Make Your Home Sacred

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Without a doubt the most practical-rich of Calista’s ascension workshops to date. SO many techniques shared that will purify, balance and nurture the energy of your home so it becomes your sacred space.

While applying the principles of Feng Shui, using energy-clearing practices, such as sage, and/or opening and closing portals can bring benefit to your home’s energy, the effects are often short-lived, and in many cases, aggravate the Spirits that occupy the same space. I’ve learnt this the hard way, friends!

In Part 1 of this new ascension home series – that’ll create powerful shifts in the feel and flow of your home’s frequency – you’ll learn tried-and-tested techniques to create consistent harmony within your home while honouring the Spirits within, around and overlaying your house and surrounding environment. Part 2 can be accessed here.

You’ll Discover…

ღ How to tune into the energy of your home and learn of areas of blocked energy by reading the energy rather than connecting to specific entities – often the biggest mistake made in traditional space-clearing courses and ceremonies.

ღ Who the elemental guardian of your home / outdoor environment is and ask for their permission and assistance.

ღ How to purify dense thought-forms, possession-like energy, haunted items, and stagnant energy from your home.

ღ Ways to protect your home and begin the process of balancing the flow of your home’s Light to intentionally magnetise its frequency to a consistently high vibration.

You’ll come away feeling Lighter, more vibrant, focused and present as your home reflects your inner reality and vice versa.

THIS CLASS IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you feel Spirit often in your home, you wake up in the middle of the night, there’s an unsettled presence / energy in parts of your home, you wish to uplift your space and nurture it as your own temple, and you’re ready to advance your spiritual awareness and understanding of how to live in greater harmony with Spirit, the land, the elementals and Mother Gaia.

To Have with You:

Please bring a pen and journal to take any relevant notes, a litre of water and something warm to wrap yourself in for the journey aspects of the class.

You will receive both the audio and video Zoom replay of the workshop after purchase.

After checkout, you’ll find in your inbox a PDF receipt that contains the private DropBox link to watch and download the workshop.

Exchange: £33 / $44 (You can convert currency at PayPal checkout after clicking on “Add to Cart”)

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