Strengthening Your Spiritual Backbone

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Strengthening Your Spiritual Backbone – let yourself ROAR with the Power of You!

A life-changing 2-hour transmission to accelerate your divine resonance and move you to higher states of consciousness.

What’s Included? 

Specifically, you can expect to

ღ Learn why there has been so much negative, sticky and dark energy surfacing this year, and how you can witness this without being a part of this.

ღ Understand the current dynamics of the old matrix, the 5D matrix and how to gain spiritually sovereignty out with any “matrixes” so you can live as pure loving Awareness.

ღ Align to the Lions Gate portal and enjoy a powerful 13-chakra (and beyond) journey with the Goddess Sekhmet, and the angelic “lion” of Heaven, Archangel Ariel and Archeia Strength.

ღ Plus, learn a new daily practice, called “Strengthening Your Spiritual Backbone” so that no matter what is happening on this ever-shifting planet you remain whole, rooted in faith and fortitude, and filled with the loving certainty that what you are is a pure reflection of God Source, and as such, are the Master you’ve been waiting for.

THIS CLASS IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you’re already on your spiritual path, and especially if you identify with being an empath, healer, psychic, a teacher / leader who holds energetic space for others, and if you’re ready to step beyond the conditionings and soul / spirit memory of limitation and unleash ALL shackles.

You will receive both the audio and video Zoom replay of the workshop after purchase.

Enjoy repeating the activations and attunements within this workshop again and again. After checkout, you’ll find in your inbox a PDF receipt that contains the private DropBox link to watch and download the workshop.

To Have with You:

Please bring lots of water to drink, a crystal to anchor the resonance you’ll reach during the transmission so you can easily return here and continue your ascension journey, plus, a journal to note down any insights that flow through.

Exchange: £25 / $33 (You can convert currency at PayPal checkout after clicking on “Add to Cart”)


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