Embodying Prosperity

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Embodying Prosperity (class replay) 

The second in our 2023 embodiment series. This time, we gather in close with Archeia Patience, the divine feminine angel of manifestation to learn her teachings on the different types of abundance and how we can master them.

In Embodying Joy we discovered a pleasure-rich way to listen to our body’s needs and create the space to seed new desires. Now we can build upon this to trust, allow, flow, and create a rich garden of abundance in our life while resolving any prosperity blocks.

You can expect to enjoy:

      • An Opening Grounding Practice to set intentions and invite in Archeia Patience and the Spirit of IxCacao.
      • Angelic Cacao Ceremony.
      • Energy Attunement to Archeia Patience, her healing Rainbow Ray, angelic codes of Abundance, and the Heart Door technique.
      • Divine Angelic Alchemy process to resolve prosperity blocks and create greater flow in your life.
      • Sharing Experiences and Channelling Archeia Patience in our closing practice


Exchange: £33 / $39 / 37 Euro (the currency will change during checkout).

After checkout, you’ll be emailed the class replay as both an audio and video replay to download, save and enjoy again and again.

If you are new to ceremonial cacao and have questions about it, or would like to purchase a bag and receive my recommended recipe for the class please email me at CalistaAscension@gmail.com. If you wish to drink something else, like your fave tea in class, that’s also fine.

To have with you for this class: a journal and pen, your cup of cacao (or tea), something to wrap around you for the journey aspects of the class, and anything else that makes you feel comfortable. This immersion is all about YOU! Fluff a wee nest for yourself and get ready to activate greater levels of abundance in you and in your life.

Class Feedback: 

“Thankyou so much Calista for the beautiful Coming Into Bloom ceremony, I loved it so much! Yes, yes, the magic is working. The presence of Archeia Patience was so strong that a pressure literally propelled me forward and backward during the Heart Door embodiment! Like I wasn’t even rocking back and forth of my own power….a presence was literally moving me back and forth….truly it was an amazing experience!” – Ami

“I took the Archeia Patience patience workshop because I wanted to bring in more with patience and presence in my life…. but the added bonus of receiving an unexpected $179 cheque in the mail after resolving to receive and open more was incredible! Thank you for another amazing workshop!”

“I was very excited to watch and participate in the Embodying prosperity replay, which I did yesterday. I can’t tell you how happy I felt. A backing track came on that has special spiritual significance to me. This affirmed I was in the right place, and in the right hands. Thank you for conducting and facilitating all you do with so much integrity, purity and balance. I thoroughly enjoyed the session, and must admit that I was knocked right out in the guided journey part. I am writing to also share that I received the blessing to sign a working contract today with souls whom I feel very aligned to in values and that this opportunity is just what is needed right now! I think the soul prosperity, for myself and others, that will come through this will be wonderful. With love and gratitude.” – Sheylyn

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