Into The Void

Into The Void, special one-off event in Perth, Scotland

Join us for this soul-nourishing evening of multi-dimensional breathwork, blended with angelic sound healing, restorative meditation, and guided Cacao Ceremony.

Led by world-renowned guides, Nicolai Engelbrecht and Calista, and held within the beautiful domed room at Perth Yoga Studio.

Nicolai, who is visiting Scotland for the first time from his homeland in Denmark, will be escorting you through a powerful form of Metaronic breathing, a system developed over a decade of practice. Combining energy medicine with sacred geometry, you’ll enter the creative Void, the ultimate space of healing, rejuvenation and reclamation of your Truth.

Before entering the breathwork journey, local Scot and Angel Healing® Founder, Calista will be opening the space with a grounding cacao ceremony, angelic meditation and sound healing to clear your energy and welcome in your spirit guides.

The energy of this magical event is building as many other renowned teachers, yogis, and way-showers join their Light. Thank you for bringing your beautiful energy, too. We look forward to seeing you on the 6th!

Workshop date and address: Saturday May 6th at 6.30pm to 9.30pm. Perth Yoga Studio, 6 – 7 Rose Terrace, Perth, Scotland. PH1 5HA. There is parking available outside the entrance and the studio is located on the first floor.

Exchange: £45

Special Considerations and What to Bring:

Please wear warm, comfy clothes, and bring a journal and pen, and a yoga mat and blanket. Chairs will also provided.

Your ceremonial cacao, plus, refreshments are included. If you don’t wish to drink cacao or you’re new to working with this heart-opening plant medicine please contact Calista on / WhatsApp 07414 716366 who’ll be able to assist you further.

Due to the nature of the breathwork practice please consult a doctor (before attending) if you have epilepsy, severe heart issues, or glaucoma.

After checkout, you’ll be sent a purchase receipt and closer to the event, a welcome email. But if you have any questions before we gather please get in touch using the contact details above.


The online replay of the last breathwork gathering is available here “Multidimensional Breathwork” – with guest guide, Nicolai Engelbrecht if you’d like to watch this first, or can’t attend the live gathering.

Past Class Feedback:

Val – “That was indescribable!!!!! OMG. Thank you again, Calista and Nicolai for a VERY powerful session. Much Gratitude and Love.”

Jen – “Thank you so so much for creating this sacred space for all of us and inviting the incredible presence of Nicolai. The energy that was flowing was so wondrous and challenging (at times) in the best way! The Love I felt was so embracing, and at one point I actually felt and saw wings burst out of the front of my heart. It took me back a bit… they swept away so much..then they rushed back in my heart and expanded out even bigger, wow! Thank you for everything you share and have shared, which has touched and transformed my life in so many ways!”

Destini – “This was off the charts!!”

Diane – “Thank you so much for sharing this technique with us. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I knew this was safe place and so stayed present and let go of control. I was able to shed tears and release so much, especially with the self love mantra used.”

Katie – “Thank you so much, what an intense and beautiful experience, thank you thank you thank you!”

Laura – “Wow, wow, wow…haven’t had a shift for a while so that was intense! Thank you so much! Deep gratitude to you both, Nicolai and Calista.”

Meghna – “Thank you both for this powerful session….felt the loving energies of everyone else as well….Lots of messages …..apart from the angels and ancestors, the elementals were also present…..Feeling warm all over.”

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