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I am Calista, Hay House Author, Worldwide Speaker, and an ascension pioneer, dedicated to helping you to live your divinity in alignment with Love of who you are.

I’ve created coursessoul sessions and meditations to help you embody your Truth, including ‘Rise and Shine’, a daily meditation to bring you back to You – yours FREE when you subscribe to my newsletter.

My debut book, Unicorn Rising is now available to pre-order! This fresh guide to ascend your consciousness the ‘unicorn way’ will help your best life to emerge and assist you in stepping fully into your Truth.

Together, let’s create a world where we live authentically, love transparently and forever be our radiant Self. Rise and Shine. NOW is the time!



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“Wonderful! Thank you so much Calista. OMGoddess, this is so powerful and beautiful.. the vibration and energy is amazing! Love it, thank you!!”
~ Tammy Ogston

“Truly beautiful. I am very pleased with the effect it has had on me. Very positive, induced a lot of visions. Thank you Calista for this, it is an amazing gift.”
~ Justin Flowers.

Activating Your Light-Body is an extraordinary journey that enlivens your soul potential! Get your copy now at the meditation store.


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