Energetic Wellness Angel Workshop

Online via Private Facebook Event

I’m thrilled to share the first workshop with Archeia Faith, which I’m being told will be the first of many!

Archeia Faith is the twin angel to Archangel Michael and is the chief Archeia (Female Archangel) who helps us at a global and personal level to stay centred, focused and in alignment amid times of uncertainty and change. Archeia Faith will be speaking mostly in this workshop and comes through with SO much Love for us as we navigate the times, we’re living in.

Join this workshop and learn how Archeia Faith can help you alchemise lower, fear-based energies while strengthening your energetic wellness with her incredible Wild Winged Breath technique.

What’s Included? 

Specifically, you can expect to receive:

ღ An opening ceremony to set our group (and personal) intentions for change as we gather with Archeia Faith, the Elohim, Unicorns, Dragons and Elementals who’ll be channelling their wisdom and tools throughout the workshop.

ღ The underlying Light to the current virus situation and how to keep heart-centred throughout this wave.

ღ Channelled Divine Alchemy meditation using our 13-chakra system and sacred alchemical fires to change fear on all levels into Faith (and Love). Plus, a global planetary blessing with Gaia and the Elementals for dissolving the 3D control agendas.

ღ Effective and easy-to-apply ways to continue to stay in Faith.

ღ Your questions answered live.

To Have with You:

Please bring a pen and journal to take any relevant notes. At least a litre of water, which we will be empowering with the Light of Archeia Faith and your favourite crystal to anchor the empowering energies we’ll be connecting with.

Exchange: £25

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