Breaking Free Ascension Online Workshop

Thrilled to announce our next high-vibe, deep-dive workshop, taking place online this Saturday, the 27th of April.

This month, we’ll be connecting with the element of water and the mermaids to transform subconscious blocks, fears, addictions and shadows into renewed energy and light. We’ll be releasing these from our reality and also from the collective consciousness.

This is the perfect ascension class to join if you feel stuck in your life, have limiting habits, beliefs and behaviours to release, and are ready to raise your vibration and live in greater ease. 

What’s Included? 

Specifically, you can expect to receive:

ღ Opening ceremony to set your intentions for positive change as we gather with the Elohim angels, mermaids and unicorns who’ll be channelling their wisdom throughout the class.

ღ Support in breaking the limiting thinking, beliefs, behaviours and patterns that have been causing you to feel anxious, depressed, angry or helpless in yourself and in life.

ღ Channelled Divine Alchemy process to ascend your being into an anchored state of 5D consciousness.

ღ Direct teachings and tools to accelerate your life and soul’s path.

ღ Plus, your questions answered live.

In case you can’t attend live, you’ll have access to the replay for three weeks, after which time you can purchase the recorded video.

After checkout, you’ll be emailed a PDF ticket to the event, which includes an invite to join the event’s Facebook group page to meet and share with everyone taking part. This group is where the event will be live streamed, too.

To Have with You:

Please bring a pen and journal to take any relevant notes, lots of water to drink to keep hydrated and anything you’d like empowered with the high-vibrational energies we’ll be connecting with.

Workshop Date: 27th of April 2019. 7pm – 9pm. (But you can purchase after this date and receive the replay)

Workshop Venue: Online Live stream via a private Facebook group. After check out you’ll receive an email confirmation with an attached PDF as your ticket receipt. Within this document will be the link to join the Facebook group. Please make sure you’ve requested to join the group before the event runs on the 27th of April.

Exchange: £25

Feedback of the last workshop:

“A very powerful connection again – this one works very deep and I feel I’m going to be dipping into it again-and-again over the coming weeks as the layers of density and wounding work through. It was helpful to connect with my soul group in the class, which enabled me to breathe through overwhelming feelings and to BELIEVE again in my ability to release emotions fully. I have to say, in all the modalities I’ve worked with trying to shift such things, this is the first time I can actually step out of the feelings of futility and trust my soul to take them away.” – Glen

“Loved it. Saw myself as a quick spark of light / fire in the cosmos. Felt a lot more whole by the end of the meditation. Thank you” – Sarah

“I felt the Joy of my soul in its first lifetime, when I released there was no separation from Source. It was like a light went on! Feels great!! Thank you for this powerful experience.” – Alysen

“This was such a powerful meditation! One of the most powerful I’ve ever experienced! Thank you!! And thank you everyone in the class, you’ve taken me so high and I am so full of joy and love.” – Tanya

“Feeling myself lighter for sure. Definitely saw my first lifetime living off the land, like Mrs Ingalls from ‘Little House on the Prairie! My connection to Earth in that lifetime confirms my purpose in this lifetime. Thank you so much.” – Sandy

“I love doing this sacred work with you and connecting with others in this way. I’ve been feeling powerful shifts – felt strong parts of me coming back together like fitting a piece of furniture together. In my first lifetime, I felt like I was a cloud of Source galaxy creation and my purpose was to unfold new words – powerful stuff! Have done soul retrieval on my own but this was very helpful being guided. The energy has been so strong since the workshop – lots of magic and angels around me. Lots to process and feel it’ll take time before the downloads have finished but feeling very connected to Source.” – Kirsty

“This was a very positive experience that increased my awareness of the greater aspects of All.” – Vanessa

“I am totally reconnected – thank you so much, Calista! I was engulfed in intense white Light, it was so comforting.” – Maggie

“My biggest take-away from this workshop was the method to call back our soul aspects in everyday situations. To command them back here and now. Thank you.” – Elizabeth

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