Unicorn Rising

It brings me so much joy to share that my debut Hay House book, ‘Unicorn Rising: Live Your Truth and Unleash Your Magic’ is now available to pre-order!

This is a dream come true and one made possible with the help of the unicorns, high dimensional beings who I believe we’ll turn to as much as angels in the coming years.

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Why this book?

For the last decade, I have worked closely with unicorns to create and share Unicorn Healing®, an energy modality now taught in five continents. In response to student and client requests comes this guidebook for ascending consciousness. Join me on an adventure from closed-off scientist to unstoppable She-Ra, with love, tears, and lessons along the way.

Fun, enthralling and original, this book weaves wisdom from unicorns, nature spirits and our collective Rainbow Soul on how to live our path, power and purpose. With stories of breakthrough, uplifting artwork and interactive attunements throughout, this on-purpose guide is for those ready to Rise and Shine!

Why publish now?

We only must look at our world to see that it is changing. Our current Age of Aquarius is fierce in its demand to live united, both within who we are, and with each other. Those who are not ready for this freedom, dig their heels in as they cling to the old paradigm of separation. This is echoed in the political arena, and at an intrinsic level, mirrored by an inner desire break-free from old ways. Yet, what is happening in our world is nothing new. Every 2000 years, the collective conscious of humanity shifts its vibration, and now, we are in a phase of ascension.

In our current age, religion, which was once the primary escort into our consciousness, is breaking away. Signs, symbols and synchronicities are now touchstones for greater awareness and meaning. And what better symbols of our inherent nature than the Unicorns – spirit beings of pure grace, who are supporting humanity (as they have done since the dawn of creation) to embody a world where we can celebrate each other’s differences, yet know wholeheartedly, that we are one.

Far from their fluffy, mythical persona, unicorns are strong luminaries that guide us to never settle for less that we are, for less than we can become, and to always believe in our valued contribution to the world. Unicorns herald the voice of our soul – that we are Creator incarnate, here to take consciousness to untold levels and in the process, have fun, be free, stand strong and express ourselves without censure. They show us our ineffable nature, which can be as soft as a flower or as powerful as a storm, and inspire us with the keys to drive our life from the inside out. They usher us beyond the duality of ‘light’ and ‘dark’ and into the neutral, embodied state of self-actualisation.

The ‘inner unicorn’ within us all is evolving every day, carrying the eternal message to equate spiritual well-being with physical, emotional and mental health if we are to live a life of true meaning and joy.


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