Sacred Aura Breath Soul Immersion

SacredAuraBreathSoulImmersion200x192The Sacred Aura Breath is an empowering technique for body, mind and spirit that was shared with Calista from Archangel Raphael. A popular favourite world-wide for its ability to completely clear, uplift and energise the entire being, bringing it back to radiant health.

Uses focused breathing with colour and chakra therapy to clear the mind, body and energetic field of all that feels draining or dense. Ideal to practice often to keep aligned to your Source within.

Journey length: This Soul Immersion is 35 minutes long and is delivered as a downloadable mp3. After purchase you will be emailed your journey. Please save to your computer to listen again and to transfer to your iTunes / phone / device.

Music: Melodic sounds with angelic tones and frequencies. Draws from the element of water and Raphael’s Emerald healing ray.

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