Unicorn Rising Online Workshop

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This 2-hour magical immersion will accelerate your path to ascension and align you to the transforming Light of the Unicorns.

Learn who these Divine beings are and how they can help you to re-establish Magic in your life and in the world. Enjoy their practical ways to live fully your path, power and purpose while creating the extraordinary life you deserve.

Expect your overall frequency to raise through the attunement process shared, and even more so if you continue to use your etheric unicorn horns in your intuitive and spiritual practices.

What’s Included? 

Specifically, you can expect to receive:

ღ Opening Ceremony to connect with the Light of the Unicorns.

ღ Meeting and attuning from the Elemental Unicorns, as well as other cosmic and nature-based allies who’re ready to connect with you, and why partnering with such luminaries is so important.

ღ Receiving of your etheric unicorn horns to clear once and for all the blocks that have been hindering you from living your unique soul’s unique calling. Plus, how to give and receive Unicorn Healing® and entry into the certified program.

ღ Direct teachings and tools to accelerate your ascension.

ღ Video replay of the workshop in high quality MP4 format that you can download from the DropBox link sent to you after checkout.

As this workshop has already taken place you can enjoy the video recording and repeat the activations and attunements within it again and again. After checkout you’ll receive a PDF receipt of purchase and within will the DropBox link to watch and download the workshop.

To Have With You:

Please bring a pen and journal to take any relevant notes, something to drink to keep hydrated and anything you’d like empowered with the high-vibrational energies you’ll be connecting with.

I was close to tears nearly all throughout the 2 hours…a very powerful attunement in the group energy! I loved that workshop! I have a little red mark on my forehead!!! I felt the horn grow so quickly, I’ll photograph it and post it later! Thank you, Calista, it was so much more than I expected!” – Jane

It was amazing! Thank you so much. I’ve needed to find a way to move out of that energy for so long. My heart is so grateful, and your words gave me a taste of peace that I’ve not felt in so land. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” – Jewel

Thank you, my Lovely Angel for once again providing the guidance needed on our path to ascension.” – Colleen

“This has helped me to move into living more of my divine lifestyle, which for me means to let go of doubt and live more in Trust. During the attunement, I experienced a great feeling of the Unicorns’ loving support. I didn’t see anything but felt I had several Unicorns around me and a Pegasus above and behind me . . .very powerful. I got a sense/knowing that my main Unicorn guide is androgynous carrying both the divine masculine and divine feminine energies, which feels very comforting and grounding – they are rainbow-coloured. I was told I need to release doubt and have more courage as there’s nothing in my way. I need to simply forgive myself and trust. Thank you for offering this wonderful workshop.” – Alysen

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