as your exhale. Breathe in gold light; breathe out gold light in to your body and aura. See or feel the golden light run through the soles of your feet and spine connecting to the earth below you like golden roots of tree.
  • As you take your roots and through the earth, open your senses. How does it feel? How does it smell? What thoughts come to you of the earth? Without judgement allow every sense of the earth to come to your awareness.
  • Imagine yourself burrowing into the earth knowing you are completely safe and supported. Melt in to the earth; journey in to its depths, deeper and deeper connecting as one.
  • At the core of the earth you reach a cave, lit with candles. Relax here enjoying the comfort of the earth all around. When you are ready call on your elemental guide, asking for your earth guardian to make themselves known to you. Open your senses and your heart fully as they approach you now.
  • Get to know your guide. What do they look like? How do you feel in their company? Have you known them in other lives? Ask them any questions you may have, for example, asking their name? Opening your senses as the answers come to you.
  • Your earthly friend specialises in physical healing and loves to pass on this gift to you. If you feel guided ask them for healing. Perhaps they will do this by a laying on of hands, or as in my class, minister to you a potion of ground rocks and crystals specific for your aliments. Receive all with gratitude, relaxing in to the healing session and letting go of old pains, tension and labels that you may be carrying. Know you are perfectly healed, fit and well always.
  • Spend as long in the meditation as you like. When you have finished thank your guardian asking them to ground your energy before slowly bringing your awareness back to where you are sitting in the present moment. Have a drink of water or something to eat, especially if you received elemental healing. Write down your insights to aid future communications!

This article was originally published for Silent Voices Magazine in 2012.

If you would like to connect more deeply to the nature spirits visit the meditation store to download your copy of Meet The Elementals MP3 or join the Aligning to Your Crystalline Self program.

For more information on the Earth Elementals, in particular the Tree Spirits visit to listen to a special podcast first aired on the Soul Ascension Radio Show in May 2015. © Under full copyright.

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