Releasing Limitation Online Workshop

Following the success of the last ascension workshop, Calista gathered with the Creator Angels, the Elohim, to host another transformational event.

This 2-hour magical will connect you with your ancestors, not only to honour them and commune with them, but also to dissolve the limiting patterns from your earthly lineage to re-establish and re-create a healthier, more abundant life for you.

Expect profound shifts with this, especially if you repeat the meditation process shared.

What’s Included? 

Specifically, you can expect to receive:

ღ Opening Ceremony to connect with the Light of this new 7-year cycle of ascension.

ღ Deep ancestral healing to identify the limitations (shadows, conditionings and feminine / masculine wounds) within your consciousness and the means to clear these on all levels of your being.

ღ Creation of a new timeline, which honours your soul’s path so you can fully live your truth now.

ღ Direct teachings and tools to accelerate your ascension.

ღ Video replay of the workshop in high quality MP4 format that you can download from the DropBox link sent to you after checkout.

As this workshop has already taken place you can enjoy the video recording and repeat the activations and attunements within it again and again. After checkout you’ll receive a PDF receipt of purchase and within will the DropBox link to watch and download the workshop.

To Have With You:

Please bring a pen and journal to take any relevant notes, something to drink to keep hydrated and anything you’d like empowered with the high-vibrational energies you’ll be connecting with.

“I always work with these attunement workshops over the following few weeks, periodically revisiting them as they work through me. The live workshop is life the first delve that deals with the heavier aspects, and each repeat of the journey is a more personal connection to the energies we’re working with. It’s very helpful and brings about very powerful shifts-upon-shifts. Love them! And I look forward to the next one every time. These classes bring me such enrichment and reconnect me to what’s important: Source and Spirit; going beneath all/ You’ve provide the best gift – an entrance point for which I cannot be more grateful.” – Glen 

“Highly recommend attending this workshop! Was sooo powerful and felt so blessed to be in the group of souls. My ancestors were so grateful and I felt so much love for the forgiveness happening. Laughing and feeling light and in Joy! I hope the process will carry on to my children. Thank you Calista and the souls involved in this group. Took so much healing and learning away with me. Will attend again!” – Tanya 

“I feel like I did some major healing…something huge shifted! I felt so peaceful afterwards . At the very end I saw myself stepping forward, standing fully in my own power, taking the wisdom and love of my ancestors with me.” – Gaby

“So beautiful and emotional. Can resonate so much with what you are said. Thank you so much” – Louise

“Feeling very cleansed. Powerful stuff! Got sudden insights that let me release patterns I didn’t know I had. Thank you – I love letting go….I feel this is a significant point of healing in my life and some long seated patterns have become clear. Now focusing on love, light, abundance and TRUST that all shall be well. Good to have linked up with others through this process. Hugs and grateful thanks to all.” – Kirsty

Just beyond what I even expected!” – Marie-Joe

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