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Angel Healing® Teachers Retreat, Holy Island

Angel Healing® combines the direct wisdom of the Archangels and the Archeia (the female angelics) with easy-to-apply teachings. As a hands-on healing system and doorway into enlightenment, the modality continues to soar. And this will only continue through your desire to embrace this course.

For the first time, the Level 3 Angel Healing® Teacher course comes to Holy Island – a deeply sacred land which will help to you to integrate the teachings that await even more.

The training will take place over three days as a retreat setting, and all Level 2 Angel Healing® Practitioners (with a minimum of six months practice) are invited to join. Archangel Raphael and Archeia Virtue will be gifting everyone attending their magical heart-activation to help anchor to the Divine Feminine energy that we’re now living in. This activation will help you live (fully and everyday) as your Higher Self and will increase your angelic relationships and professional practice.

What’s Included? 

ღ Heart-activation with Raphael and Virtue
ღ Integrating your 12 Chakras to Accelerate Your Ascension
ღ Deepening Your Archeia Connection through Advanced Healing Techniques
ღ Advanced healing techniques
ღ Becoming an Angel Healing® Teacher (Personally and Professionally)
ღ How to Teach Level 1 and Level 2
ღ Preparation, Presentation and time-management skills
ღ Learning How to Give Attunements
ღ The Art of Angelic Counselling
ღ Role Play and Building Confidence
ღ How to Set Up Your Spiritual Business and Living Your Truth

What You’ll Receive:

The Teacher Training Manual, on-going support and teacher certification upon completion of your case studies. This course will enable you to teach both Level 1 and Level 2 Angel Healing® courses, providing you with a steady income through your divine service.

Refreshments and snacks will be provided on the course days. And to keep in the sumptuous energy we’ll be co-creating, there’s the option to cook and eat together in the evening. (There are places to eat on the island when you need your own space, too).

Accommodation is included in your training fee. You’ll be staying in the gorgeous Farne View House or one of its adjoining cottages. For full details of what the accommodation includes please visit:

To Bring with You:

Your Level 1 and Level 2 Angel Healing® manuals with you, a pen and journal to take notes and anything you’d like empowered with Angelic Light as we’ll be creating a healing angelic altar on the first day. (Please wear white or lightly-coloured clothes during the course days).

Retreat Dates and Location: April 19th, 2oth and 21st, 9.30am – 5.30pm. Farne View House and Cottages, Fenkle Street, Holy Island, UK. TD15 2SR

Price: £795 (includes accommodation)

If you would like to spread the cost over instalments please purchase your course deposit to secure your place and then contact Calista on

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